sample prayers of the faithful for thanksgiving mass

I do still love him and I do…, O, St Joseph, please help us sell our condo. She has a mental illness. So that I don't have to live alone anymore. Please help me to find a good job so that I may help my family to get…, Please Lord i know that one of us is perfect. I pray that my mother's health is restored and she's able to walk…, Please pray for Son to have motivation in finding a job, to listen to us more and realize that what we tell him is for…, Lord please bring orders and sales to my husband quickly. I had gallbladder surgery on August 8th, developed sepsis, nearly lost my life. He has a serious disease that is weakening his brain, nervous system, heart muscle, liver,…, Dear God,I pray to you to help me, to give me your strength through this next month of gcse Exams I face. You always give us our hearts innermost desires. Prayers of the Faithful (Subscribers Only).

These are great prayers for children to memorize and say on a daily basis. Please grant me and my husband the limitless joy of being parents. Please please Lord God, bless us with our own bundle of Joy. We…, Please hear my prayer Lord and grant my wish to conceive a healthy baby for our family .We are trying so hard to give our…, Lord, I have no one to turn to. She has had a hard time lately. He is…, Lord, help me get through this rocky time. Please…, I ask that God guide and navigate me through my difficult time and situations. The corporate head…, Please pray that if it be our Lord's will our Lord would bring my ex-husband home both to Him and to his family. (For the needs of the Church) The stress is…, Dear Father in the name of Jesus I pray for the softening of my wife's harden heart. Bless me with my gift of child. There is power in Your…, I am currently struggling with low self-esteem with my appearances, and I would greatly appreciate it if you all could help me pray and find…, Please st. Jude im praying for my marriage to work out. Why nobody wanna reply me ? I am so lost in what is best that I trust in what your plan is…, I pray that God will see fit to heal my Mother's cancer.

Give me the…, Dear Lord, Ever since I was 14 I have felt like you put me on this earth to be a mother, taking care of kids…, Heavenly Father, am here on my knees, asking for you to hold yr healings hands upon my body. He has been confused and…, Father God, I come to you to ask that you take away away all my debt. I love Jesus abundantly. We have found a home that we love and would be a huge…, Please pray for my sister Anna who was severely burned when a propane tank exploded on her. Please allow her to see that I am truly sorry…, dear lord,Please bless and guide my sons birthday, show him the path the you make for him, and give him the courage to tackle all…, St Joseph NovenaHelp me find a husband I have been divorce for quite a while. I pray for her complete healing as she goes thru surgery next week .…, Dear St JosephI seek your assistance quickly and I hope you will guide me to the person or family who will care for my home…, My husband and I were moving to Missouri when we found out he had cancer. That all men and women may live as brothers and sisters in social peace and religious unity.

My finances are in need of a boost so I can meet my…, Almighty God,my father,my shield,my defender,my saviour,my redeemer..glory to your name oh my GOD...I repent my sins and for others who have sinned against you,father as…, Dear Lord, i beg you to forgive me as I may sound selfish or greedy right now. Lord give him the confidence he…, Oh Holy Saint Joseph and heavenly Father, I pray that we sell our home quickly and profitably, that a buyer is available immediately with the…, Dear Father in Heaven You see everything our family goes through, you know our strengths and our weaknesses, please help bring our family back together…, Dear God,In the name of Jesus Christ, please heal me.

There is no peace in our family always misunderstandings always fights please…, Jesus please heal my mom, she fell went to the hospital to find out she has brain cancer the cancer is only in her brain.…, Christian mealtime prayers, or saying grace, has been a long held tradition over thousands of years. Help him to let down…, Dear Father,You have always been there with me no matter what the course. Father God i…, I pray for financial help in that I may cover my rent this month and keep my home; I pray for an angel to come…, Dear Lord, I pray to you in your grace to heal the sickness in my husband's lungs. I ask the blood of Jesus to cover…, Thank you St.Jude for answering my friends prayers.marriage proposal for my friend who will be joining her fiancee soon and i pray for restoration of…, Dear Father in Heaven I know I don't deserve your help , I am truly sorry for my transgressions. I hate not talking to him, not hearing his voice, and not…, Dear Lord, please help me get a job. i used to be a good worker…, My son is 16 and he is not motivated to do anything in school or even about his education i have tryed every thing that…, As I pray for all of those in need of a financial blessing, I ask for prayers for myself and my family. All my brothers do not have proper jobs,…, St Joseph it is time to let go of the painful past and sell my house that I thought was full of possibilities. Please have mercy on the judge to release him at his court date tomorrow. My faith is so shaky !.Let your grace nurture my…, Lord I'm asking for your help I bought a home and planned on building my business there, but things are not working out, no money…, I request prayer for my daughter she is doing her II PUC PCMB Please pray for her concentration & memory power to do her exams…, My ex fiance has terrible depression and won't admit to it. Ten Facts about Jesuit General Congregations. Please come to me in a very obvious way that I will…, Dear Lord, My son started the school year off well.

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