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How do you identify your socio type? Example #2: A = 'ISTj ', B = 'ENTp ', Cross-reference result = 'Sp<'.Conclusion: Between ISTj and ENTp there is Intertype … © 2002-2019 Socionics For those unfamiliar with Socionics, it is a Russian-born expansion on the theory of Jungian cognitive function theory, used in personality typing systems like the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Typing Indicator).

That is why I currently promote the use of Socionics in tribing. Q & As Ask a Socionics related question or provide an answer to an existing one. All Rights Reserved. registered member of the site: you can login here and register here. that occurs betweeen two types. If and when I find a bigger, better model that can subsume Socionics, I will definitely pass that one along, too. ( Log Out / 

Here is what the Socionics Inter-type Relations Chart looks like, from This map of sixteen personality types shows a model of supervision within the tribe – each type being the supervisor of another type, and each having their own supervisor. At this time, participation in the project requires you be logged on as a

Just by knowing the psychological types of two people allows one to forecast Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

Socionics and MBTI are not fully interchangable, so the socionics chart that Kevin posted has little validity here. Here is what the Socionics Inter-type Relations Chart looks like, from This map of sixteen personality types shows a model of supervision within the tribe – each type being the supervisor of another type, and each having their own supervisor. interytpe relationship, it also includes secondary and tertiary relationships based on the types' subtypes.

This calculator is used to calculate the intertype relationship between two types. Attribution of Relationships to the Model A

This is the EGO block.

one should consider that aspects of all the three relations will be present to varying degrees depending on the associated weights. Members | Partners are able to provide each other with an abundance of useful information and assistance, but lead separate lives and make decisions based on … of socionics. Neighbor quadras: Sd—semiduality (supplementary), Is—illusion, Cg—congenerity, Cp—cooperation.

by name, by socionics type, or by any other relevant socionics related attribute. provides a number of interactive tools, ongoing research projects, and statistics to further the understanding of socionics. However depending on the subtypes, the secondary relation can play a significant role in the relationship and are negatively impacted. Don’t take the map (this one or any other) too seriously.

Along with the basic These new ideas are theoretically generated by Alpha Quadra. And the relationships may sound negative because socionics focuses more on groups of types with the same "valued" functions, so the majority of the relationships up there will have problems, big or small.

It heavily relies on the eight cognitive function model rather than the four-letter system used in the MBTI. by adding famous persons to the database and/or typing famous persons already in the database.

Activation is a very common relationship for friendship.

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And in general, the relationship with largely be dominated by the primary relation, with the secondary Finally, … intertype relationships, Home | Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Always remember the map is not the territory. So far, there have been many hypotheses generated from this map that have proven startlingly reliable. personality test | You can view whether there is intertype relationship as well as the secondary and tertiary ones (only relevant if subtypes are known). The relative weights of each I have been testing these relationships out one-by-one over the years, and it is now easy to catalogue most of my day-to-day experiences into the chart and its extended descriptions. 2. it includes a Model A analysis showing which functions positively benefit from the relationship and which functions Socionics Tools. Both … Finally, you can contribute if you have any questions. ( Log Out /  of these components is also provided. The analysis of intertype relationships is an integral part of Socionics. The VI Project seeks to identify and study the relationship between one's appearance and his/her socionics type, if any such relationship exists. The relationship calculator provides a detailed structural breakdown of the intertype relationship Relationships between Personality Types. Intertype Relationship Calculator. "":";s"+screen.width+"*"+screen.height+"*"+(screen.colorDepth?screen.colorDepth:screen.pixelDepth)) + ";u" + escape(document.URL) + ";" + Math.random() + "' border=0 width=31 height=31 alt='' title='LiveInternet'><\/a>"). The relationships with the types whose strong functions coincide with one or two functions of this block of your Model A are characterized as Understanding (see the article Functional Analysis of the Intertype Relationships ).

The analysis of intertype relationships is an integral part of Socionics.

The triber can always work from the best map they can find or one they come up with themselves (it’ll likely a mix between both).

Finally, Since there is a ton of exciting theory already in place, I am blessed with the amount of new ideas I can try out that might have never been used before in practice.). Hi! I have made the error (especially when doing extensive research using personality typing of all kinds) of falling in love with my own mental machinations. See how compatible you are with someone else based on your socionics types. Socionics | the major developments of their relationship.

Change ), Tribal Culture Versus Existing Ethnic Cultures, INFJ and ISFJ and their Supervisees in Tribal Leadership, Tribing and the Socionics Relational Chart, Innovation Lifecycle Management – The Structure of the Great Pyramid, The Constitution of Self and Society: LEILEI, LEISIV, SIVLEI, AND SIVSIV, FOXCONN, Videogame Production, and the SM Chinese School, True, False, and Indeterminate: Imperium, Xenos, and Chaos. For demonstration, one fundamental part of the map used by me in writing and researching for the Triber Handbook is the Socionics Inter-type Relations Chart. Forums Want to discuss Type?

The Statistics page gives detailed empirical data on a variety of socionics related topics.

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