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Precious metals including copper, titanium, stainless steel, magnesium, and aluminum are also removed. We’ve undertaken projects across the globe, including Togo, New Zealand, Dubai, Sudan, Ecuador, USA, Libya, Maldives and Cairo. View Images and Technical Data (Contact Us). HARTZELL Hydraulic propeller 68" for Sale Quick facts:HARTZELL 68" / 1,735mm, Weight: 26kgYOM: 2002, TTSN: total time 162 hrs Newly overhauled, experimental category, fitting to any Lycoming O-320 familly,and aircrafts such as: RV, Lancair, Glasair ..Including full documentation readiness.Recommended price factory new; USD 17,400.

Products sold “AS IS”.No warranty expressed or implied.We also have upper and lower cowlingsfor Cessna T-41 Mescalero, Rutan QuickieQ2/200 "Molds" and upper/lower cowlingsfor Quickie w. VW-engine.Qualified Buyers contact SkyParts Aviation, Rutan Quickie Q2 and Q200 cowlings.We currently have Q2/200 upper and lowercowlings. Some jetliners are temporarily taken off flying status, and must be stored in a environment that is conducive to preservation pending return to service. With dualpedals and steering controls. Its a nice piece.The throttle is part number 16P1873-809.It also has the usual wear, scratches anddings. Cockpit Clocks. Also available:control yokes, vertical fins, flaps, rudders, stabilizers, trim/elevators,tail cones, windshields, windows,wings, tanks, tails, cabin door [LH],seats, interior parts, rear cabinCowboy hat/cargo rack sectionload max 100lbs, engine exhaustparts and more.

Price tag back then $1.2 M.The KC-97G's "The Flying Gas Station"was equipped with the Boeing-designedflying boom for aerial refueling. Price: P.O.R. Home. Our C-17 cockpit mockup was fabricated using a real cockpit by making it more soundstage-friendly.

Our reputation is second to none. While some might be sold to other airlines, others are worth more when broken down for parts. Prices from $255 ~ $5.550.Various condition on items. ]Qualified Buyers contact SkyParts Aviation, Piper Pa-32 Cherokee SIXEngine Cowlings, upper and lower cowling for sale. Those who have had the pleasure of meeting the redoubtable Mr. In Kusadasi, Turkey we did the same thing as we did in Kayseri and assisted in assembling and restoring to prepare for an underwater diving school. Right Click on PDF and select "save target as..." to download instructions and parts list.

Click below PDF to view specs and photos: The Boeing 767 is a wide body twin engine jet liner that is utilized worldwide as a passenger or cargo aircraft and also serves as a KC-46A Tanker. There were 888 C-97's built between 1947 and 1958. The Aircraft Scrap team adheres to the leading standard methods for dismantling aircraft in a safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly manner. Also, the section sits on casters and has forklift pockets.                  Phone: +467-39250-200 - London GMT 10am ~ 5pm, Monday ~ FridayPlease note: Due to parts different locations we can not in general offer C.I.F prices.Including; C-Cost, I-insurance, F- freight charge, becaues local freighter needs to becontacted for best freight cost. Boeing B-377, B-367 - C-97, KC-97G series cockpits with or without interior.


If you are interested in spare parts for your aircraft, we can assist you. Weber Aircraft, BAC UK.

Parts for sale.Aircraft control yokes,vertical fins, flaps, rudders,stabilizers, trim/elevators,lower/uper engine cowling,tail cones, windshields, windows,wings, tanks, tails, cabin door [LH],seats, interior parts, the optionalrear  cabin Cowboy  hat/cargo racksection load max 100lbs, engineexhaust parts and more.Prices from $255 ~ $5.550.Various condition on items.

NICE USEDcondition. TOGA10 wrote:Maybe contact this company. Misfit Items. Page 1 of 36

Instrument Panels For Sale. When an aircraft is ready to retire or if it is determined unflyable or not fly worthy, aircraft scrapping and recycling ..

Spinners.Classic Spinners, real good cond Spinners for thePratt & Whitney Twin Wasp, Hamilton STD Props.P/N: 52477U. Headsets, Mics, PA Phones.

BONEYARD STORAGE, PARTS RECLAMATION & SCRAPPING OPERATIONS Airliners that make more long trips are stressed at a lower level than those flying several short flights a day.

It is equipped with a digital display cockpit,  troop seating and a functional rear ramp. 1st is just the cockpit itself, the other is a full forward fuselage including cockpit, galley, lavatory, first class cabin and lower cargo compartment. Can this oldJumbo still attract non aerial fliers likeMicrosoft Flight Sim users? An airliner might be stored in a transitional flightline parking area due to economic conditions, fuel prices, airline consolidation, downsizing, airline bankruptcy or other aviation industry fluctuations. Dress it up with a vinyl wrap to include your logo &/or product line! When an aircraft is ready to retire or if it is determined unflyable or not fly worthy, aircraft scrapping and recycling may be something to consider. We offer two UH-1H Hueys, one in MedEvac and the other in US Army colors. Industry experts estimate that 12,000 airliners will face retirement in the next 20 years. We will provide you with as much descriptive .. Trust the experienced team at Aircraft Scrap to do a professional, safe and efficient job at handling your storage, disassembly .. Aircraft Scrap provides services including part-out, disassembly, demolition and recycling for all types of aircraft.. Aircraft Scrap provides services including part-out, disassembly, demolition and recycling for all types of aircraft. 757, 767, 747-400, 777 Parts. We at have been in aviation industry for more than 20 years and have customers from all across the globe. Our real EC130 is complete with main rotor and blade assembly and is offered with wild windows and doors. We recommend a visit to the website of the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association for more information on environmentally-friendly aircraft disassembly and recycling. Additional facilities are located in Europe, Australia and other parts of the world. Boeing B-52D Stratofortress Cockpit Spotlights.White/Red lens light 24V. he AS-365 Dauphin is a medium-weight multipurpose twin-engine helicopter often used in Coast Guard operations and referred to as the HH-65 . Aircraft Air Data Computer part no 965-0412-002 this auction is for a english electric canberra aircraft cockpit martin baker seat rail and time delay unit. We are compliant with industry-developed best practices for aircraft disassembly.

