subroza csgo cheating

Also how did you play AvA with him? Subroza. You unfortunately were under the microscope of the community and were accused of cheating, something that can sometimes be a funny badge of honor when you’re just pugging. The very first clip on cache that has been shown in the past is about as damning as it gets though, regardless of what people want to say about it just being a coincidence or w/e. How would you describe them as a team? This evidence is pretty damning, hope the team will look into it. They've never banned a high profile player since KQLY and that was only because he was blatantly aimbotting in scrims and pugs. This was the original thread from r/vacsucks, which is worth a read: The point he made about using his full name makes me think someone else made those accounts. I’ve said some of the reason previously in this interview, but for the rest I would like to keep it for me.

I don't know if Subroza is cheating, but Valve will never catch anyone. Why is this significant? Never once did i think he was hacking. He is a pro player and just the possesion of a hack should cause him to be banned. I wasn't entirely sold on the first clip, but man that flick to the head in the third one is fucking painful, same deal with the second clip. You can see this because his last activity on MultiPlayer Game Hacking website (which does have CSGO cheats on the website fyi) was 21 hours ago, so he's been on it to remove the AVA hacks on his about me page.

Sadly, I'm losing faith in Sub.

This guy took out his ♥♥♥♥ing aim hacks on stream.

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VAC is a joke, and private cheats can easily be used in online matches without detection. ^ He's been in the scene for like what... 2 months?

You may be wondering that this website is about? I was watching his LAN game and he seems really sketchy. What else can you say about your time with the team? As for mpgh anyone can name their acc after other people. Would you say there was a sense of progression for the roster(s) you were on?

Before I even got pro there were a lot of talks and accusations of the same subject, but I never really cared because I played with real life friends and barely made any money or was never watched by thousands of people. Not saying that subroza isn't a cheater Just adding context to Shroud calling him a cheater. I wish I was more in the CS:GO scene to give you more resources, though I'm sure those who run the Pro leagues, as well as potentially valve themselves might have more resources to help your staff figure this out. I don't wanna witch hunt our own player, for now I'm just gonna leave it up to Valve to see whether he is or not. Saw a video of him training, doesnt look like he need to cheat. I don’t think returning to the CLG lineup is an option I am thinking of, or ever will think of, maybe one day you never know.

CLG currently has teams in League of Legends, CS:GO, Smash Bros, Fortnite, and Apex.

Of course it's only my opinion and may differ from others.

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