sennheiser momentum true wireless battery drain

The case hasn't been unplugged in close to 24 hours. I don’t have any audio quality issues though. The buds sound great but the battery tech is maddening. just updated today and eveything has been fixed! I mostly use these to workout in and I have many Bluetooth earbuds in a rotation like the Tarah Pros, X3s, Fitbit Flyers, Bose SoundTouch Wireless, and PowerBeats 3s so these don’t get constant use. You’d think they would address something like that. It charged and was a solid green. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. So I just picked these up at bestbuy. I have a Jabra headset (mono call headset) and it has the same behaviour where over three days the battery case drains keeping the headset topped up. On Saturday I wasn't going anywhere and left them in the case with the case plugged into my computer (using an AmazonBasics USB-C cable on both ends). They are put in a "standby" mode that consumes minimal power to be able to start and connect via Bluetooth as soon as possible when they are removed from the case. IMO the way the battery works on this system is incredibly bad design, and it bothers me to no end that this information is available absolutely nowhere in Sennheiser's marketing or specs materials, and it wasn't in a single review of the system at launch. firmware 1.25.0 go ahead and update now! I don’t know what firmware you guys are using but they released a version where you can shut down the earbuds from the app... so yes they did address it. Here's the official response from Sennheiser when I reached out them about this back in December: When the Momentum True Wireless earbuds are placed into the case, they go into a low power stand by state, and the case provides a trickle charge to keep the battery topped off. Guess that’s why they keep going down in price. Moving on, Sennheiser also says that the Momentum True Wireless 2 earbuds also feature come with improved battery life. In this standby mode, the batteries should last for seven days if not used. idk but they did include a cable so maybe that's a clue. Momentum True Wireless - is the battery issue a deal breaker? . Sennheiser are saying late March for the firmware update which promises a fix. That said, the earbuds themselves remain in standby at all times, rather than powering off—meaning they're discharging slowly at all times.

Pulsing yellow actually means "... earbuds are being charged via the rechargeable battery of the charging case", whereas it's the solid yellow that means the case is below 50%. Gonna test that later. I officially have no confidence whatsoever in Sennheiser support. Looking to update from my trusty IE 80’s. Good thing we aren't holding our breath, lol. They are phenomenal imo. Starting with a fully charged case and headphone, it should take 7 days of standby time for the case and earbuds to completely drain. I get a answer from Sweden support and it is what it is and no FW fixes in the future: When the headphones are placed in the charging case, they draw a little power from the battery all the time. Oh? I have used mine non-stop for 3 days with none of the issues listed. All I can say is WOW! 4 months later and this still hasn't been fixed.

So it's not at all unusual to charge the case fully and return to find it drained to some degree (or fully) whether you've used the earbuds recently or not. The battery issue is mildly annoying at best.

I’m at 1.23.0. Meanwhile, earlier this month they told me the firmware update would be by the end of February. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I then charged the buds using a Galaxy S10+ charger and it took an hour to completely charge which made no sense. Anyone notice that left earbud is only 60mAh battery while the right side is 85mAh? Here's the official response from Sennheiser when I reached out them about this back in December: When the Momentum True Wireless earbuds are placed into the case, they go into a low power stand by state, and the case provides a trickle charge to keep the battery topped off. In summary, I now only use a wall charger with USB-C directly into the charging case and have had no problems since. Clean bass and crystal clear vocals. Has this been addressed by seinheiser? Shouldn't the case be at 100%? I’ll just top them off before use. If they aren’t fixed I may save up for the IE 80 S wireless. Yea, that makes sense at least what's happening not the why.

Hi guys! This way, they will power on and connect quickly when removed from the case. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. I'm very close to buying the same ,but heard about this issue everywhere I looked .Wanted to know if the battery drain issue ,when earbuds are kept in the case is resolved or not ? Got them charged and listening to them now. I'm on my 3rd pair since January. Thanks a lot again..Will hold off buying MTW till then . uodated was rolled out yesterday! When it was pulsing orange I took out the earbuds and the case went to solid green.

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