samsung rf265beaesr defrost ice maker

We bought new washer and dryer LG and have been very happy with them may check out their refrigerators if we get tired of defrosting the Samsung.I did see they are going to arbitration over this issue in June of 2019 that's this month will be interested to hear if anything happens, I have the same problems. In fact, the water coming from the ice maker has ruined our floor (woke up one morning with a giant puddle on the floor that warped the floating cork, and I’m sure there is now mold under the flooring).

After the warranty expired, we started having problems with the ice maker becoming inoperable with massive ice build-up. The damn blue reset button won't even chime. Tried the defrost method mentioned above but no luck. Part number is different from the one in my fridge: mine: DA41-00826A (interestingly, board said "version 1.0", perhaps expecting to have to design future versions? Financing program is not available with device purchasing, ※ Cover for 24 months. There is a photo detector to gauge whether the ice level in the bucket is full.

Good luck all. I also pulled out my fridge from the wall took off the bottom panel and cleaned all the dust off the coils. I told her bout possible legal action,and she said it wouldn't be worth my time because I can't win.

Meanwhile, I'm going to limp along with this one for another year, then junk it and buy a Frigidaire or whirlpool. After fighting with Samsung several times when it was repaired I finally demanded a refund. For Software or firmware questions, we suggest the following: For product performance questions, we suggest the following: Email as a contact option was discontinued as of April 3rd, 2019. We then figured it had to be the sound of its attempt to fill with water to make ice. They sent me a full refund of what the fridge cost and told me I could keep or trash it. I got sick of defrosting the ice maker every couple of days (been doing that for months). The most common place to see water is at the bottom of the compartment, such as below the vegetable or crisper drawers. is each end of the coil entering the styrofoam insulation supported by three metal strips embedded in the insulation (12-5-7 clock positions). If you or someone you know has a Samsung refrigerator with an ice maker that is not working, please contact us via our secured form found here: We will provide updates as our lawsuit progresses.

Do you think miracles can happen? Could be the fan is broken, not enough defrosting power or not right in time defrost cycle that could lead to blocking of the fan.I live in Argentina, very few refrigerators like this are sold here.Looking at your complaints about Samsung I am expecting a miracle tomorrow when the service man comes. Also, this tube supplies water to the squarish hopper below it. If you don't think this refrigerator thing is bad, you should see the issue with the washing machine. I found there was still ice in the space right behind where the coil originates. Finally I blew out the ice maker with an air compressor to remove any remaining droplets/moisture so it wouldn’t build up ice crystals once the unit was back on. I have the same unit but opposite issue. Reviewed in the United States on May 7, 2018. There should be a class action lawsuit registered. Well it is Feb.2018 and you all guessed it. I will do another post on the "proper fix." Adrianna Iwasinski, Investigative Reporter. Samsung refrigerators are sold at major retailers including Home Depot, Best Buy, Sears Outlet and Lowe's stores, as well as at several other websites and brick and mortar stores that advertise Samsung refrigerators for sale online. Now that I've turned off the top ice maker, they have stopped! I've decided to talk to them and tell me what's on the table for me. Well, you guys sound much more informed than the Samsung team... Just got off with them. DA41-00826A is the unpopulated part number of PCB. Then cut the styrofoam.PS: This was done today, so I am not sure this really fixes the issue for me. In that case caulking usually works . Refrigerator stated making loud noises. He then ordered the "only" sealer (made by Samsung and VERY expensive) that would seal the unit and keep this from happening again. Just send the repair guy out to tell me what I already know (I need a new control board), so he can order it for me under warranty. I have Samsung appliances and they are junk!I just took my Samsung dishwasher to the dump because warranty ran out! The screen dose not go black and I have not found a way to cycle it. I have heard some where that there is a pending law suit on the ice maker. Hey. We have had the ice maker replaced and the circulating fan replaced. Some Bixby features may not be available depending on country, region or language. Does anyone have the codes to put the frig into test mode and get the ice maker and freezer area into defrost mode? The ice slid back and fell out where the fan was sitting. Ice maker constantly freezes up needing defrosting.

I'm betting you can Google your model number and find the appropriate replacement board. Customer Relations e-mail is Turning it off has been recommended by some people.In conclusion, Having an icemaker inside the fridge that is above freezing is susceptible to many kinds of failures.

