story exposition examples

However, the video gets across key information that we need to know for the rest of the movie. As exposition, this is effective for a tense thriller because: Exposition thus establishes key points of character and event, leaving unknowns. Whatever you choose as exposition, make sure there’s a hook – a lure that keeps your reader’s focus. I remember my childhood names for grasses and secret flowers. “Once upon a time, there were three bears. It’s a very simple metaphor to use. All rights reserved. It also sets up how the plot might unfold in Michael being at odds with his family. These are the Only Screenwriting Tips Worth Keeping, How to Write a Screenplay: Your 30-Step Guide, The Ultimate Guide to Paid & Free Screenwriting Software, Effective Script Reading Course for Film & TV, By Using this Site You Accept our COOKIE POLICY.

It ascertains two basic themes of the play: racism, and that appearance is not always the same as reality. There are breakdowns, drawings and demonstrations. The montage is subtle and efficient in what it shows us. The email provider is some free, non-professional service. There is no dialogue throughout and music is key in indicating a change in tone over time.

We analyze exposition examples from greatest films and provide tips to help improve your story telling techniques in your next screenplay.

Over halfway into Atonement, there is a 5 minute long tracking shot of James McAvoy’s character walking through the beach at Dunkirk. He is a great general who is sought by Venice to defend it in the war against the Turks.

We see the hardiness, desire and self reliance inherent in how Daniel builds his oil empire. All of Shakespeare’s writings contain excellent exposition examples. Inception contains some complex ideas and rules integral to its plot. Sherlock delivers a quick summing up of his perception of Watson. It’s a classic exposition example. This is a very functional way of introducing such a dynamic character. Soldiers idly sit around under beach umbrellas. The montage renders Carl’s marriage from the time he married, to his wife’s death.

In the top left of the flag there is a field of blue with fifty stars, one for each state. The exposition in this movie is the opening title sequence, which gives information about the past events to the audience. There are several reasons why this is good character-based exposition: In one paragraph, Atwood’s exposition raises questions about names, the reasons underlying a character’s emotions, and their environment. In the BBC series, Sherlock, the titular protagonist‘s first meeting with his famous sidekick reveals a great deal. He uses a Jenga block to explain the structure of mortgage bonds and how the housing market is facing imminent collapse.

This mundane house description is effective because it is so ‘normal’ by contrast to what follows, from encounters with pan-dimensional beings to interplanetary travel. Tackle the trickiest areas of screenwriting with our exclusive eBooks.

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