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PROMT-Online. Sorani Kurdish Arabic <> Latin conversion.

Translation Memory come mostly from parallel corpuses that were made Privacy - Print page. This reply will now display in the answers section. Simply log in and add new translation. Thousands of people will be grateful for doing so. We'll get back to you only if we require additional details or have more information to share. dictionaries. English Kurdish Translation service is intended to provide an instant English Kurdish translation of words, phrases and texts . You will lose what you have written so far. 4- Lord. The translation is not the result of your selection of language direction, but the result of the original language of your actual input.

When you submit a report, we'll investigate it and take the appropriate action. You should know, that Glosbe does not store word but rather the idea of what the word means.

Glosbe is a collaborative project and every one can add (and remove) translations. Such translated sentences are very useful addition to On Glosbe you can check not My main interest lies with translation, transcription, transcreation, copywriting and logos. 1- Symbol of resistance. Cookies help us deliver our services. //

Thanks to this, by adding one new translation, dozens of new translations are created! Currently we have 3,229 sentences translated. You'll receive email notifications for new posts at.

Type or paste a text in Arabic alphabet: Type or paste a text in Latin alphabet: Note: Problems may be happen: the Arabic alphabet of the Kurdish language have no character for the brief vowel i (only the long vowel î). Registered at Mar 2008. I have vast experience in public relations having worked with translation services, Victim Support and other voluntary organizations. Discard post? 25776, NRPSI- National Register of Public Service Interpreters no 16376, Copyright © 1999-2020 - All rights reserved. Quality of work has priority to any other aspects that is why when I translate a sentence I put myself in the position of the reader and how he/she may read and understand it. investment in Kurdistan, Oil, Gas, minerals, mining, trade, finance, transcreation. Go to our home page to choose from available languages. This will remove the reply from the Answers section. 1- Nobleman.

Our automated system analyzes replies to choose the one that's most likely to answer the question.

Sorani (English to English translation). Welcome to the English-Sorani Kurdish dictionary. One can see not only translation

General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters, Keywords: Police, health, local government, education, IOM, OIM, Immigration, housing, prosecution, witness, prison, probation, integration, school, university, contract, release, risk assessment, purchase, Tribunal, business, presentation, Kurdish, Sorani, Kurdish Sorani, Kurdi, Arabic, Middle East, culture, misunderstanding, racism, claim, judge, solicitor, witness statement, exhibit, summons, deportation, removal, detention, bail, Code of Practice, health and safety, complain, formal complain, Ombudsman, warning, sample, DNA, fingerprint, advertisement, sale, booklet, leaflet, flyer, statement. It makes our dictionary English Sorani Kurdish real, as it is created by … In the meantime, if you identify any translation issues.

I tested, it is the problem of selection of language direction and the actual input of the words. Kurdish (Sorani) may become an officially supported language in future, and we’ll be sure to update you if and when that happens. Even though Uyghur to English direction was selected, the translator automatically detects the original language of the words you actually entered as Kurdish, Turkish, or Japanese, and translates the sentence into English with an assumption. I have excellent communication skills in English, Kurdish and Arabic and good skills in Farsi with some skills in German. and is very useful for translators. You will lose what you have written so far. Dictionary. Even though Uyghur to English direction was selected, the translator automatically detects the original language of the words you actually entered as Kurdish, Turkish, or Japanese, and translates the sentence into English with an assumption.

Hi everyone, Chris M here - Translate Community Manager.

Community content may not be verified or up-to-date. by humans. We also provide free Kurdish dictionaries, free Kurdish spelling checker and free Kurdish typing keyboard.

I can confirm that Uyghur is the correct name for the intended supported language we recently launched on Google Translate. Post is disrespectful, about third party products or contains unrelated content or personal information.

If you select the opposite direction as English to Uyghur, google translates it only into Uyghur, not to Kurdish or any other languages.

of usage, by showing dozens of examples of translated sentences Your notifications are currently off and you won't receive subscription updates. Simply log in and add new translation. Our there is a big mistake in the languages which are added in the last few days by Google translate, in the place of Uyghur language, we write Kurdish Sorani Language we can translate for all the languages, at the same time Uyghur language can translate as well,  I think it is Kurdish Sorani and Uyghur language are mixed by the system of Goggle Translate, please I think Google added Kurdish Sorani as well but it is mixed with Uyghur language. Glosbe dictionaries are unique.

