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Shipping and Processing You may download the latest logs by clicking on, In the final page of Sezzle Checkout, select. If no line items contain the metadata key, the key will not be added as a column. As with targetXPath, prepend IDs with ’#’, classes with ’.’, and append tag names with the index (tagName-Index). The path may contain multiple subpaths.

Again, if the customer agrees to be tokenized, Sezzle will add a query parameter to the complete URL named customer-uuid. Within your Sezzle account, you’ll find Public and Private Keys you can paste in to your BuyItLive Sezzle Tools.

Use the customers endpoints to get a list of customers, get details on an existing customer, delete a customer, preapprove an amount for the customer, or create an order for a customer. Once you have a valid token, it must be used as a Header for subsequent requests to our API, using the format below. We suggest you provide as much optional information about the user as you have available, since this will speed up our checkout process and increase conversion. If you are eligible, we will send you a replacement product. 10. 3DCart 2. *Silver or Gold tier subscription is required in order to use Sezzle and/or other payment gateways.

Purpose: Maximum width of the widget element in pixels. The sum of all corrections on this payout. A unique, merchant-generated ID. If you have the details already, you can simply click on I've already set up Sezzle, I want to edit my settings to move ahead. The repository for this project can be found at Zazzle's Associates Program allows anyone with a Zazzle account to make money by promoting products and even individual pages found on the Zazzle site. This gives you the ability to preapprove, authorize, and capture future transactions on behalf of the customer. If you are enrolled in the interest account program, you can use these endpoints to get the current balance and activity on the interest account. Capture requests can be made to capture all or part of the original order amount. Must be included in the total, The taxes applied to this order. Use the orders endpoints to get order details, update an order, release an amount by order, capture an amount by order, or refund an amount by order.

While you are working on the integration, you should test it before going live. API Endpoint In this flow, Sezzle will not complete the transaction unless you make a capture request. Magento 1 v1 A Price object containing the amount of the order, which must be at least. Determines whether to tokenize customer. Default: '13px’ You may start this process by clicking the button below. The remaining rows contain the individual line items that contributed to the payout. The first step involves submitting your merchant application with Sezzle. The config must be specified in a property of the document object called document.sezzleConfig. Default: [] Type: string, or object

Default: {} You’ll need to fill out the Business Information section of your Sezzle application once you’ve verified your email, and then you can wait for approval before connecting your bank account. ’../’ means go up one parent element. You can use the following test data to test your integration, Card Number 4242424242424242 Purpose: Custom styling to apply to the Sezzle logo within the widget, particularly when using logoSize. in the case above, it is ’-’) enables the widgets to parse the price elements separately. To do so, you need to click on Register for Sezzle which will redirect you to the Sezzle Merchant Signup Page. Default: 1.0. No Fees if paid on time. However, if your flow requires that the user confirm their checkout on your site after being approved by Sezzle, you may set the intent parameter to AUTH with the session request. If omitted, will default to the current date. For example, this_is_required* is a required field whereas this_is_optional is not. POST You should have a Sezzle merchant account. If your account is already tokenized, the order will be placed without redirection. You don’t need to enter a separate referral code here. Options: left, center, right, auto Type: string During checkout, the customer can agree to allow future Sezzle transactions by the merchant. Additional Details: Enter numbers only.

Default: 'auto’. (You may be prompted to create an account with your name and password first).

Purpose: Screen width in pixels below which the alignment switches to alignmentSwitchType instead of alignment. Additional Details: Typical values are 'product’ or 'cart’, as applicable, Purpose: Updates the logo color to coordinate and contrast with different background colors of websites.

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