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We are shooketh. We learn about a family who lived in isolation in Siberia for 40 yrs, missed WWII and the moon landing, & their reasons for hiding. We find out why cats are becoming consumers of YouTube content.

Today we learn about a new documentary that made Susie concerned about "basement dwellers." Twitter:

Sarah reveals why having just a few plants changes your brain.

Sarah follows up on her building's dying tree, and how she's made progress on her propagation.

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TW: They will share their favorite insights on everything from reality TV to quantum physics. We debate ho…, Today we hear about Sarah's keg stand experiences & why it was a one-time thing. Susie discusses a new program to teach i…, Today we find out why Sarah's recent camping trip was life-changing, and why it reminded her to listen to her body.

Hear the history of the CPR doll, the reason why some howler monkeys are overcompens…, Today we find out why Sarah's Jeopardy obsession is still growing.

Welcome to the Jenna & Julien Podcast where we talk about all the things.

We discuss the YouTube family who gave back their adopted son. We debat…, Today we discuss an incident on a flight where a man had a very unfortunate side effect to sleeping medication.

Hosts Sarah Rice and Susie Meister from MTV's The Challenge discuss what gets their wheels turning in the worlds of pop culture, literature, science, and psychology. Susie explains the science of boredom, & how we can combat it.

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Sarah explains why ketchup isn't really a liquid or a solid, & you're probably u…, Today we find out why some birds were high on opioids & how it affected their singing.

We learn why being a child star is so complicated. ‎Show We Gotta Talk with Sonni, Ep Ep 63: Love in Lockdown, Part 1. Fans were surprised by the news…but even more surprised by how Sarah’s ‘Challenge’ nemesis, Johnny Bananas, responded! Sarah reveals why you have to wear a hazmat suit…, Today we discuss our time together on reality tv, & why we bonded.

We are on iTunes: We learn why Sarah's romantic getaway put her life at risk. Plus, Sarah reveals …, Today we find out why Sarah is becoming a nail ASMR artist. Box # 310 Sarah shares why older Americans are most comfortable at fast food restaurants. ©2020 The Brain Candy Podcast. After four years of marriage, The Challenge alum Sarah Rice is calling it quits with her husband Landon Patterson.

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We hear about an elderly woman who defaced a museum exhibit (& she might be our soulmate).

Sarah has 2 jobs listed on their profile. We hear an article written by a robot & lament our eventual domination by machines.

We learn why Sarah wants her partner to be a dolphin (what???). Sarah teaches us all the steps to get people to like you. Sarah Rice, former competitor on The Challenge, is calling it quits with her husband Landon Patterson after four years of marriage. We discuss a famous journalist who exposed himself on a zoom work call. So here we are. Jenna:


Snapchat: imsarahrice Sarah describes a situation where kids used an app in search of adventure and stumbled across a suitcase carrying…, Today we hear about Sarah's recent car drama.

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Find out why Betty Boop is the most famous example of cultural appropriation.

We discuss the complexities of raising a child as gender neutral. Please download one of our supported browsers.

We debate whether when someone is called "flirtatious" they're really being cal…, Today we hear the latest music series Susie is obsessed with.


We find out why nostalgia can help you cope w/ trauma. Sar…, Player FM for Android — Download podcasts free, Player FM for iPhone — Download podcasts free, EP467: Buried Alive, Baby Shark Cruelty, & Colored Food, EP466: Bat Facts, Poo Point, & Cannibal Corpse, EP465: Vaginal Rejuvenation, Good Graffiti, & Self-Portraits, EP464: Pee Plane, Very Gay Painting, & How to Be Liked, EP463: Pickle a Day, New Cheese, & Mona Lisa's Hairpin, EP462: Back to Basics, Dog Park Drama, & Brazilian Kiss, EP461: Vision Boards, Life Quakes, & Lego Art, EP460: Heat Tourists, Japanese Cats, & Goosebumps, EP459: Ticklish Rats, Tree Theft Part 2, SuperReconizers, EP458: Stripping Down, Real World Rodents, & Monkey Balls, EP457: Social Dilemma, Python Mom, & Psychic Report, EP456: Lobster Pee, Banksy Backlash, & My Octopus Teacher, EP455: Tree Burglary, Polka King, & Real-life Betty Boop, EP454: Mighty Mice, Physics of Ketchup & Hammocks, EP453: Birds on Opioids, Duck's Butts, & Book Heist, EP452: Bad Dreams, Puzzle Paranoia, & Magicians Named David, EP451: Keg Stands, Science of Boredom, & Gender Neutral Parenting, EP450: Snake Invasion, Pillow Fight, & Commas Matter, EP449: Sarah's Destiny, YouTube Scandal, & Prison Magic, EP448: Crossword Crime, Glowing Diary, & Microsoft Genome, EP447: Psychoanalysis, Blockbuster Hotel, & Murder Movie, EP446: Angry Dancing, Itch from Hell, & Eel Mystery, EP445: Child Stars, Success Addicts, & Cotton Candy Miracle, EP444: Museum Horseplay, Pandemic Depression, & Ghost Writing, EP443: Evangelical Honeymoons, Sexy Doctors, & Chicken Lady, Daily Boost | Daily Coaching and Motivation.

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