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You get a great exchange rate and a low, upfront fee every time. The cut-off time is the time by which you must have submitted and fully authorised your payment instruction in order for it to be processed today. Your money is protected with bank-level security. Yes, you’ll need an IBAN if you’re making an international money transfer to United Kingdom. We will not accept liability for any foreign cheques until they have been received by the Santander UK Foreign Cheque Team. We’ll see if we can help, although we can’t guarantee the payment will be stopped. For these payments you will only have the option to pay the sender’s (i.e. We can’t guarantee that the beneficiary will receive the funds on that date, as this is beyond our control.

For payments in EUR and USD, funds can arrive on the same day if sent before our cut-off time. Your account will be re-credited with the sterling amount, based on our exchange rate applicable to payments made into your account on the day we stop the cheque. If the cheque is returned unpaid and we have already credited your account, the value of the cheque will be debited using the exchange rates which apply on the day the cheque debits.

The charging options available to you will depend on the destination country of your payment:EEA Payments - these are payments to a country in the European Economic Area*, made in any currency using SWIFT or non-urgent payments in euros using the SEPA Scheme. However, the payment may be subject to fees from the receiving bank, for example if you send a payment in Euros, US Dollars or Polish Zloty to an account which uses a different currency. You may also need your IBAN or BIC details depending on the destination of the payment. If your bank account number has 11 digits, the bank routing number is 011075150. This applies to both Negotiated and Collected cheques. When you visit a branch to request a foreign currency cheque it will be generated and handed to you straight away.

After the funds are returned or forwarded, the cheque then bounces leaving the customer out of pocket. If you notify us that a cheque is lost or stolen, we will place a stop on it and refund your account, but there will be a charge.

Click "Generate" below to use the IBAN Calculator, or "Validate" to check an IBAN for a bank account in United Kingdom. Send the original to: Santander UK FCD Team, 1st Floor - Ops Block, Bridle Road, Bootle, Merseyside L30 4GB. Make sure you have the correct details for the person you're paying, including: The simplest way to send an international payment is to use Online Banking – take a look at the sections below to learn more. The funds from a foreign cheque may be debited after they have been credited to your account.

Contact us on 0800 9 123 123 as soon as possible.

You can see it if you enter your sort code and account number below.

For the Terms & Conditions of paying in a foreign currency cheque/ draft please see General Terms & Conditions (pdf). Registered Office: 2 Triton Square, Regent's Place, London, NW1 3AN, United Kingdom. Money arrives next working day subject to cut-off times. IBAN numbers can be different lengths depending on the country they’re from. Sign the back of the cheque/ draft and include the sort code and account number you want it to be paid into, Make a copy of the cheque/ draft for your own records. Even after 8 weeks a foreign cheque can bounce up to a maximum of 7 years from the date of issue, if fraud is identified by the issuing bank. For more information on cut-off times see the Electronic transfers and electronic European transfers section, Electronic euro transfer (non-urgent: SEPA). The IBAN system helps guide payments, typically international settlements, to the right account, by giving the banks processing transfers an indication of the country the account is held in, as well as the specific account number. The SWIFT/BIC code for SANTANDER UK PLC is ABBYGB2LXXX.

You can either use the example above to work out your IBAN, use an IBAN generator tool, or you can find everything you need by logging into Santander online banking. Online Banking . You can check this on the Financial Services Register by visiting the FCA’s website The cheque can bounce for any reason in this time. The SWIFT code identifies the bank the payment is headed to, while the IBAN gives the details of the specific account the deposit needs to end up in.

If your bank account number has 10 digits, the bank routing number is 231372691. International payments - these are payments anywhere in the world outside of the European Economic Area*, made in sterling or any other currency, using SWIFT.

You move your money as fast as the banks, and often faster – some currencies go through in minutes. You’ll find IBANs have different numbers of digits - but they all contain the same information. There are a couple of ways to clear a foreign cheque.

We won’t charge you a transaction fee for using One Pay FX. There are two numbers printed at the bottom of each check: The bank routing number is connected to the financial institution and remains the same on all of your checks. If your bank account number has 10 digits, the bank routing number is 231372691. An electronic transfer can be done through Online Banking, Telephone Banking and in our branches. The second, 10- or 11-digit number is your bank account number.

An international bank account number - more commonly abbreviated to IBAN - is typically used when sending payments overseas. Santander UK plc. This option will make it more likely (although not guaranteed) that the beneficiary will receive the full amount that you send. The first 2 characters show the country the payment is going to, followed by 2 check digits which are used to verify the IBAN before it’s used for a transfer. make international payments to friends, family or your own foreign accounts, enter the amount either in pounds you want to send or in Euros, US Dollars or Polish Zloty you want to be received, store the details of payments you make so it’s easier to pay them again. There are 20 active routing numbers for SANTANDER BANK.

The fastest method of transferring money, directly to an overseas bank account.

The cheque is a payment for goods or services and exceeds the value of the goods/services being provided. SWIFT codes - which are also known as BIC codes - are also used in international payments.

This is because different countries use basic bank account numbers of varying lengths. Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Our Security Team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we can take immediate action to protect you. Calls may be recorded or monitored. If you're making or receiving a payment to a Santander account and you want your money to arrive quickly and safely in United Kingdom, you’ll need to provide the bank with a few extra details. The buyer has asked to return or forward any overpayment once the cheque has cleared. Their costs will be deducted from the final amount paid into your account.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions on our website or ask a member of our staff. This Swift code ALEIGB22 is applicable for London location in United Kingdom. * European Economic Area Countries;Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK. The exchange rate used in converting the cheque from the foreign currency into pounds will be on the date of processing for cheques paid by negotiation, and on the day we receive settlement from the drawing bank for cheques paid by collection.

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