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With the high qualities of both King Philip and Queen Olympia, Alexander was set for total greatness. In five years, he expanded his empire east by 2500 miles (Leadership). 2.

Philip was determined to transform his weaker citizen-based army into a worthy army of highly trained professional soldiers. “The Legacy of Alexander the Great.” Article Click. If you fit this description, you can use our free essay samples to generate ideas, get inspired and figure out a title or outline for your paper.

At the time the Macedonian leader was twenty-two years old.Darius was prepared for battle having selected this spot to meet his enemy.After his defeat at Issus two years previously, Darius made sure that this battleground favored his army and its tactics; mainly being war chariots. His mother's name was Olympias. All Rights Reserved.

This expanded his empire that now stretched from the Indus River to the Adriatic Sea. Answer the Same for the Roman Empire. One must therefore be a fox to recognize traps, and a lion to frighten wolves.” He expressed behaviors of the lion when he revoked his merciful nature, and acted as a fox in his attentive yet generous manner when attempting to win his battles in a peaceful way.
In the following speech, I will tell the story of Alexander the Great and his adventures, many victories and very few defeats, during his conquest of the entire region of Greece, Persia, and Asia. Alexander was born in 356 BC in Macedonia, the area around present day Thessaloniki in northern Greece. Alexander was so insulted by being called a Tyrant that he ordered his engineers to besiege the high city walls and invaded the city with no mercy. Their politics were not consistent. Alexander The Great was great for many reasons such as showing his men he is equal to all of them, spreading greek culture, and because he was a very great conqueror with a great mind.

Alexander created and lead his army against the rebels and defeated the Maedi and renamed it Alexandropolis. Olympias was an orphan of a former king. Alexander was the son of King.

Alexander the Great Alexander -- the Great Alexander, who was the son of Phillip II, sat on the throne of Macedon when he was 22 years of age. However, when his authority was challenged, he revoked his mercy to secure his position as a leader of the Ancient Greek Empire. He was a merciless general, who conquered most of the civilized world, from Greece to Egypt, Persia and India. ), he acquired his father’s sizeable empire following his father’s assassination. Olympias and Phillip fought tremendously throughout Alexander's whole childhood. Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Now these are only some reasons why he was great ,but their are still more. Two years later, Alexander’s father gave him a high ranking position among his senior generals as the Macedonia army invaded Greece. . Using his outstanding knowledge, and his father’s great army, Alexander was able to conquer a great amount of Europe, Asia, and Africa. “Alexander the Great’s tomb was one of the biggest tourist attractions of the ancient world. At a young age Alexander was taught by Aristotle.

Alexander the Great

From raising a country in to a dominant empire, Alexander ranks must supreme with his accomplishments. History 101 Alexander the Great had several roles in his lifetime. Then the Persian cavalry rode along the line and came into contact with the front men of Alexander’s army; nevertheless he still continued to defensively march towards the right, and almost entirely got beyond the ground that had been cleared and leveled by the Persians. He is said to have been inspiration for later conquerors such as Hannibal, Napoleon, and Caesar to name a few.

The victory also liberated key Greek cities in Asia Minor from Persian control and garnered their allegiance, setting up easy access to take many coastal points in future battles. From the time he was born to the time he died people knew that this man would be a great leader and conqueror. Students who find writing to be a difficult task. Early, The King of Macedonia, Alexander the Great was born on July 356 B.C. It was helpful that Alexander’s father was king and his mother was queen o f Macedonia. The Life and Reign of Alexander the Great and Charlemagne Essay, Analysis of the Leadership of Alexander the Great Essay, The legendary Alexander III of Macedonia Essay, Evaluation of the Leadership Strategy of Alexander the Great vs. Near Eastern Imperial Rule Essay, The Legacy That Alexander the Great Left the World Essay, Achievements of Alexander The Great In Macedonia Essay. http://www.pdesas.org/module/content/resources/20228/view.ashx Alexander the Great was one of the most amazing leaders in the history of ancient Greece. You can get 100% plagiarism FREE essay in 30sec, Sorry, we cannot unicalize this essay. Alexander was an extraordinary military leader, he had the knowledge and skills to become a great leader due to the teachings of Aristotle, one of the greatest philosophers known to man.

Alexander knew how to give, Alexander The Great : Alexander The Great, Alexander the Great, regarded as one of the greatest leaders of the ancient world.
Alexander did, he was a kid with Rich parents, He went to the best school and taught by the best teacher like Leonidas, Lysimachus and Aristotle. At the age of 32, Alexander died from an unknown cause. His legacy and conquest has shaped the world we know today. If you’d like this or any other sample, we’ll happily email it to you. All was ready and on October 1, 331 BC the Persian army of possibly 200,000 faced off against Alexander’s 35,000. Philip reorganized the old, traditional strategy of phalanx (which was a tightly moving group of soldiers) and replaced the outdated hoplite spear with the sarissa, an 18 to 20 foot pike, adding a smaller double-edged sword. Killing over 2000 soldiers and 1000 civilians, Alexander captured and sold the rest off into slavery, hoping to make an example of them. In 334 B.C., Alexander the Great began the first of three major offensives against the Persian Empire with the Battle of the Granicus River. The Macedonians under Philip II’s rule would soon prove their worthiness and skill in this battle by slaughtering the enemy army including the sacred band of thebes. Alexander was the King of Macedonia in 336 BC, the Pharaoh of Egypt starting 332 BC, the King of Persia in 330 BC, and the King of Asia from 331 BC until the time of his unfortunate death in 323 BC. He was a fair king, who listened to his people and was loved by them. Darius made it even flatter by ordering the terrain plowed and leveled. Alexander’s childhood revolved around his father.

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