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The Egalitarian Dream Of Socialism Really Means Ev... Mirroring A Great Cosmic Conflict In The Heavenlies.

Blaise Pascal. Clark, Travels (London, 1818), VI, 2; Ross, Reisen (Stuttgart, 1840), II; Guerin, Description de l'Ile de Patmos (Paris, 1856).

Tradition insists that John resided in a cave when he received Revelation, and while tradition is great at coming up with superfluous or nonsensical details, John's cave may have been entered into the account to remind people of the mythical story of Endymion, who sleeps eternally in a cave on mount Latmos. What is the reason that some people, while spending time at these places, somehow appear to see into the future?

To one degree or another, many of the readers of this web site will have had such experiences. It is for the most part rocky. Whether those communications come at a recognized sacred site or a personal power place, whether they come as messages pertinent to an individual or the greater human family, and whether their source be interpreted as having an angelic, terrestrial, or intuitional origin, the fact is undeniable that we humans often function as communication channels for voices and visions beyond our own minds. Holy Grotto of the Revelation, Patmos Island, Greece. Interestingly, one common denominator that links nearly all the precognitive visions and revealed messages associated with such sacred sites is their concern (however metaphorically it may be expressed) with the continuation and protection of life upon the planet. The huge walls of Cyclopean masonry, similar to those at Tiryns, attest their great age.

In the middle of the stormy correspondence of the late first century AD, John's Revelation went viral (was copiously copied and sent all over the place), and that requires John's already existing celebrity and favorable connection to a publishing house. Others note that there may have been as much as two decades between the years of production of the decidedly chipper gospel and the much glummer Revelation, and a person's style may surely change during such time. The famous senator Cassius, who was one of the Liberators who opposed tyranny and ultimately killed Julius Caesar (see our article on Philippi), had studied in Rhodes and leaned towards Epicureanism. ( Revelation 1:9 ) a rugged and bare island in the AEgean Sea, 20 miles south of Samos and 24 west of Asia Minor. John, the apostle, wrote the book of Revelation on the Island of Patmos (just off west coast of present-day Turkey). Toward his life's end he wrote in Revelation 1:9 Revelation 1:9 I John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was in the isle that is called Patmos, for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ. Patmos is one of the Southern Sporades, and more specifically the northernmost island of the Dodecanese, literally Twelve Islands — which is a group of more than 150 smaller islands and twelve large ones, among which Rhodes and Cos, which were major centers of commerce, culture and science. According to a 2nd century AD inscription found on the island, the cult of Artemis and associated activities went on strong on Patmos, and the then incumbent priestess, Vera, was the tenth in line. Schubert, Raise in das Morgenland, Th. When sentenced to death, Mill replied, North Korea's persecution of Christians is on a par with Nero's in ancient Rome, It's much easier "manufacturing fake hate crime and hate speech outrage than they are with dealing with the real deal", The Protestant Reformation Ironically Opened The Door For Divorce & Gay Marriage, What America Has in Common With Rome Before Its Fall, Interviewing Colin Nicholl On "The Great Christ Comet". In other words: John may not have physically been on Patmos but rather "in spirit", just like he was in heaven (Revelation 4:2), the wilderness (Revelation 17:3) and a high mountain (Revelation 21:10, see the close similarity with Ezekiel 40:2). Note that John himself utilizes location names as literary devices (11:8, 14:1, 17:5, 20:8; and "all the tribes" mentioned in 1:7 may also refer to Pamphylia).

We'll send you an email with steps on how to reset your password. The author's speculation regarding this matter is that the Earth is a conscious being that communicates, to particularly receptive humans, information of importance to those humans and their communities. – Rev 1:12-13. The name Patmos is hugely old. St. John remained on the island for eighteen months during which time he lived in a cave below the hilltop temple of Diana. It contains more than 2,500 Bible and Bible-related proper names and their meanings. Literary sources mention a hippodrome but traces of this have been found only very recently; a little synagogue in a town somewhere would be even harder to find and would have most likely been demolished at some point.

The small, hilly island (34.6 square kilometers) was populated from as early as 500 BC by Dorians, next … The inscription also calls the island Πατνος (Patnos) instead of Patmos, dubs it "the most illustrious island of the daughter of Leto" (which would be Artemis), and claims that the famous God-fallen image was in fact on Patmos and not in Ephesus (Acts 19:35). It's not even clear what the name actually was, as variants include Patnos, Patno, Phatmos, Pathamus, Pammos, Patmum and Patmon.

Bibliography Information God is infinite. Salem Media Group. Patmos is relatively small (34 square kilometers) but has been inhabited since deep antiquity. All rights reserved. So the focus is on the words and not who wrote them.

It is not the purpose of this essay to discuss the Biblical chapter of Revelations, a text that has suffered numerous deletions, additions and changes since its supposed writing by St. John (some of these resulted from the difficulty of translating Greek into English and other languages).
This study prompted the lead researcher, Ken Ferraro to say, “America is becoming a nation of gluttony and obesity and churches are a feeding ground for this problem.” Eleven years later, the problem is only worse. Why Pen-Names? It is now called Patmo. Look at the list of power places in that country. The 19th century French explorer Victor Guérin reported of a tradition that related the name Patmos to the verb πατεω (pateo), meaning to tread or walk (on account of the myth that Neptune stepped ashore there) and particular to its derived noun πατημα (patema), meaning either step or that which is stepped on, that which is trodden. In 95 AD, St. John the Theologian - one of the twelve disciples of Jesus - was sent into exile on the island. Look at the list of countries in that region.

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