someday or one day

How are their stories connected to Yu Xuan and Quan Sheng in 2019? Okay, I think I got it after watching episode 9 and reading some comments online.

Girls were tend to feel awkward and lock themselves up during adolescence. The screenwriter Jian continued that people seems to think that everyone should be brave and not being hurt, however, this was a very important feelings of everyone.

Ko was resonated with Chen's role because of her own experience. However, for “Someday or One Day,” the story is so intricately woven that the time-traveling actually makes sense and is crucial to the storyline. She expressed that the plot was much more deeper and wider than she had imagined. One day, Huang Yu Xuan receives a walkman and a music cassette from an unknown person.

That's why they chose to spend an entire episode at the beginning to describe how the female protagonist suppressed her sadness; If you can't understand that kind of sadness as a screenwriter, you will never write a good script, he said.

Her birthday wish for this year is to "see him." So pls help me to understand this double layer traveling time ( the old school song really richard simmons me off sometimes), [OFFICIAL] Hyun Bin ❤️ Son Ye Jin (BinJin Couple), ✪ Kim So Hyun 김소현 ✪ [2021's Upcoming Dramas : Love Alarm S2 (Netflix) & River Where the Moon Rises (MBC)]✪, [Current Drama 2020] Tale of Gumiho, 구미호뎐 - Wed & Thu @ 22:30 KST, ♡ BTS (방탄소년단) Official Thread [#BBRadioPopSongsNo.9 #Dynamite20thWin #BEIsComing #LifeGoesOn], Young LZW came back to Taiwan (from Canada) in 2003 for summer break, The young LZW got into a car accident after trying to visit MJJ.

The main leads take on multiple characters and their acting provide much depth and soul to the characters they play. Before 2019 Yu Xuan transports into Yun Ru’s body, 1998 Yun Ru was assaulted by an unknown attacker. On one fateful day, Huang Yu-Xuan receives a mysterious parcel containing an old-school Walkman portable cassette player and a cassette tape of the song "Last Dance" sung by Wu Bai. The show was made available on iQIYI Taiwan, LINE TV, myVideo at 00:00 after CTV's first broadcast every Sunday; FOX+ and the Star Chinese Channel from every Saturday after CTV's first broadcast; KKTV would be available at 00:00 every Sunday beginning from 24 November 2019, and Hami Video and CHT MOD were available on every Sunday;[46] myTV SUPER in Hong Kong listed the show on every Sunday starting from 18 November 2019. If a thoughtful and thrilling time-traveling romance with a dash of growing pains and high school life appeals to you, stop everything and watch it now. [41] The finale was originally selected to be watched with the audiencea together with the actors in the cinema, however it was canceled due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic,[42] and the live broadcast was changed to broadcast proceed on Taiwanese Yahoo. Now have to wait 6 more days til next episode comes out. [36], On 23 February 2019, the press conference of the drama was held. He explained that as the home where the protagonists lived in the drama, it was impossible which the shoes were at the same place and the calendars are all on the same page every time they entered the scene. [77], After the drama was broadcast in mainland China platform, it had received a good reputation and discussion rate, with scored in high ratings on various media sites.

I was so shocked and sad when I saw the last scene. Though most people won’t notice the quiet Yun Ru, he finds himself drawn to her. Jian was taxed his brains by this concept for a long time, until he had a dream one day, "In my dream, I am writing in a hurry, writing about a love story of the male and female protagonists who have been in love for 13 years. So from my understanding, there are two LZWs: So by 2010, there are two different LZW existing at the same time - 1) the LZW from 2003 in WQS' body and 2) the LZW from 2017 in his own body. ", she plays as the role of Huang Yu-Hsuan and Chen Yun-Ru this time. The LZW from 2017 will stay hidden until 2019 when he meets HYX again because he doesn't want to interfere with the flow of events that happens between 2010-2019. At the next day, the production team had issued a formal statement that the outgoing ending was not the final version. "One day" is also often used in reference to the future, just as is "someday" (which is a single word). The two most significant songs in this drama, in my opinion, are the title song (Someday or One day - Shi Shi) and of course, one of the most important things in this whole drama, Last Dance - Wu Bai, China Blue. If I could go through the time of the universe from 2019 to 1998, its all because of …

Rather than she would be treating her role as a "woman", she revealed that she would not treating her role as "a mother" when she was trying to figure out the role. I think there might be two LZWs (the young LZW & the old LZW) existing at the same time, but I'm not sure??? Started December 1, 2012, By At the core of the drama is the heartfelt romance between Yu Xuan and Quan Sheng.

Some fragments of this broadcast version had been cut away and split into 21 episodes, 60 minutes (including advertisement) per episode of show time. [33][34], Chang Han(張翰), who was portrayed as the younger brother of Wu Ying-Chan and the uncle of Chen Yun-Ru and Chen Si-Yuen. Here are two previews posted on the drama's official Facebook page for Episode 10: I just finished watching this and it is as good as everyone says!!

But all she does is find evidence of how much he loved her. The kink in multicloud? According to the statistics of the TV channel, a total of 6.07 million people had watched the drama through TV channels across Taiwan since the beginning of broadcast. taskdramafanatic the whole crew were participated in the discussion together according to the progress of the script release after the screenwriters had finished the script.

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