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I can’t send the carcasses from the 5th request to Mrs. Hobbs. They are the most common animals in the game. 02:51 Red Dead Redemption 1 (2010) vs. Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018) Trailer Graphics Comparison. RDR2 Poker Locations (click to enlarge) Anyway, poker locations. Using the best weapons to hunt a Skunk in Red Dead 2, will reward you with a Perfect Quality Kill. Edit: Found a bunch during late evening in the bayou. Can be sitting or flying. Have to do 12 or 13 missions. A and J are still on their own. gameonlock 10 years ago #1. I’m at the beginning of epiloge 2.

In my game you dont need to look for the squirrel in any location. I’ve shot a few birds from the list while they flew fairly high and have had a cadaver in perfect condition every time. So yeah, you have to pretty much beat the game before hunting challenges are feasible. whats wrong ? it's not a Legendary Animal. Has anyone else experienced the glitch with the opossum not registering as part of the quest? Just the Hunting Requests are missing, but no posters are showing up. We have the steps to clear the cache below: 3 star is only d condition of d pelt or hide It’s the last animal I need for this level of the quest.

2. You’ll just have to find the Oppossum a bunch more times and make sure it’s a clean kill (a perfect headshot should do the trick). #RDR2 #RedDeadOnline #OutlawsForLife, © 2020 Red Dead Redemption 2. If successful, you will be able to see RDR2 tittle with no background image, just black. You do need all hunting requests for 100% though. Poster Location #1: Valentine Post Office, Poster Location #2: Strawberry Post Office, Poster Location #4: Saint Denis Post Office, Poster Location #5: Van Horn Trading Outpost Post Office. I just read your glitch warning. Where in Cumberland Forest? With this I was able to pick up 1-star and 2-star carcasses and they still counted as “perfect”. Best regards, Jesus M. Rockstar Support. As He Kills Press Skin On The First Prompt To Skin Or He Picks The Whole Animal Up & It Damages It Dropping It To Skin.

Same for me im at 84% and i have checked all 5 locations and cant find the poster. You only need to get one of these posters, the next quests will trigger automatically. You must kill the animal with a CLEAN KILL.

There is no need to beat the game. Was looking for them during the day. So the ranch is still under construction. Chest in John’s Bedroom Make sure you equip a lantern (weapon wheel, bottom right under melee weapons) so you can see in the dark. Because I had carcasses when I sent the 4th stage of the first poster Quest. Use Small Game Arrows, with that I even got a perfect carcass from a 1-star rat. Update: The Red Dead Online update on July 28th changed all Madam Nazar items that require a shovel - instead of fixed items, the item will be a …

You can craft a at the Trapper Shop using it's materials and cook the Stringy Meat meal from hunting it, Striped Skunk. That is incorrect. Red Dead Redemption 2 has 5 Hunting Request Locations.

Another location is in the town of Valentine, aka what is basically the starting town. Red Dead Redemption 2 Animals Species & Wildlife Database. For all of them, the Varmint rifle will work – but the Small Game Arrows are best for the tiny animals as it increases the chance for perfect carcasses.

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