saurolophus vs parasaurolophus

[2] Like stated above, it is different from the other two species, with it having a simpler internal structure than P. tubicen,[8] a straighter crest and different internal structuring than P.

In 2010, the subfamily Saurolophinae was brought back into use because Hadrosaurus appears to have branched off prior to the "hadrosaurine"–lambeosaurine split. If this species is indeed inside Parasaurolophus, then the genus lasted until the K-Pg extinction, and is known from two continents. [11], The following cladogram is after the 2007 redescription of Lambeosaurus magnicristatus (Evans and Reisz, 2007):[6], As a hadrosaurid, Parasaurolophus was a large bipedal/quadrupedal herbivore, eating plants with a sophisticated skull that permitted a grinding motion analogous to chewing. angustirostris). [53] Paleofauna present in the Kaiparowits Formation included chondrichthyans (sharks and rays), frogs, salamanders, turtles, lizards and crocodilians. However, little additional material has been recovered and described. [4] Parasaurolophus remains are rare in Alberta,[5] with only one other partial skull from (probably) the Dinosaur Park Formation,[6] and three Dinosaur Park specimens lacking skulls, possibly belonging to the genus. [33], Other proposals were more physical in nature. It remains unknown if the animals were still within their eggs or if they had hatched before they died. Specifically, its contemporaries were the ceratopsian Pentaceratops sternbergii;[7] the pachycephalosaur Stegoceras novomexicanum;[43] and some unidentified fossils belonging to Tyrannosauridae, ?Ornithomimus, ?Troodontidae, ?Saurornitholestes langstoni, ?Struthiomimus, Ornithopoda, ?Chasmosaurus, ?Corythosaurus, Hadrosaurinae, Hadrosauridae, and Ceratopsidae. James Hopson, one of the first researchers to describe lambeosaurine crests in terms of such distinctions, suggested that P. cyrtocristatus, with its small crest, was the female form of P. This area was covered in radial scale patterns in S. osborni, possibly indicating a more mottled or spotted coloration. Although described as a Parasaurolophus on the official Land Before Time website, fans have pointed out that the character Ducky is not drawn in a style correctly matching the estimated designs of Parasaurolophus. Williamson noted that in any case, juvenile Parasaurolophus probably had small, rounded crests like P. cyrtocristatus, that probably grew faster as individuals approached sexual maturity. [37] The first to propose the cranial crests of lambeosaurines related to temperature regulation was Wheeler (1978). [9] S. angustirostris also had a distinctive row of rectangular scales along the midline of the back and tail, known as 'midline feature-scales'; these are not currently preserved in S. osborni. [7] Numerous vertebrate groups are from this formation, including fishes, crurotarsans,[44] ornithischians, saurischians,[7] pterosaurs,[45] and turtles. [8] The range of this species was expanded in 1979, when David B. Weishampel and James A. Jensen described a partial skull with a similar crest (BYU 2467) from the Campanian-age Kaiparowits Formation of Garfield County, Utah. Because of weathering, many of the smaller neural canals and foramina could not be identified for certain. [17][18][19][20] She has also been called an "Anatosaurus" in several books, including Jerry Beck's The Animated Movie Guide[21] and David Mansour's From Abba to Zoom: A Pop-Culture Encyclopedia of the Late 20th Century.

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