shaw 5g not working

It might help to restore your modem to its factory settings. Has anybody else experienced this problem and have any long term solutions? We recently had internet 300 installed in our home. For more information and remedies, read the article About: WiFi interference. For example, when everyone is arriving home from work or school, and more devices are now active in the home environment. I disabled WiFi on the Hitron and am using the WiFi from my personal router (Netgear), my devices work so much better this way. Learn how by reading the article Troubleshooting: Fix home WiFi network issues with BlueCurve Home. Cameras on the 2.4ghz and speakers on the 5Ghz.

They sent out a tech to replace the modem last week. Watch the modem lights flash and, after a few moments, remain lit. Buy a good router 2. It’s getting really annoying. Several times a day now, I need to reboot the hitron device to get 5G to come back. Otherwise, a modem swap may be needed. For some reason the 5GHz side would just not give out an IP address. Granted, if there was a recent update there might not be much info (at this time). It is normal to experience slower speeds if you have many devices connected at once, or one device consistently uploading/downloading substantial amounts of data. Can you try a factory rese... WiFi speakers or WiFi security cameras might cause the 5G network to disappear. Buy a good router2. Hi you have a "personal" router you could use, set that router in "AP" (Access Point) mode and connect it to the hitron. The router they give us I gather must be absolute **bleep**.

Shortly after setting this up I noticed that my 5 GHz network band name (both my original 5G and 5G_EXT names) would drop from being visible in all Mac & PC devices. Disable 2.4 channelThe result: SAME Problem - computers drops signal which connects to 5G, Real solution:1. The result: SAME Problem - computers drops signal which connects to 5G.

Real solution: 1. Your neighbors also have wireless electronic devices which may affect your WiFi quality if your dwellings are close enough. An outage can cause a disruption in your Internet services. Many WiFi issues can be corrected by simply restarting your modem. Switch SHAW router to Bridge mode. I would recommend a factory PIN hole reset with the steps here to see if the issues … Switch SHAW router to Bridge mode Thank you for reaching out! The Hitron I have is set to the default "Gateway" mode since in "Bridge" mode I kept getting internet freezes (sometimes 3 times a day) and would have to power cycle the Hitron, in "Gateway" mode everything seems to be working well and have not had any freezes since. For example, ceramic floor tiles will absorb more WiFi signal than panel and vinyl. I am having this issue with my Hitron  and have both on my network. However, the signal strength in the basement has never been very strong. Check Dual SIM Mode Settings. Pods won't increase speeds, but they will increase Wi-Fi range, for more details read the article, Troubleshooting: Fix home WiFi network issues with BlueCurve Home, Troubleshooting: Network name (SSID) does not appear in network list, How To: Connect a computer directly to the modem, How To: Improve Internet speed by restarting your modem. I have same problem. Disconnections and slow speeds can be a result of weak signals, device capabilities, or interference. 3 days later, new modem, same thing - 5G drops out randomly. Pods won't increase speeds, but they will increase Wi-Fi range, for more details read the article Shaw WiFi Pods FAQ. The only short term solution I have is to reboot the router. ©2020 Shaw Communications. I don’t have any smart home stuff using 5G - I have a nest thermostat and 2 nest smoke detectors and a garage door opener on the 2.5G network. All rights reserved. When your WiFi network appears in the list of available networks on your device, try connecting to it to see if it works. To learn more visit About: Modem Placement & Range article, If it is already in a central location and you're still getting dead spots, you may consider extending your Wi-Fi network into every corner of your home using extenders like the BlueCurve Pods from Shaw. I rebooted the Hitron router and the 5G network names would reappear for a few hours.

This issue has been happening again today. Building materials will impact your signal in diverse ways. Note: If one of your devices doesn't see a 5 GHz option while the others can, consider plugging it directly in to your modem to ensure high speed. I am having this issue with my Hitron  and have both on my network. I have been using a Shaw Hitron modem/router for a number of years. Major appliances like fridges & ovens, and metal furnishings such as mirrors and filing cabinets will have a significant impact. ©2020 Shaw Communications. Visit How To: Restart your modem with My Shaw to learn more. Although rare, the software on the modem could cause issues. Do you have any smart home devices, WiFi speakers or WiFi security cameras connected to the 2.4G or 5G networks?

More suitable for devices that don’t rely on fast speeds, such as non-streaming smart devices like thermostats, voice assistants, light bulbs, and security cameras. This is more noticeable on slower speed packages. My Internet isn't working — is there an outage in my area? It is possible your modem may be faulty and a swap is required. What troubleshooting steps have you tried so far? Go back to Settings → Cellular → Cellular Data Options, and check if 5G is showing up. There have been reports of these devices causing the 5G network to disappear. Same problem. ©2020 Shaw Communications. Cameras on the 2.4ghz and speakers on the 5Ghz. Has there been a firmware update recently for the router? My router's hardware version is 1A, software version is If iPhone 12 5G is not working, you should know about the Dual SIM Mode restrictions. It has been set up to extend both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.

Try these related articles and discussions. Alternatively, you can restart your Shaw modem by removing and reconnecting the power: Although Shaw does not support third party routers, if you have a wireless router (common brands include: D-Link, Netgear, Linksys and Belkin) connected to your Shaw Internet modem, read Power cycle your equipment, For better WiFi coverage, the modem should be in a central location in your home, or central to where you most often use the Internet. Several times this evening the 5G SSID disappeared from mobile devices while the 2.4 SSID remains on our Hitron CGNM-2250 - SHW. Same problem. All rights reserved. Remove extender2. After setting up both 2.4 and 5g networks (renaming -2.4G and -5G after each SSID), we noticed that absolutely none of our devices can connect to 2.4G, only 5G.

Has anyone encountered this problem? Unplug the power cable from the back of the WiFi Modem. I finally called Shaw support a few weeks ago and they couldn't trouble shoot the problem. This is really a pain. All our settings seem fine though. However, by the next day the problem reoccurred with the replacement Hitron router. I've noticed the Hitron is lacking in WiFi performance. Steps to solve this problem: 1. 5 GHz frequency can carry more data and supply faster speed, but it has less coverage and is affected more easily by common obstacles. Re: 5G stopped working, 2.4 fine Well it took two attempts to get the firmware installed but I got it to take and that still didn't help. 5G has not been showing up or working for the past month+ [help] I've had Shaw internet for about 6 years now and have used the faster 5G option ever since it's been offered (can't remember when that was) but suddenly about 4-5 weeks ago, the 5G became spotty and would constantly cut out. 4. However, this will also reset your default password and network name to those found on the sticker on the back of your modem. However, this will also reset your default password and network name to those found on the sticker on the back of your modem. Only laptops, phones, tablets, Xbox on 5G. Before I wait on hold and go through repeating the same old, same old troubleshooting steps that level 1 tech support insist I do, I want to ensure there isn't a firmware issue. I’ve done a factory reset already. Hey @darcy_norman, it may be a modem issue. Didn’t seem to help.

Steps to solve this problem:1. When selecting your WiFi network on a device, you might have a choice between 5GHz and 2.4 GHz frequencies which should be decided based on the location, distance, and requirements of your devices.

If you have the BlueCurve Gateway, we recommend you restart it using the BlueCurve Home app or My Shaw App. I would recommend a factory PIN hole reset with the steps here to see if the issues are still prevalent after the reset (clears all settings).

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