soay sheep for sale northern ireland

Kilvaree Lewis     S19010  – UK 0545753/00016, Email:            Website:, Contact phone: 07858 817767   Location Argyll, Scotland 1 castrated ram lamb £40

In very good condition. Fully vaccinated hep and wormed to date and ecto. Alternative Contact Number: 01620 860964. Sabre of Melbury Hill born 4/17, twin, fawn katmoget Has sired every year and has produced some fantastic lambs including 1 set of triplets (rarer in shetlands). Devon Closewool two shear tup excellent for tasty grss fed lamb, We give a % of our income plus FREE advertising to our chosen charities.

Friendly and bucket trained. Badger faced lamb for sale she was born April this year, friendly and used to bucket feeding, Only one female lamb left. The Soay has the most primitive appearance of any British sheep breed and takes its name from the island of Soay in the St. Kilda group. Wethers/lambs for meat or conservation or other grazing. Heptavaced and wormed and... Surplus, been wormed, lambivac, blackleg. Both rams recently sold for £6000 so this is very special stuff £100 a dose. Putting a ram of a Down breed on the Soay will produce a faster growing lamb and a carcase of around 15kg. Lambs are on pesticide free grass. All ideal for a new starter flock. PEDIGREE SOAY FOR SALE (North Wales) Situated nr launceston. Pm for more info. Contact for more... Genuine dispersal sale of whole flock of Easycare sheep.

Selection of rams entire or castrated, lams and ewes. Contact Number: 07798 756 875. At the dawn of the 20th Century, 2.6 million heavy horses were working in the UK.

I have bred from all except the 2 youngest of these ewes, they are a friendly, easy to manage flock and I would like to sell them all together if possible... Cameroon sheep are a rare breed with thought to be only a thousand in the world, they are hair sheep so require no shearing. Given Crovect and Heptavac P Plus. Before you buy please click here to read our page detailing the difference between registered, unregistered and birth notified sheep. Ewes are either polled or horned, ram usually horned. Strong blood lines linked to Cumbrian sheep. 6 yearling ewes (gimmers). Wool is shed naturally each year and is used for speciality hand knitting. I have spent a lot of time with them and have... Four good strong and healthy, entire pure bred, but not registered, Lleyn ram lambs born April 2020. Staple length 5-15cm. 6 months old and quiet to handle, designed to grow attractive soft wool for hand spinning. Contact: Tricia Stewart Elysium Farm Holmfirth W Yorks HD9 2TS, a selection of Registered mouflon yearling, we also have three senior ladies looking for positions as matriarchs / minders for their comfortable retirements. Dam Stanton (S16011). Jo and Pete, MOSSOAY FLOCK, Westown, Perthshire, Scotland, mobile: 07713 402 100 Also texl rams and texel x Charolais rams available. Pm for more info. Securing the future of our rare and native breeds of livestock, RBST is excited to announce that it has just welcomed the rare Albion cattle onto the Watchlist, as a recognised UK native rare breed, Rare Breeds Survival Trust is a company limited by guarantee registered in England under number 1204694 and registered as a Charity number 269442, Registered office Rare Breeds Survival Trust, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV82LG, Shetland Sheep Ram Lambs - Gloucestershire, UK Working Class Horse Heroes Facing Extinction, Rare Albion cattle recognised on the RBST Watchlist. Poll Dorset and some South down x Poll Dorset x charollais Breeding Ewes, Grass mowers, friendly sheep. 11 available, male and female, will be registered at point of sale. Northern Ireland groups Legacies Leave a gift in your will FAQs In memory donations Appeals Corporate support Why Corporate Support Our Corporate Supporters Admin Log in; Basket: (0 items) Marketplace Buy something Livestock Soay Ewe Lambs for sale - Warwicks. Pure Lleyn Ram good strong healthy proven 3 year old. Must have CPH number... 2 ewe lambs 2 wethers with gorgeous coloured fleece. Find great local deals on Sheep for sale in Northern Ireland Shop hassle-free with Gumtree, your local buying & selling community. All registered, apart from lambs which are eligible for registration. Also texl rams and texel x Charolais rams available. Buy & Sell on Ireland's Largest Sheep Marketplace. Surplus ewe lambs, sheep. Various prices, Yearling Hill Radnor ram from well established flock. 2 ram lambs £40 Both beautiful, proven, rare and special. Ideal starter flock.

Based near WOOTTON Bassett. A fierce and competitive trade for rams was the feature of the EasyCare Sheep Society’s Annual Sale at Worcester with Yearling Rams peaking at a very creditable 2,300gns. Heptavaced and wormed and... 5 lovely Ram Lambs from a great Sire will be great to show, they can be registered as the Sir Wiltshire cross shearling tups for sale. Ideal starter flock. Find local native breed products near you!
Two Badger Face ram lambs I have Poll Dorset tup lambs for sale by a registered tup and out of non registered ewes. 8 Llwen shearlings and 5 lambs.

Small pedigree shetland sheep starter flock for sale, ideal for those just starting with sheep or for those who are looking to add another breed to their stock.

Approx. Friendly and bucket trained and both horned. Bucket trained. They are in fine nick. Between £50-£100. Dam – Stanton (S16015). Grazing available in Gower for tack sheep. Please contact for anymore info

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