The problem still exist. They are by far not the cheapest, nor could they be considered the best with the countless articles posted slamming there ice makers. Then I am good to go for another week or two. (Bought from Home Depot), Reviewed in the United States on August 20, 2018. It takes persistence with a nice attitude. We appreciate the great response we received from you all! Freezer temp is set at 0.

ordered main control board, the one with ice maker and water control labeled on the lower right hand corner of the board. They need to stick to making TV's! 1 tube has a black line shouldn't be put in that far? From all of your contacts with Cust. I bought small hot glue guns at a hobby store (Michaels) and took out the small heating elements and placed them where the ice build up happens. I'm about to go ape sh*t on this situation. Ice worked fine, but 2-3 days later the fridge fan started to buzz again and then it just stopped making any noise which is when the refrigerator stopped getting cold.I didn't call them back because I figured I would get more of the same type work.This is what I did. ---Cliff. Just stays blank. Just a very poor design.

steps which are more likely to resolve your issue. So we did research on a few different ones and I knew I wanted the 4the door here we found it. Additionally, I will let you know if I find a possible solution. I did not purchase an extended warranty. See Allianz Privacy Policy. No help after several tries.Now, I put my control panel on forced defrost mode and it keep beeping. Fast, easy checkout with Shop Samsung App. We had the Samsung repairman out 3 times. I thought I took a picture of it when he installed it, but I haven't been able to find it, and you actually have to take the panel off the back to get to it (not to mention move the fridge, in our case). Heilman says she's surprised there isn't a recall on these ice makers.

We haven't had *any* ice since. Based on my experience and posts on many boards including this one, I'm not going to waste any more time on it. I gave up a long time ago calling for a repair and now I just defrost it and it works again for a while. This is a vent for a fan to transfer air. ��Also, if you hit cancel to get out of the test screen mode, does the display return to normal then? After reading all these comments, I have the same problem. Prior to my remedy, I had to thaw the ice maker every 10 days - 2 weeks. I sucked that water out, put the back panel back on and plugged it back in. Accidentally hit "reject" instead of "publish" on this anonymous comment..."Unfortunately I have had my Samsung for about 2 yrs now, I just now started having this problem with the ice jam and have to go thru the process of defrosting it....reading this post, I am very disappointed in so called technological advances now-a-days. The ice compartment had been frozen shut for a long time, and when I called Geek Squad to make an appointment two weeks ago, I stopped doing the every other day defrost. I am very disappointed with this samsung piece of crap. @ Jerry: when did you purchase your refrigerator? You wrote: "We didn't find any suggestions here for an easy clue..." Not to be rude, but did you read the post? Additional, my service tech made a few other mods that help the ice maker function better. ), but you have to take the entire inside, back panel off to fix (according to several); but I'm not quite willing to attempt that. The repair people in Central Florida told me that they don't even service Samsung or LG products any longer (both made in Korea). I have purchased an updated motherboard and ice maker and it still freezes up. I'm not intested in unloading my entire fridge every few months for it to defrost, The fix is easy. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. The very slow drip can cause a gradual buildup of ice on top of the ice maker over time.I ordered the replacement valve, confirmed that it stopped the drip, and the ice maker is working again. I actually had some luck with a 3" aquarium water heater, a flat disk that fit right below the fan. Samsung RF28FEDBBC/AA. Right now, her only fix is using a spatula to break off all the ice collecting around the ice maker. Someone out this retired senior that just wants ice out of a $2500 refrigerator. Has to be de-iced every few month. I had three service technicians before I had one who knew about the service bulletins for this model ice maker, and my ice maker needed all the steps completed including the air gap to the refrigerator compartment.Here is the link to the ASC20170602002 service bulletin so you can check out your refrigerator and show it to the next service technician if the need it. ); part ordered: DA92-00594B. I was thinking that a wire clamped to that heating element and connected to a metal clip inserted into the rectangular opening behind the maker and in front of the fan might keep the area ice free? Thus, this next time our ice maker failed (again, pouring water all over the floor and further damaging the cork flooring), the ice tray also froze completely shut, meaning I couldn’t get the ice maker drawer out without first thawing the ice maker (which meant the thawing ice had nowhere to go except all over the place). I also found that there is currently a class action suit. HELP! Basically, after steaming out the ice maker and the ice room, you have to remove the ice maker assembly. I have done jerrys solution several times before I knew it was his solution after finding this site today.

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I wish they have used a simpler menchanical detector like the old days. The Geek squad replaced the auger unit (with the fan) and the tray unit. My Samsung is a little more very three years old and I have had this proble since the beginning. with harder/colder ice cubes (only slightly smaller due to water pressure reduction). So the fix is quite new. And my dear wife tends to leave them open often. How often should you defrost it? Ron. To date, there has been no further problems, and I will update here with new information. Lisa Heilman, of Sanford, can relate. A simple solution of this is to bolster the gasket for a proper seal: . I contacted Samsung and they sent me this "reset" article where you use reset the ice maker using the test button.

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