specialized diverge thru axle thread pitch

And with the constant goal to best meet your needs, we took your number one request into account—tire clearance. Paul Components also makes aftermarket thru axles if you’re into the retro QR thing.

Syntace x-12, 12 x 142 mm rear thru axle for BMC. • About Us, Tout Terrain Blueridge offers 700c version of their steel expedition frame w/ integrated rack, Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Orange, California. With quick release there was something sticking out on the sides of the bike that took the impact if the bike lands on its side protecting the frame and drive train. If you saw an axle like this back out, it likely wasn’t tightened appropriately and/or checked. I wanted to ride my bike today though, so I got in my car and got ready to visit another shop. The result is that no shops in the “bike town” of Portland stock them. Maxle Stealth is available for Santa Cruz / Scott. 12×142, 12m x 1.75mm thread pitch, 174mm length.

In an ironic twist, the one time I visit my local bike shop, not only did the help at the counter have no idea what I was talking about or what part I needed, (although they were a stocking Kona dealer) but I had to tell him the part I required. PRO Bike Gear pump out premium home mechanic and workshop tools... VanDOit gets more adventurous, donates one bike per van to World... Every frame and fork needs a thru axle with the correct length and thread pitch. It doesn’t really make a lot of sense. Disc brakes with QR was just awful. Of course not.

Although they were all the correct length and diameter, each axle had a completely different thread pitch. Add a rack to your frame, even if you don’t have rack mounts. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We’d maybe even make a Facebook group and bitch about those other companies. When mountain bikes first went to thru axles, the standard was 12×142, which was the same effective width as the Quick Release hubs they replaced. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. What’s the different between thread pitches? Courser thread pitches (like 1.75mm) tighten faster, but won’t hold quite as tight. 4.

* Mountain bikes have a lot more variation, but most modern bikes are at least Boost 12×148 rear, with some getting 12×158 Super Boost. They also make thru axles that let you attach trailers and stuff to your bike. Robert Axle Project makes replacement thru axles for most types of bikes, contact them for the right model for your frame or fork. You think there would be three, as there are three distinct rear hub types: The cool part of the 9 x 135 and 12 x 142 spacing is that many hubs can be adapted to work with both, and you can move wheels between bikes with spare hub caps.

But as I just bought a new Specialized Diverge E5 Comp 2020, i need to put it on my hometrainer for the next couple of months. (I obviously wasted a lot of time researching this crap) There are basically three different rear axle types seen as the current “standard” for MTB rear thru axles. 4 Screw the axle into place When the threaded end of the axle touches the far drop out, make sure the lever is open and begin to wind the lever to engage the axle and frame threads. You can go halfway with DT Swiss’ RWS axles.

Now I have to carry a tool with me everywhere. • How We Make Money Boost being newer isn’t as much as a clusterfuck. Anyone? Our passion is the products, technology and people that make them. I think this is the one, Tacx, T1711, Trainer axle for E-Thru, M12x1 for 142 x 12mm axle. I’ll bet others would too. Here’s what you need to know about Thru Axles: Every frame and fork needs a thru axle with the correct length and thread pitch; Robert Axle Project makes replacement thru axles for most types of bikes, contact them for the right model for your frame or fork. Luckily the person I was with stopped before it came all the way out.

Well, if you buy into the gospel of Eli from the very first comment, it’ll magically save your frame from any type of damage in a fall, make you more attractive to the opposite sex, and increase your odds of hitting the Powerball numbers 274%. This doesn’t take into the spacing seen on DH bikes, 12 x 150 mm, or the Superboost spacing (based on the DH width) that Pivot is using. Personally I prefer the bolt on type, but they all do the same thing. Used by Specialized. The problem is there are at least three different thread types utilized. Agreed – Discs with QR required a lot more fiddling than I cared – tilt a little bit, no a little bit less… there, centered!

Plus there are additional lengths for Split Pivot bikes and Trek Boost ABP.

Thus one is stuck with the really crappy lever Rockshox designed. He compared the bike world to the motorcycle industry, in which everything is proprietary and that the bike industry (well, Trek at least) is moving in that direction. The Lightning Bolt-on axle is also compatible with the Hexlox security system for riders that lock their bikes in public spaces – it’s definitely worth looking into for this reason alone if that’s something you do. I’d still pick the discs for all off-road activities. But as I just bought a new Specialized Diverge E5 Comp 2020, i need to put it on my hometrainer for the next couple of months. It turns out not a single axle in the bunch was going to allow a bike ride (on this frame) today. Frustrated, I decided it was time to to deal with it once and for all, and headed to a local bikeshop that boasts a robust online presence and inventory known for its vast selection of small parts. During my trip down the rear axle rabbit hole I discovered a few new players in the aftermarket axle game. I finally had some time set aside to do some wrenching, and with a stack of thru axles to chose from, I figured one of them would get me rolling. @ People Power: The downside of QR is that rotor/caliper alignment isn’t always great with disc brakes, where that’s not an issue with thru-axles. Or use their Axle Finder on their website. If you believe that a wandering heart and a healthy sense of exploration shouldn't come at the cost of five mortgage payments, we're with you and so is the new Diverge Pro. It's made from lightweight aluminum to keep weight down and durability high, and it features threads inside of the axle to install the lower mounting bolts.

