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Aviation Supply Officer Basic Qualification Course FInally, How long do you have to do college to become an officer, and should I enlist or go officer. Will the CO or anyone else release this information by request? Great question. Hello, Unfortunately, all officers are “paper pushers” to some degree. I am going to be a freshman in college and am very interested in the PLC program and was wondering if you could give me advice on the best place to start or how to get the process started.

Quantico, VA I have a quick question in regards to switching from an air to a ground contract. Particularly, the Marine Expeditionary Unit deployments always have an Aviation Maintenance Officer and an Aviation Supply Officer. 55 Days. 0621 – Tactical Radio Operator is an enlisted billet. Is 0302 standard pathway or would be leg up to pursue 0203 intel as it is more rigorous/broad training? I’m going to write another article with more detail. DoD has stated a career goal for professional linguist of achieving interagency Language Roundtable "General Processional proficiency" (Level-3) in those modalities (listening, reading and or speaking required to perform his or her primary function. The exceptions are Communications Officer who will compete for duty station at their MOS school, and Pilots/NFOs who get stationed based on the Type/Model/Series aircraft they get selected to fly. If becoming an officer is your end goal then getting a degree first and doing OCC is a much better option. Pensacola, FL

Also, as I progress what should I expect to be doing? Their duties ensure that all Marine Corps aircraft are ready to fly to support any mission. PAO and ComCam MOS’ have merged (see MARADMIN 484/17). If u are a adjutant officer or public affairs officer are u in combat at all or is it like a regular jobs of some sorts. How many years for an Intel contract for both active and reserves? Aviation Maintenance Officer Course

Will I be able to do hands on work? Are there any case where there’s flexibility that would allow me to complete OCS, TBS, and MOS School during the summers when I am not school? Everyone else, except for flight/law contracted Marines, are at the mercy of the selection process. Special intelligence communicators' duties encompass all aspects of special intelligence communications including the utilization of equipment.

I know being a marine entails that there is always the possibility of danger, but are there MOS’s that might give my mother some ease at night? However, after 3-4 years as a Marine officer you can apply for the Foreign Area Officer (FAO) program.

By the time a fleet marine gets noticed, and has the honor of being invited (cant request it and not part of enlistment contract) to one of our elite schools. The selection process is based on your ranking and performance at TBS. 8.5 weeks. O602 may oversee other avenues in a new installation as needed. Throughout the selection process you will learn about all of the Marine communities and may decide you want something different. Intelligence is highly competitive and will require a good ranking at TBS. For officers there are “Ground” contracts and “Air” contracts. 9 weeks.

How competitive or likely will it be, to get Air Craft Maintenance? What is the closest to machinist (2161) post-PLC? I noticed the length of IOC is longer for ground intel than infantry officers, what is the reason for the length difference ? However, you can become a Foreign Area Officer (FAO) later on in your career. As a MAGTF Intelligence officer what type of things would someone be faced with.. I seen a few stretched a might thin before. For the Platoon Leaders Course, How will that be essential towards a career in the USMC?

Best advice there is to do them every day. I am color blind, but still made it into communications. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to She said we were not going to be able to talk for a while because there wasn’t going to n any survice she said she was going to write me if I wrote her I’ve sent her a letter every month since we last talked in mid October and I have not heard anything from her at all nore have I received any letters. It’s not a very restrictive office to get in. 25 days. Bottom line, don’t expect to be able to change MOSs as an officer, but if you dislike your field there are opportunities to do something else. If I could be back home in the reserves in 6 months from the time I'm at bootcamp that would be an ideal scenario for me. Also, is there some sort of way to pick an MOS that would land you a job at a reserve unit near where you live and have your house and day job? This MOS will be assigned and voided only by the authority of the CMC (MM).

How difficult is it to acquire a law contract? If you want to live on base you can apply for it. If you don’t get selected as an Aviator when you first apply, the chances you will be able to get the MOS as The Basic School is very slim. I also heard from a former marine on an online forum that I would be placed incharge of the unit but that I would mostly be off to the side. No, you have to compete at TBS with everyone else.

No, but you could be a Scout Sniper Platoon Commander if you go the Ground Intelligence path.

As a 1302, would I be deployed as Logistics or Infantry? Or anything of that sort? Additionally, Marines assigned MOS 2621 will receive training in such MOS related requirements as power supply operations, equipment prime mover operations, and vehicle maintenance procedures. However, my OSO and OSA are pushing me to take the ASTB and sign for an air contract. I want to be Helicopter Pilot in the future and I was wondering if you are JUST a pilot or are you going to be responsible for other Marines sometime in your career?

There are budgets to be maintained everywhere we go! They are responsible for training their Marines for every variety of ground combat mission in any environment. I want to be stationed in the Pacific sector (Okinawa) is there a particular mos that can get me stationed there? I have been thinking of applying to ocs and I am currently employed by a financial company. This MOS requires officers to stay informed of rapidly evolving technology involved in their day-to-day duties. The #1 ranked Marine in their TBS class is guaranteed their first choice MOS. They receive and route correspondence, preparing responses to any special correspondence.

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