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It is the smallest family of butterflies but is also among the best-known families of butterflies due to the beauty and large size of butterflies under this family. Underside wings are dark brown with wavy thin black lines and a pale yellow>Larvae: up to 55 mm; black with sharp spikes, large orangish-red spots on backRange: found throughout most of the province from southern Ontario to the shores of James Bay and Hudson BayHabitat: woods, stream course, fields, swamps and even city gardens. Female monarchs lay their eggs on the underside of milkweed leaves. Sadly here in Guelph I have not seen a single monarch this year on my large patch of milkweeds so sad.

Perhaps the most distinct feature of skippers is their thick and heavily muscled thorax. Gypsy moth eggs also turn into caterpillars before turning into moths. These are small butterflies with a wingspan of between 18 mm and 28 mm. Other food plants for the larval stage of the Silvery Blue Butterfly include the white sweet clover, the alfalfa, the wild pea and the beach pea among other plants.

They are a common Western species. We are in the process of considering feedback to help further update our site.

This family mainly consists of Whites and Sulphurs.

Rather, in The Odyssey, Homer writes about an encounter between the Cyclops Polyphemus and his hero, Odysseus. They also have a gray border along both wings. Monarch

Eastern tiger swallowtails mostly feed on nectar from lilacs, common milkweed, and even butterfly bush. Normally, the Silver-spotted skipper is seen in open areas and particularly those that border woods or thickets as well as along open trails and in flower gardens. It has a wingspan measuring between 75 mm to 100 mm. We do have images of it. What is the butterfly or moth that will emerge ?? Your email address will not be published. I’d love to know all about it. A caterpillar (or larva) is the stage between the egg and the adult during the life cycle of a butterfly or moth (from the insect family: Lepidoptera).Every caterpillar species have specific plants they like to feed on called the "host plant", so knowing the name of the host plant that the caterpillar is on can often help with identifying the critter. everything is white on pale something, or pale something on white. Silver-spotted butterflies are known to feed on nectar flowers such as the Canada thistle, cow vetch, Indian hemp, Brazilian verbena and even the New England aster among others. We had an imperial moth last two weeks in Tallahassee, Florida held it and matched up with your identification. It sounds like your moth was sighted in North Carolina – but if you send a photo to us at, perhaps we can help to identify it. And they also appreciated learning about nature in general and the impact of invasive species.

in my back yard. Birds avoid eating this species; they may be distasteful.

Currently, only the pine-eating subspecies is encountered in Ontario. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Have recently seen the White Admiral and Giant Swallowtail butterflies in Eastern Ontario.

Scientific name: Vanessa atalantaFamily: NymphalidaeWingspan: 45 – 57 mm, a mid-size butterflyDescription: black and dark brown wings, forewings crossed by a red median band, hindwings edged in reddish-orange, underside of forewing with blue, pink and white, underside of hindwings mottled brown.Larvae: up to 40mm; black with many-branched black or yellow spikes, yellow-white dots along sidesRange: throughout OntarioHabitat: woods, fields, even city gardens. Larval foodplants: violet speciesFlight season: mid-June to mid-AugustOverwintering stage: hibernates as a newly-hatched larvaTrue fact: Most fritillary species are highly similar in appearance. These moths have been noticed in more significant numbers this year across Ontario. Scientific name: Epargyreus clarusFamily: HesperiidaeWingspan: 37 – 45 mmDescription: largest Canadian skipper, has pointed forewings, dark brown main colour on wings, forewing has yellow band, hindwing has silver spot on undersideLarvae: up to 26 mm; yellowish green with dark stripes, orange prolegs, dark head with two orange eyespotsRange: Ontario north to Lake Superior and northern Lake HuronHabitat: wherever its foodplants are present. Thank you for this information along with pictures. However, Canada is also home to a wide range of insect species including butterflies.

It had little yellow spots along the wing and a little bit of blue on the underside.

Monarch butterflies start arriving in Canada from late May with a majority of them arriving in the month of June. According to experts, a single female can lay between 300 and 400 eggs in the course of her lifetime. The postmedian part of the upper hindwing is a black strip with spots of yellow along the margin. Range: eastern half of southern Canada south to FloridaOverwintering: in eggs which are laid in masses on larval food plantsTrue fact: Eastern tent caterpillars are well known for their tents.

What To Bring On Your Butterfly Watching Adventure? Could it have been a species of sphinx moth?

We live in a house in Southern Ontario built in 1883. Larval foodplants: willow and poplarFlight season: late May to SeptemberOverwintering stage: half-grown larvaTrue fact: The viceroy is a mimic of the noxious monarch. Scientific name: Papilio glaucusFamily: PapilionidaeWingspan: 75 – 100 mm, a large butterflyDescription: bright yellow wings with black “tiger” stripes, hind wings with “swallow tails,” females have more extensive blue on hind wings than malesLarvae: up to about 50 mm; early instars resemble bird dropping; when disturbed older caterpillars will rear head and extend red horns (osmeterium) that resemble a snake’s tongue; older caterpillars brownish with gold and black eyespots on thoraxRange: Carolinian zone (e.g., Windsor, Sarnia, London, Kitchener, Toronto), range north of that is uncertainHabitat: deciduous broadleaf forest, edges and river valleys. On cold spring days, the tents act like a greenhouse, raising the internal temperature of the nest above that outside. Larval foodplants: prefers oaks, but will feed on a wide range of trees and shrubs.Flight season: adults emerge mid-summer; female’s abdomen swollen with eggs so she cannot fly and instead remains near emergence site and attracts males with emitted pheromonesOverwintering stage: eggs laid in furry clusters on tree barkTrue fact: These moths were deliberately introduced to North America from Europe around 1869 to be bred in captivity for their silk.

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