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small business clients, DOWNLOAD | PRINT BROCHURE Get 91% Discount When You Buy All 50+ Templates! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Word Templates | Excel Templates | PDF Templates. Buy any 4 or more templates and you'll automatically qualify for a 50% discount! The rate can be a value or percentage depending on the basis on which the deduction is calculated. The rows that are currently not used will not contain an employee code and you can therefore delete all rows that do not contain an employee code. This feature is extremely useful when entering data in a table format because the table extends automatically when you enter data in the first blank row below the table.

PaySlip - this sheet contains an automated monthly pay slip. If the basis is "Fixed", the rate would typically be an amount - for example a rate of 50.00 would result in an amount of 50.00 being contributed in the appropriate company contribution calculation. No user input is therefore required on the Summary sheet. The descriptions that are entered in this part of the salary deductions list are included on the monthly salary pay slips on the PaySlip sheet. The annual bonus month setting determines in which month the annual bonus amounts (which are specified on the Emp sheet) are included on the Payroll sheet. Income Tax Code - select "TAX" from the list box if the override entry should be applied to the income tax salary deduction.

Under the default rule, the employee would have had to pay a lot more income tax on a monthly basis and only have been able to claim the tax back at the end of the tax year. The earnings list includes 5 user input fields - the following information is required in each of these fields for each type of earning: The template makes provision for the deduction of medical tax credits in the calculation of monthly income tax.

Residential Address - enter the residential address of the employee (included on pay slip).

If you want to override this default calculation in order to calculate salary deductions like income tax based on only the part of the tax year that the employee was employed by the company, you simply need to select the "Yes" option for the particular employee in the Pay Period Override column. The content of the filter selection cell can then simply be cleared (select and press the Delete key on the keyboard) in order to reflect the total for all employees. This is exactly what I am looking for! The basic monthly salaries (earnings code A) in all remaining pay periods will be adjusted to the amounts specified in this column and the annual salary increase month is set on the Setup sheet.

Use a short name that will make it easy to identify the type of earning that it refers to. The gross income which is used in the salary deduction calculation will then be limited to this amount. The rebate therefore represents an after-tax adjustment to the income tax calculation. Refer to the Setup section of the instructions for guidance on how the salary deduction calculations are defined. The column or row number also indicates where on the appropriate sheet the section starts. If you realize you deserve for increase in salary and this is the right time to demand, don’t make further delay in sending request to your employer.

Alberta Employee Handbook Template Keeping in mind your demand we presenting our salary increase template you can use for your requirement.

You are such a perfectionist! Click on the download button and make this template your own. SMALL BUSINESS Note: We recommend rather retaining unused columns instead of deleting them. Note: The sequence of the department codes on the MonthDept sheet is based on the sequence of the department codes that have been added to the Setup sheet in the Departments section and the monthly periods that are included on the sheet are determined based on the tax period and tax year settings on the Setup sheet. Salary increase template is a letter that will be given to the employee after increasing his salary. You just single click in this button and get the image of this salary increase template on your computer. Free Salary Increase Template is available here. Note: If all your income tax calculations need to be based on a single income tax scale, you do not need to delete table B. So much more than just templates Note: As we stated earlier on in these instructions, the sequence of the items in the lists on the Setup sheet should not be changed once you have added data to the Payroll sheet.

The sequence in which salary deductions are included in the list is important because the same sequence is used on the other sheets in this template. Ontario Employee Handbook Template These earnings codes need to be maintained in the Earnings list on the Setup sheet. If all the cells in the Status column are highlighted in green, it means that there are no inconsistencies and no additional rows or columns need to be added to the other sheets in the template. You may also need to rename the column headings if the default names in the new column headings are not consistent with the other column names in the section. You therefore only need to include a rate on the Emp sheet if you want to override the company rate on the Setup sheet for some of the employees.

If an earning is not taxable (taxable % of 0%), setting the Earn Inclusion to "Taxable" effectively excludes the particular earning from the company contribution calculation.

You can calculate it just by filling required parameters.

If this was indeed the case, the employee's annual income tax deductions should be similar to what will be included on the employee's tax return at the end of the tax year. Once you reach the end of the tax year, you can roll the template forward for the next tax year by saving a new copy of the template, changing the tax year entry on the Setup sheet and removing the user input data relating to the previous year which has been included on the Emp and Override sheets. Once-off pricing - no annual or monthly fees!

The annual taxable salary deduction amounts are calculated in these columns which is then deducted from the annual gross taxable income. If a salary deduction code has been entered as the basis for a company contribution, the rate that needs to be specified is usually a percentage of the appropriate salary deduction.

PaySlip Status - this column will contain a value of 1 if the pay slip number in column A is currently selected on the PaySlip sheet. If an earning or deduction is therefore not applicable to the particular employee, such an earning or deduction will not be included on the pay slip. If the sequence of the items in the Salary Deduction List is changed, the rates or values that have been added to the Emp sheet also needs to be changed to ensure that the correct rates or values are included in the correct columns. This letter is may be prepared by the owner of the company when he want to increase the salary of the employee for the best and batter performance of the worker. If the employee is added to a payroll run in any month which falls before the first day of the month in which this date falls, all payroll amounts will be set to nil values.

HR for your And for this task every employee need to have a perfect yet professional salary increase template. It is a professional notification sent to an employee after confirm increase in salary due to his or her efforts and services for the company or business. A monthly analysis of payroll data by department has been included on the MonthDept sheet. Some company contributions may not require the full values of earnings to be included in the calculation of the appropriate company contribution.

It is therefore imperative that the first payment dates of all employees are recorded accurately. If the total number of list items are more than the number of default items that are provided for, the matrix at the bottom of the Setup sheet will indicate where on the other sheets in this template new rows or columns need to be inserted. Employee Number - this is the employee number as added to the Emp sheet.

If you want to affect the override value in multiple months, enter the month end date of the last month that you want the override to be applied to in this column.

If the override value should be applied to the remaining periods in the tax year, use an override end date of the last day of the tax year. HR KITS & TEMPLATES

Override - override any of the automatically calculated earnings, income tax, medical tax credits, salary deductions or company contributions values for any employee by adding the appropriate values to this sheet.

Short Name - enter a short name for the earning. Income Tax Number - enter the employee income tax number (included on pay slip). Refer to the Column / Row Matrix section of these instructions for guidance on the steps that need to be completed - this is very important because if you add more than the default number of entries to the list and you do not complete these steps, the template calculations will not be accurate! Code - enter a code for each company contribution and use a unique code which will make it easy to identify the appropriate company contribution and to distinguish between the different types of company contributions. IT Rebate Code - enter the appropriate income tax rebate code for the employee. most popular HR Templates The only user input which is required on the PaySlip sheet is to select the pay slip reference number in cell G3. The Payroll sheet contains the following columns: The earnings & salary deductions values are populated based on the calculations on the Payroll sheet and displayed on a monthly and year-to-date basis.

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