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I don't wanna sound all Kung Fu like, but I seek it out, and it seeks me out. to help give you the best experience we can. Marisol also comments on how JP introduced her to the SSX circuit. Style. Eddie may not be pretty, but he is FAST.

Enemies? I'm not blaming it, I'm just saying I don't know when to lay off or be like less harsh with it.

Pwagh! People need to wake up and take responsibility for the planet!

Walking the Dog. Jean-Paul "JP" Arsenault is a character from the SSX series who made his debut in SSX (2000); he is one of the eight SSX originals. They're nuthin', I've never had a "brutal wipeout". Jurgen being the oldest. On my board or my street luge rig - snow or pavement - I have that track totally DIALED. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass.

Only character other than Jurgen to hail from Germany. He comes across as laid-back and spiritual, but he works hard to be buff. Marty also appears as a cheat character in SSX 3. Backcountry freak JP isn't afraid to ride insane lines most sensible riders would avoid even if it means ragdollin' down the mountain. He eventually was released as free DLC, along with Travis Rice. Yeah, sweeeeet... peeling off hot, sweaty rave chicks, oh yeah, that'd be dope! Maybe if it was Moby, it'd likely kill him, y'know, 'cause he's carrying all that extra weight, but for me, nothin'.

However, he uses Luther's stability for his own needs. I live for it. He returns in SSX Tricky and SSX 3, but as a cheat character in the latter game.

Can't think of any... Oh, I know!

Definitely my spirituality.

I guess 'cause I'm light an' I get waaay more air than anyone else. JP displays traits of narcissism (mostly). If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Put on my 'phones an' hit the street, solo. In their interviews, however, neither of them talk about their relationship. We're pretty good buds. SSX TRICKY - EDDIE QUOTE GUIDE v1.5 ----- by FishEye ( First version (v1.0) finished on: June 4, 2002 Updated to v1.5 on: September 13, 2002 - added (a lot) more quotes This Quote I don't think the information presented here differs from the other versions. I had gone out too far and found myself on a 45-degree slope and sinking into many feet of powder. With his natural good looks and winning personality, girls want to be with him, and guys want to BE him. JP, however, only shows up regular neutral in Marisol's.

I don't thing the information presented here differs from the other versions. Every time we get to a new place on the tour, I try to find the coolest record stores, or like, thrift stores. He also came back in SSX (2012) as a free downloadable content. Enemies? I'll be there. It's possible that Marty's family moved to West Germany, during the 80's, it's also unknown how or why his family moved to Germany in the first place. I love watching her board - she has great moves, really smooth and graceful. He, like Zoe, hates him mostly due to JP's narcissistic demeanor. Enemies? While Tricky is famed for changing the part of the song playing based on where you were on the track, the first SSX altered the waveform for things like big air before Tricky did. Well, I also compete on the wakeboard circuit, and of course, I love racing sports cars. JP is the only original character who hasn't had his age changed between the first and second games.

I've never had a real bad injury... balance, right?

On top of that, nobody has a knack for finding fresh snow like JP. I like scoring cool old vinyl, REAL Hawaiian shirts, and like old uniforms and stuff. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

He is a fountain of trivia and pop culture references, and seems to be stuck in the Seventies. Weakness? Brodi feels closest to nature when he is in the water surfing, or carving its frozen form, snow. What about friends? Bah, I have no rivals, though there are some who envy my money and style.

JP makes an official return in SSX Blur. SSX 3 saw the return to her pigtails of the original, although her default Tricky hairdo is still present and an optional feature. He's old; he's gonna hafta retire soon, and I haven't even hit my peak yet!

Despite his bio stating he has brown eyes, on his SSX 3 model, he has deep blue eyes upon zooming in on him past his goggles in replay mode. And of course there are many lovely ladies I call friends. Maybe he's jealous, y'know? It was a street luge bail that got me started in snowboarding AND it happened on the Merqury City track.

Enemies? It was during a winter vacation that Mac turned Marty onto snowboarding, and eventually the SSX World Circuit.

Had a couple nasty wipeouts trying to perfect the Hang 10 Backflip. Weakness?

Sometimes I just like to kick back and watch the world go by... can't save it all in one day!

It's sweet, but you need HUGE air.

I am the trickiest of the tricky. It's one of the first skateboarding tricks I learned when I was just a lil' grommet.

Uhh, skatin' laying down tracks, hangin' with my buds, playing video games... lotsa stuff. Siddhartha, Buddhism, Zen, y'know, eastern mysticism. He was also mentioned by DJ Atomika in SSX Blur. That's no way to treat your mother. No matter how many times any character knocks Brodi down in race mode, he always tells the said attacker, something concerning bad karma. The Elysium Alps, naturally. What do you do when you are not snowboarding?