Scary. The various thread options though? We tightened it back up, very tight and a little bit further down the trail it was loose again. Do you think they did something like choose one of the existing types? 3 Plus it’ll be shipped directly to my home or place of work and I wouldn’t have to spend an hour in traffic to deal with it.

The bike gods nailed this one. (Prices range from $30 and up).

Digging through my bins of collected bike parts, I pulled a not-small selection of rear through axles in what was the correct length and spacing for a 12 x 142mm rear hub. Press J to jump to the feed. Part of it is likely due to the ongoing SRAM vs Rockshox rivalry.

Bike and Ski Blog: MTB Thru Axles – Who knew there were so many Standards, Gear by   Jason Van Horn on   October 21, 2017, Bike Park, Dirt Jump, Pumptrack & BMX Track Listings — Oregon, Bike Park and BMX Track Listings — Bay Area, VitalMTB’s Inside Line Podcast with Jose Gonzalez, MTB Thru Axles – Who knew there were so many Standards. Here are the options I’ve discovered for 12 x 142 mm rear thru axles: M12x1.0 — Scott / Santa Cruz Contact us to connect with them. This is my first foray into thru axle bikes and I need to get a set of QR axles for this bike so I can use the fork mount in my truck. Does anyone know which thread is on this axle for the bike (if they are even the same across all Diverge E5 Comps) or how I can tell/measure/test it?

Buying new axles with a lever is an expensive upgrade. Good luck.

DT Swiss 12 x 142 mm thru axle from my Santa Cruz Nomad uses a M12 x 1.0mm pitch. Thru-axles without levers or handles are lighter, simpler to manufacturer, more aerodynamic, and look better. The bike industry is known for not creating or adhering to standards, but it wasn’t until I needed a rear axle I realized how bad it had gotten. If you get a thru axel with a lever the lever protects that side of the bike but how come no longer thru axles that would stick out a cm or so to help take the impact? 168mm length with 12 mm thread length, Used by Santa Cruz and Scott. My recent favorite is the VitalMTB’s Inside Line Podcast with Jose Gonzalez at Trek. So I am completely clueless about almost anything other than how to ride the bike. As long as your bikes don’t suck of course. Sad commentary about the loss of a rational industry standard. Bikerumor.com reaches close to one million passionate cyclists per month. Is it that hard to decide on one? It really helps if you can provide pictures and/or video. You can see more details about these measurements below. Get your handlebar and front wheel perfectly aligned w/DNR Design’s new... Insider Interview: Zipp explains hookless tubeless rims for road bikes. Or use their Axle Finder on their website. Unfortunately they don’t make a 20 X 165 to replace the crappy Maxle Lites made by Rockshox. There are a variety of thread pitches and lengths; in the 12×142 “standard” alone there are a multitude of options. Boost is new and is quickly becoming the new standard. A forum for folks with questions about bicycle repair. Robert Axle Project Lightning Bolt-on axle. Learn how your comment data is processed. Except it wasn’t in stock; I received the usual script: ‘they could get it for me in a matter of days’. Our Thunder Bolt-On Axles are for the Clydesdale, the rider “lacking finesse” or those that just seem to somehow manage to break everything. And feel free to dumb it down, as I am not very familiar with terms or tools for bikes. October 21, 2017 by Jason Van Horn Filed to: axles, gear, Maxle, Robert Axle Project, Standards, wheels. Spacing and dropouts are wrong on anything with a traditional quick-release. I’m a convert. Well I guess if the former is a problem, one should also use QR levers on the Stem, the handlebars, the crank, the saddle and all the other parts where these untrustworthy threaded connections are made! Who would bring a tool on a ride? Huge thanks to Robert Axle Project for supporting this video! I’ve got a stack of thru axles. A lever isn’t needed to ‘put pressure’ on threads. Trying to fit the bike on, it suddenly hit me that the bike has a thru-axle and the trainer has quick-release. Nobody does. • Submit News

A mechanical could (and has) easily end your trip. • Comment Policy The downside of thru-axles is that the dropouts themselves are threaded, so if those ever get damaged (rare but possible) you are in a world of hurt. A few reasons. I have seen this type of axle back its self out of a rear drop out. Slightly different length would make sense; I can see the logic there, as all frame materials vary. The other option is a a skewer that tightens with a 5mm hex wrench. So I am trying to figure out which axle to get from TACX to convert it.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Look, Trek has been making some dope mountain bikes lately.

I still needed an axle.

I called three more shops that specialized in mountain bikes, but not a single shop stocked the rear axle I needed to make my bike ridable. Unless my thread pitch is discontinued, I don’t anticipate one….. Seriously though, they just makes axles. Probably the same reason no one buys blemished produce at the grocery store…it doesn’t look good. And, unfortunately, there aren’t many places to find good answers to compatibility questions; most frame manufacturers don’t even publish the standards that they use.

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