I have been to different parts of Iraq and Iran and know about the culture of the Kurds, Arabs and Iranians.

So there is no mistake. This is called "translation memory" Support Find your language Interface language: You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. You may also be sure, that any mistake in dictionary is repaired fast, so you can rely on our data. However, it’s important to note that because Kurdish (Sorani) is not an officially supported language on Google Translate there is potential for inaccurate translations and other issues. Thanks for your feedback here. 3- Landlord.

This is matched with other reports about a given word. containing translated phrase. Kurdish to English Translation provides the most convenient access to online translation service powered by various machine translation engines.

If it seems to be helpful, we may eventually mark it as a Recommended Answer.

A word may have a meaning or more, but I find a big treasure of ideas, style, culture, civilization and history hidden behind it.

Some community members might have badges that indicate their identity or level of participation in a community.

Failed to attach file, click here to try again. I am a native Kurdish Sorani speaker with many years of life and experience in the Arabic speaking world and the UK. Glosbe is home for thousands of dictionaries. keyboard Kurdish dictionary. but dictionaries for every existing pairs of languages - online and free.

Glosbe is a collaborative project and every one can add (and remove) translations. Thank you.

You can see the same result even if you select Japanese to English direction and input the Kurdish words. Kurdish Sorani may be in the translation data base but may not be included yet in the language selection list. 2- Aristocrat. We're committed to dealing with such abuse according to the laws in your country of residence. Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes. 2- name of a town in eastern Kurdistan. We found the following personal information in your message: This information will be visible to anyone who visits or subscribes to notifications for this post.

ImTranslator. As noted by folks on this thread, selecting Uyghur as the language input and then entering Kurdish (Sorani) text can often yield successful translations because of the way our translation models work. 1- Noble. Translation. If you find any mistake or you are able add new data: please do it.

I think there is no mistake.

3- Son or daughter of noble.

Text To Speech. Kurdish to English translation service by ImTranslator will assist you in getting an instant translation of words, phrases and texts from Kurdish to English and other languages.

English to Kurdish (National Register of Public Service Interpreters), Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Frontpage, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, SDL TRADOS, Parsendow Translation Ltd endorses's. I have been to different parts of Iraq and Iran and know about the culture of the Kurds, Arabs and Iranians.

MCIL- Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, Membership No. I have experience in working in diverse environments where there are people from different cultures and backgrounds. Go to the Legal Help page to request content changes for legal reasons. Because this person is not a Plus subscriber, to view his or her SecurePRO™ card you must be a, Translation, Editing/proofreading, MT post-editing, Transcription, Bachelor's degree - University of Baghdad and BA (HONS) Lancaster University UK , DPSI Law. Download. Help us develope Glosbe dictionaries and see how yours knowledge helps people around the globe. To turn them on, go to. Are you sure you want to continue?

It makes our dictionary English Sorani Kurdish real, as it is created by native speakers people, that uses language for every day.

English to Kurdish Translation. Help us in creating the largest English-Sorani Kurdish dictionary online. Google must separate it up and create an KURDISH (sorani) language instead. Help us in creating the largest English-Sorani Kurdish dictionary online.

forensic linguistics, forensic linguist, cultural analyst, For another site operated by for finding translators and getting found, go to, This person has a SecurePRO™ card. Google takes abuse of its services very seriously. Further to my initial degree in English from the University of Baghdad I have gained a second degree in Criminology from the University of Lancaster which brought my experience and talents to the right place.

2- Aristocrat. Post contains harassment, hate speech, impersonation, nudity; malicious, illegal, sexually explicit or commercial content. Please write word or phrase you want to check in the text box on the left.

Currently we have 10,706 phrases translated. I am going to university - مەن ئۇنىۋېرسىتېتتا ئوقۇيمەن. We provide not only dictionary English-Sorani Kurdish, Years of experience: 32. Use the edit (pencil) option to report a correction.

Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. Our automated system analyzes the replies to choose the one that's most likely to answer the question. only translations into language English or Sorani Kurdish: we also provide examples

Translate your sentences and websites from Kurdish into English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Hindi and world 118 languages.

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