savior rifle case

You'll either fit 2 rifles without optics, or one with a scope. so kept it Not worth returning at that price.

Available for rifles, submachine guns, handguns, and so on, they come in a range of designs starting with American classic cases to guitar-shaped ones, which conceal your rifle from prying eyes. Still, if you're on the lookout the cheapest soft case you can possibly get for your AR 15... this is the one. This makes the American Classic bag: (When compared with the Urban Warfare Tactical). Is the PewPew Tactical handgun case lockable?

While you can run a padlock through them, it's just not the same as a dedicated locking zipper like the Savior bags above have. My brother and I have four Savior bags and have been pretty hard on them. It’s rock solid (waterproof, crush-proof, and dust-proof) and rolls.

The compartments have plenty of space for storing smaller necessities (firearm tool, cleaning snake etc.). With Additional Magazine Storage Slots and Lockable Compartment with Adjustable Shoulder Strap. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Savior Equipment Wall-Mount Rifle Rack Tactical Shotgun Carbine Firearm Free-Standing Gun Display Indoor Storage Rack - Heavy Duty Steel, 6-Slot Holds up to 150 Lbs. Carrying a couple of rifle cases, a range bag, a stack of targets, and a portable shooting rest into the range is already awkward enough. However, in this list I feel you missed 2 that should have been included: Not a single one. We’ve got a dedicated section for the AR-15 here. I usually put my ammo and accessories in range bags and try to keep my rifle bags light. If that's not amazing customer service, then I don't know what is. Not sure the best gun case to properly store and transfer your guns? For a simple soft AR 15 case, I would take one of Savior's cases over this one any time of the day.

That's quite a bump up.

And tell you why exactly the Urban Warfare bag comes out as the winner for the best soft AR 15 case overall. Additionally, you can remove the padded center divider if you want additional space inside the bag. Inside, you have velcro straps for your rifles and handguns to prevent them from sliding out of the case. This bag looks like an oversized laptop case if anything.

What’s your preference…hard, soft, or discreet?

They offer more security and last longer. Discover Quality Gun Cases & Gears for Your Rifles, Shotgun, Pistols & More Here.

If you use optics (and you probably do), measure the height of your rifle together with the scope before buying. Bill. The size was better suited to my more commonly fired rifles and SBR’s. Suitable for Rifle Shotgun. We suggest always going a size larger than you think so you can accommodate more magazines, ammo, or even a second pistol. For those looking for the ultimate in discretion, look no further than the Ultimate Guitar Case. This bag is small - make sure that your rifle parts are maximum 27" long. The Black Multicam bag also features a heavy-duty YKK Zipper, UTX Buckles, and an additional shoulder strap.

5" x 8" x 2.5" MOLLE Tactical Pouches with Laser Cut by Savior Equipment®.

Available in a variety of sizes. Ultimate Guitar 46" x 18" x 6" Hard Case by Savior Equipment®. The price difference is not that big and you'll get more bang for your buck.

It's the #1 Amazon bestseller for a reason. Sort of like that somewhat unstoppable JanSport backpack you had as a kid, these bags are tough, and if they get lost or damaged it’s probably your fault. And while we would have liked to include other companies in the list, Savior simply blows the competition out of the water with their: Lifetime Warranty - No other company except for Voodoo (that is priced 1/3 higher than Savior) offers a lifetime warranty on their cases for a reasonable cost. That's where the positive things end, unfortunately.

Savior patriot is the best single AR 15 soft case on our list.

The inside foam can be cut to fit anything. I have learned much from your insights. When I first got the case I noticed that the velcro snaps on the outer mag pockets were a little too long. I would also have expected more velcro and MOLLE on the inside of the bag, considering how much it costs.

All gun cases are manufactured from hard-wearing materials to last for many years. In many of them, the foam inserts do not reverse.

If you're absolutely positive that you need a smaller case, have a look at our #3 pick. The company is also very much motivated by any and all feedback that it receives, being dedicated to offering well-designed, innovative products which will fit your requirements. You just need to be picky with the company that you're buying them from.

