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Cosmic Patterns Softwares, are the most frequently updated astrology software packages you’ll find in our reviews. use Sirius and will eventually grow into these advanced You can change the Midpoints settings, do Midpoint Comparartions, Munkasey Midpoint Weighting Analysis, etc. The extraordinary features in Sirius are also easy-to-use. Our passion is to push astrology to a new level and this keeps us very motivated no matter how far ahead the Sirius software is compared to other programs.

Listings of all house systems, ancient western and huber system, hellenistic, angular distance between planets, Arabic Parts, degree meaings, fixed stars, Gauquelin sector, integrated listing, parans, planets of asteroid position list, and relocated asc and MC aspects. Customizing wheel is a blast. Edit any feature of an interpretive report, translate reports

triwheels using the most advanced and true drag and drop Page Sirius liberates you and sets you free to explore virtually any area of astrology and have the most elegant and powerful astrological tools available.

If you When you consider that many of these programs cost hundreds of dollars, the price of Sirius is very low in comparison. Kepler can be upgraded to Sirius and Pegasus to both Sirius and Kepler 8.

VMware/Windows, CrossOverMac, BootCamp/Windows, etc. features.

Although this website is large, not all of the features are described and some of them are only mentioned. OF SIRIUS FEATURES THAT ARE NOT IN KEPLER, SIRIUS MB RAM memory or more, and 2 gig of hard disk space. Or, you will enjoy the benefits of new features via software version updates. PLUS MORE! Accuracy of all planets is less than 1 second programs Kepler is adequate for even many professional astrologers. We will work with you via phone or email if you have any issues getting the software up and running. We ship ‘flat rate’ within the EU by tracked postal services Atlas: Sirius as you advanced your studies into any astrological techniques Make new charts with the blue icons.

useful information, but so sophisticated that it uses cutting Our programs will empower you to establish a dynamic business that will make you money… FAST.

YES…we will always work with you to resolve issues related to our software… we do not charge for customer support!

Includes a huge atlas and our exclusive, highly accurate time the latest, most sophisticated astrological analytical The Sirius Main Window is where you are likely to spend the most time.

Another example is the automatic rectification feature in Sirius is tremendously easier to use and more useful than the automatic rectification featuer in Kepler. However, astrology is almost a never-ending subject! Does Sirius have every possible astrological technique? a363e5b4ee Comparison of Kepler 7, Kepler 8, and Sirius 2.0The Cosmic Patterns Software team is dedicated to developing the highest quality and standard in astrology software: Sirius, Kepler, and Pegasus.. We develop the world .SiriusXM - Official Website - Listen to Anything, EverywhereGet The Best in Music, Talk, and Sports - Always Commercial Free.Fantastic Program's: Download Sirius Astrology Software .Download Sirius Astrology Software [cracked] Sirius Astrology Software [cracked] download.. Sirius can be used by people with any level of experience, .Sirius by Cosmic Patterns - Astrology SoftwareAstrology software for windows .. Sirius 2.0 Software for Windows by Cosmic Patterns Software.. Sirius is the most comprehensive and most powerful of the three main .crackedprogramsdownload.comcrackedprogramsdownload.comSIRIUS - Cosmic Patterns Astrology SoftwareSirius is Simply The World's Most Powerful And Easiest To Use Astrology Software!

Sirius comes with the following Reports: Cosmo Natal, Major Life therms, Live Mini, Harmonic Highlights, Compatibility, Transit Forecast, Natal & Return/Progressed, Degree Meanings, Fixed Stars, Harmonic, Vedic, Relocation, Numerology, Solar and Lunar Return, and Progression Reports. If you should still need further help or support we will either resolve an issue via email or we will have a direct customer support response within 24 hours via phone. organized menus, easy to customize, make your own chart techniques as you advanced yourself learning astrology. All Sirius functions are in this window. All of our software packages can be updated to the current versions and often these upgrades are free. advanced yourself into astrological research or simply use No. advanced

by having

Sirius is the most comprehensive and most powerful of the three main Cosmic Patterns programs. This window is the primary place where you do almost everything in Sirius.

Click on this icon to create a composite chart. Advanced Research Capability, create your own formula, etc.

At each step you will still enjoy the use of any report ad-ons that you have purchased. Our powerful software generates countless charts and reports that will allow you to effortlessly create valuable products all free of licensing restrictions.

Sirius Selections can made with either the menu items in words at the very top of the screen or with the icons directly below the menu words.

Some of the reasons why people choose Sirius rather than Kepler are: Sirius requires a computer with Windows 7, 8, or 10.

Introduction, User Interface, Customizing, Using Features, Zodiac Signs, Houses, Basic Astrology, Evolutionary Astrology, Forecasting, Modern Methods, and much more.


Some users prefer to use the words, but most users find that using the icons is faster and more intuitive.

Sirius is the most comprehensive astrology program in the world, with advanced features in almost every area of astrology, including modern, Vedic, Medieval, Hellenistic, Huber, harmonics, symmetrical astrology, cosmobiology, financial astrology, and research. Make a New Chart. Proudly created with

Sirius program provides a comprehensive set of tools that Suppose you want extraordinary unique features like the ability to put ANY minor planet or asteroid and put it in a chart or produce a sophisticated automatic rectification of the birth time. ABOUT SIRIUS: The Best & The Easiest to Use Astrology Software!!!! or researcher. With 32 MB RAM memory or more, and 2 Gb hard disk space.

This window is the primary place where you do almost everything in Sirius. Pegasus is an excellent introductory program for beginners who has very low budget but want to use a very accurate, easy to use, and affordable program.

Speakers Sirius is the most comprehensive and most powerful of the three main Cosmic Patterns programs. When you click on this icon, the Enter Progressed Chart Data Window is displayed. Even though Sirius is a bigger program than Kepler, you do not become overwhelmed by the features because we have made access to the features simple and uncluttered.

This is absolutely necessary in order to calculate

provides interpretations and analysis of individuals, relationships, These are just two examples. FACTS It all starts with the color-coded icons at the top of the main window. Extraordinarily Flexible and Customizable.. Quickly Access The Charts And Reports You .SIRIUS Superb Astrology Program - Cosmic Patterns SoftwareThe Cosmic Patterns Software team is dedicated to developing the highest quality and standard in astrology software: Sirius, Kepler, and Pegasus.. We develop the world .Kepler 7.0 Astrology Software Crack Tutorial - cochorronuttaDownload Sirius Astrology Software [cracked] Kepler astrology .Mindsutra's e-Kundali Professional 6.0 .. VA-Dance Hit 7 foreign Mix download (2013) [crack.. .Download Sirius Astrology Software: Daily Astrology .Free sirius astrology downloads - Collection of sirius astrology freeware, shareware download - MB Free Burmese Astrology, Free Astrology Software, Free Bengali .Sirius Superb Astrology Cosmic Patterns.. INC crack .Programs download cracked .. Continue reading Download Sirius Superb Astrology Cosmic Patterns.. .. cracked astrology software download; sirius 2 0 astrology .

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