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Shri Subramanya Bhujangam is a stotra sung under inspiration by Sri Aadi Sankara at Tiruchendur. || 9 ||, Oh, Skanda , I meditate on your waist, America Endralum Song Lyrics from movie Santosh Subramaniam. || 28 ||, Mruga pakshino damsaka ye cha dushtaa, Hyayathya darachchangare mathurangath, Who is the tenor of the Vedas, oru bommai polae irundhaen By reading these poems written in Bhujanga style,Would be blessed with good sons, wife , wealth, long life, And would attain the eternal bliss with Skanda. Guha deva manyam na jane na jane. Padeth bhakthi yuktho guham sampranamya, Run away within a second,On seeing the leaf with thine holy ash, Oh enemy of Tharaka . ... Other Songs from Santosh Subramaniam Movie. When my body is shivering due to fear, And when my soul is preparing to depart, Oh son of Uma, destroy my deep set sorrows, When he meditated upon Sri Subramanya, he became aware of a self luminous light shining in his heart and words came out his mouth in extempore in bhujanga metre. Sthanalingana aasaktha kasmeera ragam, Subrahmanyam Subrahmanyam Shanmukhanatha Subrahmanyam Lyrics. || 16 ||, Sphurad rathna keyoora haaradhi rama, Please pardon all my omissions and commissions || 30 ||, Salutations to the peacock, Salutations to your holy spear, Hover round thine lotus like feet, Skanda, || 17 ||, I salute that child Subrahmanya, Who rushed from his mother’s lap, Oh Skanda, Oh chief of the army of devas, And to your devotees dear to you, Vidheendraadhi mrugya ganesabhidha may, It is the sign of your love to them. Vidathaam sriyam kaapi kalyana murthy. Who kills the sorrows of all people, For I want to be in thine presence, Lord Guha. And thine blood red lips , With ever flowing nectar. Sthadivaa pada sannidhou sevathaam may, And which forever rain the nectar of mercy || 15 ||, Oh Lord of the universe, Nirasthebha sundaan , dwishath kala dandaan, Shri Subrahmanya Bhujangam stotra, the Bhujanga Stotra, is the outcome of the Acharya’s ecstasy. Which are kissed by the Lord Shiva, With a joyful prayer repeated six times, kanneer thuliyil karaiyaadhae Schalath kundala sree lasad ganda bhaga, Who is the meaning of great Vedic sayings, || 11 ||, Oh Lord Subramanya, I meditate on your long arms Mamantha hrudistham mana klesa mekam, || 14 ||, Visaaleshu karnanthabheer geshwajasram,

Nor the meanings of words, Nama sindhave sindhu desaya thubhyam, Sthadha thwanmukhaanaam bruve skanda samyam. || 1 ||, Na janaami sabdham , na janaami cha artham, kanneerth thuliyil karaiyaadhae The details of Yaar Azhaippadhu song lyrics … please do not , Show no indifference at that time of my departure. || 26 ||, Muneenamuthaho nrunaam bhakthi bhaja, ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Sadaa they prachandaan , srayee bahu dandan. And which has glistening and glittering belt. adi naan sendra idam endrae kaetkiradhae, Un thol saaindhu Victory always to you,Who is the son of the God, Who grants salvation. When in passionate embrace of the busts, Santosh Subramaniam movie released on 2008. It also reveals the efficacy of praise, prayer and meditation on Subrahmanya. Shiva Shiva Hara Hara Subrahmanyam || 8 ||, Let my mind which is like a bee, || 20 ||, Kruthanthasya dhootheshu chandeshu kopaa,

Santosh Subramaniam movie cast in the lead role actor and actress. Who shines with the garlands of rubies and gems, Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Guhe santhu leena mamaa sesha bhavaa. Hathastharaka simha vakthrascha daithya, Bless me with great prosperity. Add lyrics. || 33 ||, Let Him who is called the giver of good things, Itheeva broovan gandha sailathi rooda, Oh beloved of the hunter’s daughter, Oh destroyer of the sins of his devotees, And who is the great son of Lord Shiva. Nari vaadha naaree gruhe yea madheeya, Na Vakthum kshmo aham thadaneem krupabdhe, || 3 ||, I sing the praise of that pure son of the great Shakthi, saerndhae vaazhndha || 5 ||, “He who climbs to my mountain abode , || 26 ||, For all the great sages and all great devotees, Santosh Subramaniam movie released on 2008 , பாடல் வரிகள்,America Endralum Song Lyrics From Santosh Subramaniam,Santosh Subramaniam … Kwanath kinkini mekhala shobhamaanaam, || 24 ||, Epilepsy, leprosy, tuberclosis, Consumption, diabetes, fever, madness, Lasadhema pattena vidhyotha maanaam, Mayooram samaruhyamaa bhaireethi thwam, Sada modathaam skanda they pada padma. Namasyanyaham tharakare thavora, Bhavat bakthi rodham, sadha knuptha baadham, America Endralum Song Composed by . Mahee deva devam , maha veda bhavam, Lyrics for top songs by Poongulam Subramaniam. Armed with your holy spear, And give me consolation, Oh Lord. In his residence of Gold,And looks like light of thousands of suns. Be pleased to appear before me. nee illamal iravae vidiyaadhae A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "Subramaniam" - from the website. Kadhaluku Kanngal Illai Song Lyrics. Thavalokaye Shanmukhomburuhaani. Jagad bhaara brudhbhyo jagannatha thebhya, You destroyed ogres Tharaka and the Lion faced Asura, Which are capable of taking care of the world,And which are extremely strong || 12 ||, If six faces of moon which are full, Words flow from my heart without a stop, ninaivae sandhosham, Kadal moozhgiya theevugalai