This type is operated with the foreign governments including the Russian, China, Iran and North Korea military just to name a few. Valuable parts are then removed, such as flight controls, engines, landing gear, doors, blackbox recorders, APUs, avionics, and windscreens. An online resource about facilities engaged in the storage, reclamation & disassembly of aircraft ... we do not own or operate a boneyard, In Turkey, Aircraftscrap has performed various aircraft refurbishing and restoration from antiquated aircarriers.

aircraft cockpit In Good Condition, Check out my other items! The largest inventory of Airplane Parts, Airplanes for Sale, Aircraft Parts, Airframes, Avionics, Flight Controls, Pilot Supplies, Engines, and Propellers. The grip is worn,has thin paint in the usual areas,but all of the markings are clear andthe buttons and switches are intact andin good condition.

Nigel Spur, near Lincoln. Complete cockpit sets available for P-51D, P-47D, Fw 190, and Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX It is equipped with a digital display cockpit and a complement of troop seating. We also have Cockpit Spotlights fromBoeing B-747-200/300 and othermiscellaenous items from B-747 cockpits..Qualified Buyers contact SkyParts Aviation, SAAB 91B/C Safir control stick and grip.Very good condition.We also have the landing gear handle,just below.Price: P.O.R. Nearly every major aircraft and engine manufacturer are members of AFRA, including Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer and Rolls-Royce. Melted. Pls, CALL for available items! NICE USEDcondition. cockpits with or without interior.

FAQ's. Air Salvage International Limited It is stripped of hydraulics and fuel tanks for soundstage-friendly use.

Skynet Aviation welcomes you to advertiseon this Website show your product/sAdvertise Commercially or Private  email us for more information:   Qualified Buyers and Sellers contact Skynet Aviation It is stripped of engines, hydraulics and fuel tanks for soundstage-friendly use. The Eurocopter EC-130 B4 is a single-engine helicopter that is frequently used as a sightseeing craft. SITE MAP  |  TERMS OF USE  |  PRIVACY POLICY  |  CONTACT I want to purchase the front of an aircraft to transform into a room. They both come fully equipped with digital screens. Price: P.O.R.In a need for more information?Qualified Buyers contact SkyParts Aviation. In a need for more information?Qualified Buyers contact SkyParts Aviation, Douglas DC-3 & C-47 Dakota Prop. In a need for more information?Qualified Buyers contact SkyParts Aviation, Boeing B-52D Stratofortress Cockpit Spotlights.White/Red lens light 24V. It is stripped of the engine, hydraulics and fuel tanks for soundstage-friendly use. This Boeing quarter passenger fuselage section resembles any Boeing narrow body jet liner. 192mph true @10,500 7.4 gph Oregon Aero Seats, Dynon DM180 multi-function display, Panel w/Autopilot, AV30 ADSB Transponder, MGL Com … Contact SkyParts - Aircraft Parts at Skynet Aviation next time you're shopping for Aircraft items. 1640 - Aircraft Control Cable Products(0) 1650 - Aircraft Hydraulic, Vacuum & De-icing System Components(0) 1660 - Aircraft Air Condition, Heating & Pressurizing Equipment(0) 1680 - Miscellaneous Aircraft Accessories & Components(0) 1710 - Aircraft Arresting, Barrier & Barricade Equipment(0) 1720 - Aircraft Launching Equipment(0) MOJAVE   |  KINGMAN  |  PHOENIX GOODYEAR   |  SCLA VICTORVILLE  |  ROSWELL  |  PINAL If you are interested in purchasing a salvage, let us at help you. Complete cockpit sets available for P-51D, P-47D, Fw 190, and Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX From DM AFB,AMARC - 309:th AMARG. The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is a strategic bomber that is still in service with the USAF. With the large number of airframes being permanently taken out of service, facilities have been established to reclaim/recycle parts, and then to environmentally disassemble the remaining pieces of the aircraft. Price: P.O.R. At Aircraftscrap, aircraft recycling and salvage is our middle name.

Recently traded in this beautifully built Vans RV8A on one of our aircraft. Aircraft Scrap provides services including part-out, disassembly, demolition and recycling for all types of aircraft.

In a need for more information?Qualified Buyers contact SkyParts Aviation, We have a variety of  flight instrumentsfrom fighters, cargo planes and helicopters.Contact us on email if you are looking fora special item.The same goes for instrument panels.Price: P.O.R. More Information About the Aircraft Recycling Industry.

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