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[citation needed], In August 1876, the first issue of Messenger of Saint Philomena was published in Paris, France. Several historians have denied the veracity of the vision of the Catholic nun. Section 33[1] of this document ordered the removal from local calendars of fourteen named feasts, but allowed them to be retained in places that had a special link with the feast. Change ), Create a website or blog at,,,,,,,,,,, There was a glass vessel found in the grave, which led them to assume this was a vial with blood of the martyr. Her full story and the full vision can be found from a website dedicated to Philomena’s veneration.[8]. The inscription on the three tiles that had provided the Latin name "Filumena" ("Philomena" in English) belonged to the middle or second half of the second century,[6] while the body that had been found was of the fourth century, when the persecutions of Christians had ended. Globus Spirits Ltd Share Price, [14][15], The name Saint Philomena was not included in the Roman Martyrology, the official list of saints recognized by the Catholic Church and in which the saints are included immediately upon canonization. [6] The disarrangement of the tiles was something fourth-century sextons regularly did when re-using materials already engraved, with the aim of indicating that it was not the same person who was now buried in the place. However, much of their information seems contradictory. We also know that several Catholic Popes venerated Philomena as a Saint,[7] even though there was no historical evidence to validate whose remains these were, and in opposition to the opinions of the archaeologists and historians mentioned above. Embedded in the cement was a small glass phial with vestiges of what was taken to be blood. On January 30, 1837, in the aftermath of the cure of Pauline Jaricot, Pope Gregory XVI authorized liturgical celebration of Philomena on August 11[8] or, according to another source, originally on September 9,[6] first in the Diocese of Nola (to which Mugnano del Cardinale belongs), and soon in several other dioceses in Italy. [8], In the Neapolitan nun's account, Philomena also revealed that her birthday was January 10,[8] that her martyrdom occurred on August 10 (the date also of the arrival of her relics in Mugnano del Cardinale),[6] and that her name "Filumena" meant "daughter of light". Someone may ask why this article is necessary, when an elementary search in the Coptic Orthodox Synaxarium,[1] manifests that there is no trace of a saint by the name of Philomena. In November 1886, the Confraternity was raised to the rank of Archconfraternity by Pope Leo XIII. [8], In the Neapolitan nun's account, Philomena also revealed that her birthday was January 10,[8] that her martyrdom occurred on August 10 (the date also of the arrival of her relics in Mugnano del Cardinale),[6] and that her name "Filumena" meant "daughter of light". On January 31, 1855, Pope Pius IX approved a proper Mass and office dedicated to Saint Philomena with confirmation of the decree Etsi Decimo (Rescript of the Sacred Congregation of Rites, Papal Confirmation of Promotor of the Faith Brief Etsi decimo as submitted by Rev.

st philomena coptic orthodox. The story goes that the decapitation occurred on a Friday at three in the afternoon, as with the death of Jesus.

Devotion for Philomena began to spread once her bones were exhumed and miracles began to occur. Could the martyrdom of a Greek Princess have gone totally unnoticed and absolutely forgotten?

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[29] It does not now contain and in fact never included the name of this Philomena, which can be seen to be absent in the 1856 edition published some twenty years after the 1837 decree. 12. In consequence of the wonderful favours received in answer to prayer before the relics of the saint at Mugnano, devotion to them spread rapidly, and, after instituting investigations into the question, Gregory XVI appointed a special feast to be held on 9 September, “in honorem s. Philumenae virginis et martyris” (cf.

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