stargate portal opening 2020

In 1964, Vincent H. Gaddis Arguedthat the Bermuda Triangle was the site of strange occurrences such as disappearing tanker ships and jets with the government being unwilling — or unable — to provide a reason or explanation. As with these theoretical portals a Stargate can be used to travel great distances across the cosmos almost instantaneously. (C) 2020 - Following Hawks.

Despite what many may believe, with continued research it is likely that regular contact with aliens will be made soon. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The crystal beds and aquifers have connected as well. ON JANUARY 11TH, BOTH URANUS AND ERIS WILL TURN DIRECT! Although I haven’t visited my tree friend in the vet farm recently I must make a point of visiting and give this new one a shot. What could be possible when you’re working in the quantum field? And this is true. More and more transparency to what is really going on will emerge and people are going to start laying their own rules and boundaries, rather than following in everyone else’s footsteps.

The family who owned the ranch from 1994 until 1996 reported that cattle on the ranch were found mutilated or they simply vanished into thin air. Like a mystical Stargate beckoning humankind into a spectacular new dimension or a fragrant Auntie Anne's, a new entrance coming to Penn Station next year will transport weary explorers straight down to the Long Island Railroad concourse. It should be no surprise to learn that the military is both a conduit and a supporter of space portal research.

It’s like peeling the onion, drop the outer layers clinging to the past.

One who apparently knows all the things about these stargates. It’s all merged. There is no memory present in their Akashic records of the Ascension experience.

The use of traditional fuel methods that harm the planet, such as coal and oil will lose popularity at this time and more and more people will demand better solutions. According to today's announcement, 250,000 people "take the LIRR every day, along with 235,000 daily customers who use New Jersey Transit. which is part of a $600 million renovation project.

Located at Montauk, Long Island, New York, Montauk Air Force Station, also known as Camp Hero, was the site of The Montauk Project. You are the Guardians of the New Earth! To begin with, these stargates opened all over the world in January 2020 as the new primary timeline anchored in.

IN 72 EARTH HOURS, THE FIRST OF A SERIES OF VERY SIGNIFICANT AND RARE CELESTIAL ALIGNMENTS OF 2020 WILL COMMENCE WHICH WILL TRIGGER THE TRUE BEGINNING POINT OF A NEW GOLDEN AGE OF LIGHT ON PLANET EARTH! What we are shifting into is the remembrance that we are creators living in a creative universe. As are the old Atlantean and Lemurian grids. The Propaganda War Against Spirituality (A Resolution), When the Weird Gets Weirder: Inside James Holmes' Apartment. Almost as soon as 2020 began, I started working with some other versions of myself called the 9th Collective through the Red Portal who showed me how to consciously remove old timelines. But I’ve also found that if there is a place you want to visit or work with, you’ll find things that you left for yourself when you visit those places. Feel into your connectedness to all that is. RELATED: Now You're Thinking with Portals: Our 10 Favorite World-Hopping Movies. The stargates appeared to me as a tube of energy connected directly to other planets. All rights reserved. There’s no more separation and we’re all working together with the same energy. Gaia guides people on their personal transformational paths with the world’s largest library of exclusive and original conscious media. arrow You can also join Gaia as a contributing author and help us connect readers to people and ideas that fuel a conscious life. As the ascension process has continued, the Earth’s old grid system including its chakras, ley lines and grids have fallen away and been replaced by the new Crystalline Grid.

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