And if you add that to my poise and class, you have the secret to my success. Sometimes people take advantage of my peaceful nature, so that may seem like a weakness on the hill, but if you take the long view, karmically, I will always come out on top. The judges love me 'cause I take 'em all to school! I love grinding all them rails and pullin' crazies, and there's a dope ledge off the gap that'll really take ya places! Be … Where else could you train the finest winter athletes in the world?

He returns as a Cheat Character in SSX 3. Brodi is no dummy either: he has a master's degree in Marine Science from Cal State Monterey. Yeah, and airtime, whoa baby, you can get SWEET air on that bad track! Moby even said "JP you say you're the real deal, but you're just a charity case." And, it's totally a freestyle course, in fact, since it's in Hawaii, after the race I can catch a few cool waves on the beach. We have a chalet on the south side, and tonight I will be hosting a small celebration.

The art on each board though is different. SSX TRICKY - MOBY QUOTE GUIDE V1.5 ----- by FishEye ( First version (v1.0) finished on: June 20, 2002 Updated to v1.5 on: September 13, 2002 - added more quotes This Quote Guide was created using the North American version of SSX Tricky.

Have you made any friends on the tour? Isn't it obvious? Yeah, I'd tour and do big raves and stuff all over the world. Surfing is wakan, baby: sacred. It's good. Pipedream, man! Your IP: If you don't, you're always struggling to get it. Legend: F - Freestyle | BX - Boardercross | A - Alpine. Thanks. I am the trickiest of the tricky. Once you have that, you walk to the nose of the board and Hang 10, and then do a backflip back to the center of the board - Haw! JP tells her she should go play with her "little friends", implying Moby Jones, who also comes to dislike JP. He also came back in SSX (2012) as a free downloadable content. Like Whitman says: "every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you". Zap! To unlock Marty as a cheat character, you must go to Peak 2's lodge and purchase him there for $40,000. I've often thought of becoming a professional racecar driver.

I grabbed a tree and held on for a second or two.

I'd go back to school, further my studies in Marine Science, then probably get a gig going with one of the large environmental groups. If you didn't snowboard, what would you be doing? This was first implied by the announcer in SSX Tricky, and the item (a picture of himself) in his Blur profile. He was mentioned by DJ Atomika in SSX Blur, who says he "disappeared", and asks "Where is he now?". Jean-Paul "JP" Arsenault First appearance SSX Appears in(games) SSX Tricky SSX 3 (Cheat Character) SSX Blur Voice Actors Francois Lafleur (SSX) Xavier Fagnon (Tricky) Gender Male Eye Color Blue Hair Color Blond Nickname ? Jus' me 'n the board 'n the street. Once I've got enough air, I perform a breakdance headspin and then flip back onto my feet into a trademark JP freeze frame. Legend: F - Freestyle | BX - Boardercross | A - Alpine. So, if you didn't snowboard, what would you be doing? If you miss on the backflip it's pretty ugly.

Man, I just look real good out there! Another hairstyle included in the game is the dookie buns hairstyle. Other then going to school? In SSX Tricky, both Luther and JP are seen as good friends (although JP is narcissistic, while Luther is fat, gross, and pungent). Coincidentally, their alternate sport is snowmobiling. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. I felt my leg break and managed to hand onto a large branch. Drive and focus.

Eddie's real; he doesn't bow to trends or public opinion. What is your greatest strength?

I knew the area was unstable, but going back was impossible. Broderick "Brodi" Ford is your prototypical surfer dude.

JP is in desperate need of some serious counseling.

Eddie and Brodi are two of my loudest detractors, but that is not a surprise considering their humble backgrounds. He is also very similar to Tane due to them both being surfers. He is also available in the Retro Characters pack. By her tone of responding to questions referring to JP, Marisol seems to hold a grudge against him and shows up as orange neutral in JP's rivalry chart. I have a weakness for beautiful women! You seem pretty close to Kaori. If by "keeping it real" you mean stealing your girlfriends, racing my Ferrari and generally kicking butt, then yes, I am most certainly keeping it real.

He returns as a cheat character in SSX 3. When asked, Luther states he doesn't know what the interviewer is talking about, trying to avoid talk about JP. Oh man, I love them twisting chasms and hills and all that running water - beee-uuuu-tiful! He returns as a cheat character in SSX 3. During pre-events, both Luther and JP encouraging each other before a race. Despite being narcissistic, he has Luther (who is the opposite of who JP is) as a riding partner. He returns in SSX Tricky and SSX 3, but as a cheat character in the latter game. I'm totally into that. Perfect form, every time. Desperately I grabbed and bounced off trees.

Tough to do on a snowboard; no lip to use as a pivot, so you kinda gotta kick the board around to get the walking motion. I chill with friends, visit the folks, the usual stuff.

What is your greatest strength? We like, travel from place to place together, so you know, you hook up with people and get tired of others.

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