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All of them however, describe him wearing a black suit and tie. Slenderman is a large being with no…. Second song playing at Katie’s basement; the girls watch the porn video online. Hallie begins to experience disturbing hallucinations. Slender Man tells the story of a tall, thin, horrifying figure with unnaturally long arms and a featureless face, who is reputed to be responsible for the haunting and disappearance of countless children and teens. Slenderman is a large being with no face and is said to be very tall. Chloë is listening to music at her bedroom before song is distorted. Third song playing at Katie’s basement; the girls hears Katie’s father make a noise upstairs. Agh! I gives no fuck, like Trump and such. Would you like to be the first? The Slenderman Song was written based on the mythical creature, ‘Slenderman.’ It is believed that Slenderman was around in ancient Greece. Well done to Etch for writing and making this video, I think im gonna have to see slenderman now thanks.Thank you to SingKingKaraoke for the Rock A Bye Instrumental - Connect with the Don ++ iTunes - Spotify - Instagram - Twitter - Snapchat - fraser-nash+ PS4 - DonFraserNashHere's the lyrics -It's the dead of nightAnd I'm stalkingI'll hunt you down, No ones around, and I'm always watchingjust take my handAnd I promiseYou and your friends are all invited to the forestYou will go crazyTerror in the night is so tasty Underneath the branches where it's shadyI will just be standing waiting patiently I'm right behind youStanding eight foot tall I got the best viewIf you run away then I will persueEvertytime you turn around its de ja vuYou'll run away screaming, try to hideI'm gonna hunt youGet in your head and terroriseI'm gonna hunt youFeeling afraid and paralysed I'm gonna hunt youWhen it's all over you will dieYou will dieYou will dieYou will dieInside your mind my fear will polluteI'm creeping inside with my three piece suit I'm Slender man 'hi' now we're introducedI'll pick off your friends like their low hung fruitOh I will just stand here all damn dayLove watching you play from my hide-awayUntil I reach out I'll lead you astrayWe'll go deep in the forest where you will stayMy long thin arms want your embraceYou will beg for your life but ive got no faceMy hand gripped tightly so there's no escapeSo scream your lay breath as your life is erased I will make your soul turn coldExploring your pain thresholdSo you will just want it to endThen I'll start againAnd I reach for your leg, that I dissmemberEvery time you scream I take pleasureWishing that the moment lasts for everI'm loving all the time we spend togetherYou'll run away screaming, try to hideI'm gonna hunt youGet in your head and terroriseI'm gonna hunt youFeeling afraid and paralysed I'm gonna hunt youWhen it's all over you will dieYou will dieYou will die

[Verse 1: Germ] Ayy, proceed to dunk, my flame is up, to light my blunt.

It is also believed that he can create glitches in camera screens and in audio.

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