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At Princeton, he’s conscious of his talent, and wants to put it to work for a prestigious company. They talk about Raymond's fight with an Arab and then, his cheating girlfriend. Her fiancé Thomas Pérez however is in tears and must struggle to keep up by taking shortcuts. When he wakes, he seems to hear a voice calling his name and soon perceives a stranger standing on the trail, carrying a stout keg on his back. Every time I start to feel something you give me another pill and I turn into stone!

On the other hand, Changez could be eager to practice his English with an America and reminisce about his time at Princeton – no clear explanation for his behavior can be found, at least not yet. The sirens blast just before dawn and Meursault thinks of Maman. Women's faces fill his room with desire but they also help to pass the time. They frolic in the water and then hurry back to the apartment to have sex.

Literary Devices. Meursault does not follow his reasoning nor does he believe in God. His dog was not at the pound and he tells Meursault stories about him and the dog.

Meursault has looked only for Marie and not found her.

Camus is trying to say that there are things done without reason, and even when reason... Part One, Chapters 1-3 Summary and Analysis, The Effectiveness of Violence in The Stranger, Truth Dawning: The Sun as a Symbol for Meursault's Awareness in Albert Camus' The Stranger. On the break, he and Emmanuel jump onto a moving fire truck. They are instantly attracted and agree to see a movie later that night. The only clues come when Changez notes the Strangers behavior or facial expressions, but it’s unclear if Changez is interpreting the Stranger’s actions correctly. After a break, the prosecution's witness are called. Meursault does not like to talk about this much.

Although he knows everyone will die, the thought of his appeal is maddening. Though Jim scoffs at the problem’s “hyped up” product, it’s clear by now that many people would be, and in fact, are, interested in being “reassembled” in the United States. Instant downloads of all 1372 LitChart PDFs

"Strange Voices Quotes." He is happy. It’s equally difficult to gauge Changez’s tone. Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts. His boss, trying to be kind, asks about his mother but is relieved when Meursault says his mother was about sixty when she died. He says no. Meursault can understand jealousy and betrayal even though they are meaningless concepts to him. One reason that Changez doesn’t think about these imperialist strategies as a student is that they act in his favor – he has excellent grades to show for his four years at Princeton, and even to be interviewed by Underwood Samson is a sign of respect and a promise of wealth to come. As Meursault cannot explain why, the magistrate takes out a crucifix and attempts to make Meursault repent so God will forgive him. He falls asleep. Meursault snaps, yelling at him that he does wish for another life but one where he could remember the present one. The fact that he thinks the Stranger is uncomfortable around him, but proceeds with his questioning anyway, makes Changez seem rather sinister – his deferential attitude may not be completely sincere.

The fact that Changez asks the Stranger a question and then answers it for him suggests that he is less interested in learning about his new friend and more interested in leading, or even bullying him, around the city. Changez’s choice of the word “mission” is another hint that Changez regards the Stranger as more of an adversary than he lets on, possibly that he thinks the Stranger may be some kind of agent. The defense lawyer's summation is not as skilled Meursault finds, especially since he does not address Maman's funeral. Soon after she visits, he receives a letter from Marie saying she is not allowed to visit any longer because she is not his wife. Finally he gets up, makes lunch and settles on the balcony to watch people pass. Underwood Samson’s ability to train its employees to see through hyped up products like the teleporter foreshadows the way it encourages Changez to abandon his Pakistani roots and embrace America whole-heartedly. Pérez testifies that he could neither see Meursault cry or not cry through his own tears. Nicole Glover: [to her mother, crying] I hear all these voices calling my name, and the only voice I want to hear is yours. Back at the building, he finds Salamano waiting. Not affiliated with Harvard College. To feel less alone, he only hopes that a crowd of haters will welcome him at his execution. In the morning, the funeral procession walks the hour into town for the ceremony. Teachers and parents! Nicole Glover: [Nikki is refusing to take her medication] I am turning to stone. He understands her need to live life all over again, explaining why she took a fiancé so close to death.

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