Their materials are sourced from different manufacturers, purchased at competitive pricing, in order to pass the savings on to customers.

I couldn't confirm whether the shell of this case is made out of 600D Nylon or not, but it feels strong. Always enjoy your articles.

Relatively new but after I kept seeing Savior Equipment ($50) at the range …I had to try them out for myself. Savior Equipment was kind enough to send over a pair of rifle bags and their discreet carrying case for review. Savior Equipment Specialist Series 30” 34” Covert Discreet Tactical SBR Rifle Bag, Low Profile Gun Ba… One Size. Last but not least, is the laser-cut grid on the front of the case.

Moreover, the rifle and carbine carriers will actually float with a rifle or carbine inside and they feature, I believe, a 5 year warrantee! You might also check out some of the hard cases at Harbor Freight. Flambeau is less than half that of a Pelican or even a Plano and really nice cases. If TSA wants to look at the firearm/s by law they must have the owner present and open the case, inspect it then the case is relocked and the key remains in control of the gun owner. The adjustable cover strap ensures the... 5.75" x 7.5" Black 4 Magazines Tactical Pouch by Savior Equipment®. Finally, this bag is small. Since you have only one zipper, there's no way to lock this bag. Hi, new at multi-firearm ownership & NRA. I became my group's "gun guy" and everyone who had questions came to me. Discover Quality Gun Cases & Gears for Your Rifles, Shotgun, Pistols & More Here.

9" x 5" x 3" MOLLE Tactical Pouch with Laser Cut by Savior Equipment®. The Urban Warfare Case gives the look that sets your equipment apart from others while maintaining a low profile design.

The straps aren’t the best so I wouldn’t bring it on a long hunting trip…but it’s perfect for the range or short courses.

2 Pieces. I don't think you can find a better soft case for the price. First things first - the picture might be misleading. I'll have to check out the Brownells and Midway ones. This keeps them from dangling around and improves the overall usability of the bag. It came precut for Ruger Precision Rifle and can hold an additional AR rifle in the other half. Like an anti-gun neighbor, for example. I bought the 42" Plano case on Amazon for $45. Subscribe to Pew Pew Tactical's sales and deals email.

Dwarfing the 42″ bag in size is the much larger, heavy-duty, 55″ double rifle bag in 1000D Cordura Black Multicam fabric. I have two, but they are ballistic nylon instead of canvas. With Savior Urban Warfare Tactical you get a semi-professional soft rifle case without breaking the bank. Anyone with a knife or a pair of scissors will be able to get to your gun.

Recently, Harbor Freight, started carrying Hard cases with pick apart foam interior.

Tried the Amazon link for the first Savior, molle version at 36".

Combine that with a lifetime warranty and you have yourself the best soft case for AR 15 (and one of the best rifle cases on the market overall). The ammo does not have to be in a separate location. For my long guns I have two economy-level Plano cases, and a Contico hard case I got on sale super cheap from Cabela's years ago. The zippers are sturdy enough to handle any additional weight and feature locking Zippers for added security. They keep you firearms safe and of course secure when padlocked.

Shop now . Just put the locked Pelican case inside your luggage. And that's what I love the most about it - this case doesn't scream "tactical" and "GUN" when you walk around with it. Eric, you didn't mention the Plano Airglide. I like the idea of the Guitar Gig Bag, but where can I source the foam?

I have never had an issue traveling by air with a firearm. There is a divider between the two parts of the bag. What makes this one different from the rest is that: There are two compartments inside of the case. Rifle Cases; Pistol Cases; Backpacks; Firearm Storage; Shooting Mats; Pouches; More; Back to Store; Savior Equipment; Rifle Cases; Pistol Cases; Backpacks; Firearm Storage; Shooting Mats; Pouches; Urban Warfare - This 2nd generation case sets your equipment apart from others while maintaining a low profile design.

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