spyro sunrise spring headbash the rock

Unlike the previous game, powerups will always be active as there are no Spirit Particles in the Forgotten Worlds. Once they're all in there, they merge into one giant seed and Cumulus rewards you with Egg 18/150: Plant the sun seeds.
Kill everything you can find in here and then charge through the wooden door at the bottom. Spyro will have to pay Moneybags 300 gems to free her. The controls here can sometimes be quite difficult to master, but they should eventually be easy for you to know how to control Sparx.

Along the floor are also five red Gems, three purples and a Shell (green Gem), plus another four Bottles through the tunnel at the bottom of the room. The portal to this land is located in the area at the start of where you began the game, just a bit to the right of where you exit from Sheila's Alp. You'll find the key around here. Slightly useful, but not the best really. The bars to the left will open up. Anyway, that's the whole of Sunrise Spring completed! That will complete this level 100%! Drop down at the end and then go into the large tower here. Take it up to another platform with Cirrus, who'll give you a hint about gliding, and two red Gems. Pick up the Green and Red Gem near Moneybags, then continue on. Back in Sunrise Spring, head right and onto the island in the middle of the lake to speak to Snappy the Seal.
The Headbash ability enables Spyro to break certain rocks and special gem containers. Keep after him and once he's caught also, you'll get Egg 24/150: Supercharge after the thief. Once they're all down again, Hunter gives you the last Egg 14/150: Lizard skating II. Lastly, surface and jump up to the land around the water for three reds and four Baskets (four reds, 400/400). Also behind the stone building is a cracked rock. Again, we'll come back to him later. Keep going upstream to the right of the river to collect a Gold Gem, two Green Gems, a Red Gem, and two Baskets with Green Gems. Now head back through the tunnel and up to the portal back home, then go right from it over a wooden bridge with two Rhynocs (two reds). Ignore the lower area for now and jump up the steps on the left to Hunter, grabbing a red, green and gold Gem and a Basket (purple Gem) at the top. Welcome to the third and final game in this remaster, Year of the Dragon! Jump up into the doorway now for another red and green Gem, then head into the room with the Balloon which will take you to the next Homeworld once you have finished all the main levels. On the left side near the wall you’ll find a character from Spyro 2: Moneybags! The achievement here requires you to destroy all of the Headbash Treasure Chests throughout the level, and I'll highlight their locations as we go along. Carry on past her and kill the several Rhynocs out here. With that done, now you'll want to sweep along the floor of this area for the remaining Gems. Talk to Billy who is in front of his house.

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