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Findings, May 2013, Exonerations in the United States: Kevin Kelley took over operations of the Irish mob in Hell's Kitchen when Jimmy Coonan was sent up the river. [4], Featherstone was convicted in March 1986 for the April 1985 murder of Michael Holly, despite being innocent of this particular murder, which was a revenge attack probably carried out by another of the Westies, Billy Bokun. I suggest you write your story including how you feel about everything that happened. I witnessed a murder 37 years ago, Mickey's son, Mark, who was 14. Why is there a warrant posted online but when I call the court house they say they don’t see one. Post Feb 04, 2003 #1 2003-02-04T18:22. The…. Join Facebook to connect with Cissy Featherstone and others you may know. 10. irish_hit_man. [2] His conviction eventually came in February 1982, after using counterfeit currency at a massage parlor - he was traced because the girl remembered seeing his name tattooed on his forearm, and he was sentenced to six years. He spent periods of time back in a mental hospital, but always returned to involvement with the Westies. You need to find another way to close that chapter of your life and let it go. Want to know what everyone else is watching? Nothing to be sneezed at though being so popular! Featherstone was born on West 43rd St., one of nine children. Support The National Registry of Exonerations —, DNA and Non-DNA Exonerations by Featherstone returned with a rifle and shot one of the brothers John Riley in the arm, for which he was arrested and probationed. Sissy Featherstone had regular interactions with Billy Bokun, and she was able to record Bokun describing the shooting of Michael Holly while wearing a wig, as well as expressing his belief that Kevin Kelly had asked him to wear the wig in order to eliminate Featherstone as a competitor for power within the Westies. LOL! [4] Mickey Spillane, the mob leader in Hell's Kitchen at the time, was shot five times outside his apartment in August 1977, and Featherstone was arrested but acquitted for his killing. Get your answers by asking now. See more ideas about Westies, Mobster, Irish mob. Still have questions? information about the Registry, Mistaken Witness ID, Perjury or False Accusation, Inadequate Legal Defense. Year, Year of Exoneration and Type of Join the Community and Claim Your Username Now. How do you know that.Please I wish people with stuff pertaining to he forum would write on here.I mean I hope that isn't true,that is pretty bad.If she stayed with him after that than she is as bad as him.Wasn't that girl Sissy's neice.I think that was her sisters daughter.Where was the little girls parents she with when this was going on.

1989 - 2012, Tell us about an Exoneration that This will speed things up. The son of an accountant for famous mobsters, Coonan was no stranger to the criminal lifestyle. He was a model prisoner, seen daily picking fine lint off of his perfectly made bunk to pass inspection, and starting arguments with others for not polishing their door frame brass. Download premium images you can't get anywhere else. Join RavePad today to discover content and follow pages that interest you! There were witnesses to the shooting, all of whom described the shooter as a man fitting Featherstone’s description. I am a bit confused, and more than a bit angry. Featherstone's penchant for violence and intimidation caught the eye of Coonan and Featherstone became Coonan's right-hand man by 1976. Featherstone and Coonan had tipped two girls in a massage parlor with counterfeit $100 bills. Hay, they tried too take him out so mickey got his revenge! they're the ones who facilitate meetings of protected people in the program but these meetings are rare and usually reserved for family only, He probably hasnt contacted because you because he probably don't care about you do you lose a lot of friends when are you going to the witness protection program, you're only allowed to take the family that lives in your household with you before you enter the program, he closed this chapter of his life but this the phone you need to close this chapter of your life 2. Francis T. "Mickey" Featherstone (born September 2, 1948) is a former Irish American mobster and member of the Westies, an organized crime syndicate from Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan in New York City, led by James Coonan.Featherstone committed several mob killings before he was convicted in 1986 of a murder he had not committed. The District Attorney’s office agreed to work with Featherstone’s wife, Sissy Featherstone, to see if they could obtain evidence confirming Featherstone’s claims. Spillane, who was called the "last of the gentleman gangsters", was a marked contrast to the violent The Westies gang members who succeeded him in Hell's Kitchen. Are we going to see Martha McSally's "good side" again in another adorable concession speech? Anybody know if that facebook page belongs to Featherstone or is BS? He was also a serious student who made very good grades. [1][2] He began spending time in saloons like Club 596 and Sunbrite that were hangouts for the Westies.[2]. Facing almost 25 years in jail, he became an informant and brought down Coonan's gang. After his conviction, Featherstone quickly concluded that Westies members and Kenneth Aronson had colluded to set him up to take the fall for Holly’s murder. [5] He was freed in December 1988[5] and went into a witness protection program. but i think you should make a book about your story maybe it can be top like Harry Potter?

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