shenron vs beerus

5th. a) beerus is base and not UI, he cannot use HAKAI. Xehanort's guardian is the will of Kairi's grandma. You can say the To Aru universe is like a infinite loop, that is rewritten and rewritten again.
Super Shenron undid everything Zeno had done, he is pretty much on par or above him. I mean, she create those phases. EDIT: To whoever downvoted. Phases in To Aru are made by gods and are the overlays of the universe, and every phase have his own concept. I was snarking. because Toriyama need to hype Beerus by making everyone afraid of him. Rewriting the laws of the universe? Well, if Zeno is outside of the universe, he isn´t really bound by them right? What does being canon/non canon have to do with a character's VS Status? The problem is, Aiwass is far above the likes of Othinus, Coronzon and Nephthys. So to close this out, Beerus wins. Why Do People STILL Think That Beerus Is Stronger Than MUI Goku or Moro. If SSG
This should be locked, Gt thanks to filler and certain movies is stronger and faster than people give it credit for but still can't compete with Super. He can only rely on physical attacks. He has enough power to eradicate the universe, Omega hasn't shown that type of power if I recall correctly. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend.

Do people still not know how Shenron works? Beerus breathes in Omega Shenron’s direction, and the shockwaves emitted from Beerus’s breath causes Omega Shenron to cease from existence. Yawn. Wanna know the difference between Beerus and Omega Shenron? Ultra Instinct Goku(Matches Jiren, I guess). Omega Shenron has a power level of 1.9 billion.

DBS actually has feats. Compare water erosion chipping down a rock over untold eons versus smashing that rock suddenly with a jackhammer. Really I do. Like i said in another topic.

Accelerator can deflect it, or neutralize it, depended on what he want to do. Destroying the dragonballs and Shenron with it. Beerus is a outlier, Beerus doesn't care, he just fucks up everything, he is used to fight in space unlike even Buu that needs some ground. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. He is a weakling, but his abilities are really annoying, even for people that are countless times more powerful then he ever will be. The story dragged, they jumped the shark so many times I dont think they ever hit the ground, She is probably the most powerful being in To Aru, created to overcome even the Magic Gods. You can destroy one, or millions of universes. Meanwhile the filler anime is canon to GT, where Saiyan Saga Piccolo's blast reached the moon in a short time frame. I am rather unsure who would win. Oh well. It's established beerus one-shot already. He is an incredibly casual galaxy buster. 1) Accelerator with electrode only (weak end one). Nevertheless, I shall respect your opinion, as this post is mine. A phase would be comparable to something that is like the very idea of the Dragonball verse and Accelerator can just rewrite the idea, and the people inside of it. This is very hard to say, largely because of the inconsistency of GT, and the lack of feats in BoG. Omega Shenron was in about the same league as SSJ4 Gogeta (though, admittedly farrrrr below him). This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. This is not a good match for Beerus. I seem to recall reading that at the speeds they fight that ki sensing is the primary factor as opposed to sight. But since Accelerator understand now the function of anti-matter, unknown energies, spiritual energy, conceptual-energy, etc. Later he can manipulate with Black Wings something like Dark Matter and with his White Wings, he can manipulate unknown energies. I;d say by powerscaling, one could assert Omega Shenron was further from SUper Saiyan 3, but even that;s a bit of a stretch. But if he can't do that Omega Shenron would be fighting mostly blind. It is a bit different then the DC universe. Beerus and Zeno don't not have unlimited power, also if he or they decided to blow up a universe, then it comes back a moment later, and Beerus or Zeno can do that until they run out of power, Especially Beerus. Sounds fair. Beerus fodderizes the entire GTverse when he accidentally sneezes. That doesn't make sense! DB expand more in that way of creating different space-time continuums, realities, etc. Well omega shenron is universal cause he was going to destroy the the universe(3 universes in size) and kaioshin realm overtime with negative energy.the kais wanted to leave their realm as soon as posible because OS was going to destroy it very quickly.the thing with omega is he was using negative energy and negative energy corrodes if you fight like beerus did against ssg goku it won't shake the macrocosm it will destroy it overtime.Ssj4 goku dragon fisted omega as ultra full powered ssj4 hes universal through that,also base goku tanking omega's attacks while holding the spirit bomb so base goku at the end of gt is probably above ssj4 gogeta. Accelerator without his wings can deflect anything that has a physical nature and barley some magic. Beerus still stomps all of GT, no need to bump a missmatch.

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