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Sigma Gamma Rho Hymn. Knowledge is power! Greetings from Grambling,La. Sigmas Gamma Rho. To thee we’ll cling forever. Part of the Wilberforce group performed the hymn for attendees (Giddings, 1988). You know that at the end of the day, you are always your sister’s keeper which is no easy task. Even as members of the prestigious organizations, it was difficult for Black women to elevate their social status in such a patriarchal and paternalistic society (Washington & Nuñez, 2005).

I don’t like non-SoRHOrs wearing our colors…especially when they are at a SGRho event.

In the next few years, I’m sure to have more randomness. EEE-YIP. The sorority did not hold national conventions for the first three years (Ross, 2000). Sigma Gamma Rho’s slogan originally read, “Greater Progress, Greater Service” however they decided to flip the slogan to read, “Greater Service, Greater Progress” (Ross, 2000). Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. ( Log Out /  Colors: Crimson and Red representing “courage and purity” (McKenzie, 2005), Image retrieved from, Colors: Salmon Pink and Apple Green symbolic of an “abundance of life, womanliness, fidelity, and love” (McKenzie, 2005), Image retrieved from The previous quote was part of a larger article written by Ethel Smith entitled “Woman’s Place in the Forward March” (Ross, 2000). This is so cute and soooo spot on. The Divine 9 Sororities: A Historical Perspective. With glowing hearts we praise thee.

It was that belief that Sigma Gamma Rho clung to in the years ahead (Ross, 2000).

Instead, they dedicated their attention to the structure and layout of Sigma Gamma Rho (Ross, 2000). Sigma Teen Town was established  by war’s end to combat juvenile deliquency (“Sigma Gamma Rho”, 2011). You’ve laughed, cried, fought, forgiven and forgot with SoRHOrs. ( Log Out /  Lighting the way to heights of great attainments. Eeee-Yip!! Of thee we sing in chorus. While club members and churchmen pushed those values, Jacqueline Moore argued that sororities allowed women to push the standards at the collegiate level (cited in Washington & Nuñez, 2005). Happy Birthday Soror. The interesting part about the program is that is was integrated which was rather rare for it’s time (Ross, 2000). Soror this was amazing! —Rosa Bowser (cited in Washington & Nuñez, 2005), Lighting the way to heights of great attainments, Aims soaring upward until they reach the sky, Guarding each aim that will preserve our standards. This hymn was made official at the national convention on December 27, 1924 at the Harlem YWCA (Giddings, 1988). I’ll spell “RepRHOsent” like that if I want to! Eeeeee-Yip! Sep 29, 2013 - Sorority members sing Sigma Gamma Rho hymn following neo show. That keeps our hearts clean and pure to the end, The bright gleam of thy vision has lighted the world.

Lest we should prove unworthy of they name. The Black Sorority has its roots deeply embedded in the liberal arts (Giddings, 1988). We pledge thee loyalty.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Happy Birthday SoRhor! The Alpha Kappa Alpha women call out, “Skee-Wee” while the women of Zeta Phi Beta shout, “EE-I-KEE” (Ross, 2000). Girl Meets World: Is It a Worthy Successor to Boy Meets World? Like really?! Why I think Frozen is Better than Tangled, Beyoncé or Should I say Yoncé? Delta Sigma Theta! When I was a neo, I was definitely guilty of only buying clothes in blue or gold. Being a Sigma woman means that you wanted to be different and you love that. So many of our SoRHOrs have PHD’s and do other wonderful things involving education. Technically it is to me since it’s also my Sigmaversary . I’m guilty of at least 20 out of 22!! The Minimalist Theme — Tumblr themes by Pixel Union | Powered by Tumblr.

If you meet someone who doesn’t know about Sigma Gamma Rho, you feel the need to inform them. ( Log Out /  EEE-Yipp!! And each organization has seemed to flourish on this philosophy. You feel the need to give back to the community and want to make a difference. The latter version characterized the contributions of the sorority to a greater degree. Whether you are “RHOad” tripping or just sitting around talking, you can find laughs out of anything when SoRHOrs are present. These clubs were “exclusive” meaning that they were not just for the general public but the upper crust (Washington & Nuñez, 2005).

Love it !

Happy birthday SoRhor!!! Camp Achievement took place right outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Ross, 2000). Additionally, the women focused on the March of Dimes caring for young mothers and their children (Ross, 2000). Photos courtesy of, the official Sigma Gamma Rho Facebook page, Google and my own photographs. April 2010. Black women’s clubs congregated around large cities like New York City, Washington, D.C., and Boston (Washington & Nuñez, 2005). : Album Review, Movie Review: Crazy, Sexy, Cool-The TLC Story. It doesn’t matter if the poodle is on television, in a store or on an earring.

There are least 22 ways you know that you are an SGRho and I thought to myself “Well, surely I’m not the only one who feels this way, so let me share my list!”, My Chapter-The Lovely Lambda Delta: Fall 88, Fall 96, Spring 98, Fall 11, Spring 12, Spring 13, For those who haven’t heard of this illustrous organization or want to know more about it, visit the national website: The college campus provided the ideal climate for activism creating the perfect mixture (Washington & Nuñez, 2005). Music by Zenobia Laws Bailey.

Those who have more than a handful of TS’s usually find it hard to meet other SoRHOrs who have the same number as them.

I was just greedy and it showed. I love the honesty and sincerity Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-yip! It’s so true!! Whether you have a keychain, a license plate or a shrine in your house, people who associate with you definitely know that you’re a Sigma Gamma Rho. Colors: Royal Blue and Gold (McKenzie, 2005), Image retrieved from, Written by Alice Dunbar Nelson and Florence Cole Talbert, Delta! Conflict arose between the former Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority members and the new founding members of Delta Sigma Theta (Ross, 2000). But true! The sorors were not just expected to achieve higher academic standards but also ones of “community service and racial uplift” (Giddings, 1988).

Of course this doesn’t apply to every SoRHOr. I get really irked when someone calls me or any SoRHOr, “Rho.” I just can’t stand it and have to correct them.

No matter what the differences are each remained consistent on one ideal: service (Ross, 2000).
Auto-correct be damned! Sigma Gamma Rho dons royal blue and gold; Delta Sigma Theta proudly display crimson and cream (Ross, 2000). Thy beacon bright shines clear before us. You get goose bumps when singing the sorority hymn at Regionals, Boule or even after a chapter meeting. It was once said, “To serve is to lead”. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Sigma Gamma Rho focused on the NAACP as well as President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Anti-Poverty Program (Ross, 2000). All of these are on point.. TR3 CLUB.

You love it all: The Founders, yours sisters, the colors, the call, the poodle and the list will forever go on!

A blog covering the creation and history of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Zeta Phi Beta and Sigma Gamma Rho. Whether you live in a small town with only a couple or SGRhos or a large one with many, you are always willing to give a helping hand to your sister. In celebration of my 22nd birthday, I decided to create a list of the many of reasons that I love my sorority- Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. And let’s not forget finding those double digit numbered Tikis. You’re beautiful, you’re classy, intelligent and strong: You are a Sigma Gamma Rho.

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