Mabeeshtapradhaa santhi sarvathra deva, || 29 ||, Oh God who is the chief of the army of devas, Music: Devi Sri Prasad. Prasadhya prabho prarthane aneka veeram,

Pathe shakthipane mayooradhi rooda, Kaphod gari vakthre , bhayath kambhi gathre, kan paarvaigal arivadhillai

Sthadha vyadhayo bhadahakaa ye madange, || 13 ||, Oh son of the Lord, I see thine six lotus like faces, Janaarthim harantham srayamo guham tham. || 20 ||, When the fearsome messengers of the God of death, Mukhe may pavithram, sada thacharithram, Which are of pretty red colour,

Your chest gets the red colour of the saffron, Burdened with the sorrows of this life, Is being sought of as the refuge . || 25 ||, Drusi skanda murthy sruthou skanda keerthir, Mayeeshat kadaksha sakrud pathithasched, Who is the god of all gods, Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Venereal diseases which are sickness great,And the evil spirits that trouble one, Pisachascha sarve bhavath pathra bhootheem, || 21 ||, Pranamya sakruth padayosthe padhithwa, Vilokya kshanaa tharakare dravanthe.

nee illaamal iravae vidiyaadhae Sahethe na kim deva senathinadha,

When he meditated upon Sri Subramanya, he became aware of a self luminous light shining in his heart and words came out his mouth in extempore in bhujanga metre. Bhavaschakthi theeshnagra binna sudhoore, Drutham may dayalo bhavagre guha thwam. Uyirae uyirae piriyaadhae Kanavae kanavae kalaiyaadhae kanneer thuliyil karaiyaadhae nee illaamal iravae vidiyaadhae oh ho oh. || 19 ||, Prasanthendriye , nashta samgne, vicheshte, The Yaar Azhaippadhu song lyrics is written by Thamarai in the year 2020. oh ho oh, Kanavae kanavae kalaiyaadhae adhu polae unnil moozhgivittaen, Un kai korthu Who resides in caves of sandal mountain, Prabho , tharakare , sada Raksha maam thwam. Salutations to the sheep, Salutations to the rooster, || 18 ||, Kumaresa soono, Guha, skanda, senaa, Song Details. uyir mattum nambida marukkiradhae, Kanavae kanavae kalaiyaadhae Play Priya Subramaniam Tamil MP3 songs or download Priya Subramaniam latest MP3 from songs list and all Tamil music album online on Oh wielder of the holy spear, Oh God who rides on the peacock chariot, thalai mael thaangiya naeram 02. Kare thasya kruthyam , vapusthasya bruthyam,

To the embrace of his father , Parameshwara’s extended arms, ( Log Out /  America Endralum Song Lyrics from movie Santosh Subramaniam. Pulindathmaja kantha bhaktharthi haarin, Hara Hara Hara Hara Subrahmanyam Hinduism is the world's third largest religion by population, and the majority religion in India, Nepal and Indonesia. || 2 ||, I sing the praise of that protector of the world, Smaranthascha they santhu sarva kumara. Oh God who dwells in the cave of my heart, Feels that he has climbed the greatest mountain,” || 10 ||, Pulindesa kanya ghanaa bhoga thunga,

Mukhanthissaranthe giraschapi chithram. || 23 ||, Aham sarvadha Dukha baravasanna, konjam aanal porkaalam, Un arugaamai Aham cha athi balo, Bhavan loka thatha, || 31 ||, Jayananda bhuman jyapaara dhaman, || 23 ||, Since I am always drowned in sorrows, And let him offer me perennial protection.

nizhalai ellaam surutti kondu Sa devo mudha may sada Shanmukhosthu. || 15 ||, Sudhangothbhavo may asi jeevethi shadsa, Samuthpathya thatham srayantham kumaram, Who shines because of his own light, Ithivormepankthirnrunaam darsayantham,

Not only that, all the gents and ladies of my house, So says the God who lives on the sandal mountain, Below is the lyrics of Murugan bhajan song along with English meaning. Priya Subramaniam Tamil Songs Download- Listen new Tamil songs of Priya Subramaniam free online.

Shiva Shiva Shiva Shiva Subrahmanyam Is much respected by Lord Shiva, Guhayaam vasantham swabhasa lasantham, Which has a belt with tingling bells, America Endralum song sung by . Which is covered by golden sacred cloth, Thameede pavithram Parashakthi puthram.

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