spear combo list brawlhalla

As mentioned above, the Ground Pound has no downward force, so the Down Air can substitute it for this purpose if timed well. DL→J→DL→J→DL→J→GC→NH. Does not hit enemies too close to you, but good for punishing careless positioning. 32 damage), SL→J→DA (6 frames if you use not as a read, Down dodge read, 31 damage), SL→J→GC→SL (Spot dodge read, Follow up with J→NA,J→SA, or R 26 damage), SL→J→GC→DL (Up-away dodge read, TURN AROUND BEFORE DL IF THEY DODGE UP-TOWARDS, 27 damage), DA(Grounded)→J→NA (Jump/up dodge read, 36 damage), SL→J→R (Up-away dodge read, turn around for up-towards read, 26 damage), NL→J→GC→NL (Spot dodge read after NL, 26 damage), NL→J→GC→SL (Dodge away or turn around for towards read, 24 damage), SL→GC→SL (Away dodge read, turn for towards dodge read, 28 damage), SL→FF→J→NA (Any dodge minus down read, adjust your jump for the dodge, follow up with SA,GC→DL→FD→R or GC→SL→R→J→NA), SL(kick up)→J→DA (Dodge anywhere read, adjust jump for the dodge, 26 damage), SL(Kick up)→WAIT→NL (Spot dodge read, 22 damage), SL(Kick up)→J→GC→SL(Kick up) (Spot and away dodge read, 22 damage), DL→WAIT→GC→DH (Down dodge read, 35 damage), SL→WAIT→NH (Dodge towards you read, 38 damage), SL→FD→TURN→NH (Spot dodge read, 38 damage), NL→FD→DH (Spot and towards you dodge read, 45 damage), DL→SH (Towards you dodge read, 49 damage), DL→WAIT→DH (Down or spot dodge read, 45 damage), SL→DH (Towards or spot dodge read, 46 damage), Dl→GC→NH (Up or spot dodge read, 42 damage), NL→J→GC→DH (Spot or towards dodge read, 40 damage), DL→GC→NH (10 frames, or spot dodge punish, 35 damage), SL→DH (12 frames or dodge towards punish, 46 damage), NL→DH (Dodge towards you punish, 34 damage), SL→FD→NH (Jump punish or 20 frames, 38 damage), SL→J→GC→DH (Spot or away dodge punish, 40 damage), SL→J→GC→SH (Spot or away dodge punish, 36 damage), DL→NH (Jump or up dodge punish, 44 damage), DL→WAIT→DH (Spot or down dodge punish, 26 damage), SL→J→GC→DH (Spot or towards you dodge punish, 29 damage), DL→FD→DH (Spot dodge punish or 15 frames, 35 damage), DL→GC→NH (15 frames or spot dodge punish, 35 damage), DL→GC→SH (14 frames or away dodge punish, 37 damage), NL→J→GC→NH (Spot dodge punish, 45 damage), DL→GC→NH (2 frames or spot dodge read, 36 damage), DL→FD→SH (3 frames or spot dodge punish, 54 damage), DL→DH (Down dodge read, or 15 frames, 31 damage), NL→NH (Spot and down dodge read or 15 frames, 44 damage), I would personally add to lance with “NL - J - DA - SA - Signature (depending on what character could be different stances for example ulgrim could use SH), 20 dodge frame V also good string is nlight fdash nlight fdash nlight ;) 11 dodge frame. Seething malice from a long forgotten place. Brynn. Good for evading attacks that go along the ground. You are still vulnerable in the middle against long attacks. All your victories have lead to this point. We need no medals or laurels.

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