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In the Christian world Margaret is a saint and a patron of expectant mothers, and that’s why it’s loved by many. Jump to navigation Jump to search. If you’re concerned about popularity, a good tip is to pay attention to the popularity column on our list.

There’s something magical about the name Leda. Diana is a beautiful name that is popular all around the world. Daisies are beautiful and cute; they can be good friends and give you important advice.

Slavic origin name meaning “star”. The one that maintains hope. If you’re stuck, we also recommend turning to meanings for inspiration, and Slavic girl names have many beautiful ones in their ranks. Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the famous people we know; she was an American diplomat and activist and the longest-serving First Lady of the United States. Elitsa (or Elitza) is one of the prettiest Slavic names that bring memories of ancient times and wild nature.

He has two heads and just like him in the beginning of each year we have two heads: with one of them we reflect on the previous year and with the other one we plan for the future.
It’s gentle and sweet. "Iskra is derived from a South Slavic word meaning ""spark"".

Margarita also comes from the Latin name for ‘pearl’, and not surprisingly, girls with this name are very precious and astonishing.

Saskia is another stunner, and in her, we can picture mountains and adventure, making her the perfect pick for a girl on the move. But as at the same time it’s derived from Ivana, they can celebrate on January 7th with Ivelinas. Feminine of Boyko meaning  “who is afraid of battle.”, Lenka

Meaning Gift from God, it adapts to everything. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. Some names are trendy, some names have kept their ancient roots, and some names honor family members. List of popular Slavic language names, listed in alphabetical order.

Vera is the name of a character in the beautiful novel “War and Peace”, written by the great Russian author Leo Tolstoy.

Little Rumis are full of bright thoughts and laughter.

The numerological significant of the name can be presented by the number three, which according to some spiritual readings means that people with this name bring emotions to a relationship and give love.

It’s believed that she was a maiden goddess who swore never to get married. The 2nd of May is when the Orthodox Church celebrates the Day of Saint King Boris (Boris being the male form of the name Borislava) who is the one who converted the country to Christianity. Slavic name which means “one who gives peace.”, Jaris Neda You can also check out our other articles that cover each of these countries specifically. The masculine version Ivan is very popular in Russia and Bulgaria and there are many Russian rulers, including Ivan IV the Terrible, the first tsar (king) of Russia, and many emperors of Bulgaria who were called Ivan.

Related names are Maggie, Marjory, Mae, Peggy and Rita.

It is the name given to the main female character in the emblematic for the Bulgarian historical novel “Under the Yoke”, written by the iconic author Ivan Vazov in 1888. © 2020 However, your love can determine your baby’s personality most of all. Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, she becomes famous in Bulgaria where her family immigrates due to the political situation in Bosnia. This gentle pick meaning “dear” has skyrocketed in popularity, and with her sweet sound, we totally see why. Its shorter form Bobbie is sweet, but the name has its own power. It’s a common Slavic name, mainly in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia. Kallan That means that Lilianas are passionate and loyal at the same time and their ruling planet is Mars.
Another variation is Lada, which is another goddess, not a Greek one, but Slavic, who was also a goddess of beauty and love. Her talent and motivation she takes from her mother, also a singer.

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