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Diseases from monkeys have subsided dramatically after their import from the wild for the pet trade ceased (also, the idea that they are a significant source of rabies is a farce), and the 'safest' monkeys are those which are captive-bred, isolated from other monkeys in pet-owning situations, and in good health, but any serious disease potential in animals should be acknowledged. Many people simply react with engrained fear towards reptiles where none is warranted. I didn't want to make a list like many of the pro-pit bull lists that show the 'most aggressive dog breeds' (and of course the list is filled with small dog breeds and no pit bulls) because it is dishonest. If it is only limited to 'pack mates' that does not eliminate the danger for people who are not in it. The danger presented by snakes is often way, way, way, too overhyped. Copyright 2020 © Somerzby Pty Ltd | Web Design Smart Web Solutions.

These monkeys are known for the high likeliness of carrying Herpes B virus, which can be transferred to humans with a 70% to 80% mortality rate. yall need to stop playin with these animals they give you all warnings and yall think they palyinh\g.

CashmereImage – By CashmerelopCC BY-SA 4.0. Ravi and Swastha from London, Canada on April 28, 2014: Wonderful pictures.

I don't want anyone under the impression that I am biased against exotic pet danger, and that I can assess the risks sanely, so I can garner their trust. Great hub by the way!

Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on April 28, 2015: Hi Misty, three things: This article does not account for domesticated animals in the list, and saying which species kills more is complex; we know there are far more dogs than wolfdogs. Artois52, Suzy Miles, Dolores Monet, mary615, MrJohnReynolds-- Thanks. First, I have owned and lived with several "wolf hybrids". They have impressive strength and a taste for meat like a big cat, but they can also have an interest in approaching humans, including breaking into their homes which both wild and captive individuals have done. This high maintenance, intelligent rabbit breed can easily be trained, and is also easily startled. A newborn calf is born with a sandy coloured coat, which helps it to camouflage. Don't know what happened on the lawsuit. What worries me the most is that people who are untrained or unprepared for the special care and handling these wonderful creatures require may be prone to leaving them in forest preserves or other open areas where either they will become prey or prey upon others. The chimp attacks listed reveal that attacks were carried out against people who weren't in the chimp's hierarchy. They are not dogs, they are wolves. I think sometimes animals act in ways that we don't expect for whatever reason. Unfortunately, many inexperienced people are able to obtain these animals because they are readily available in states where they are legal, such as what's depicted on the anti-exotic pet documentary Elephant in the Living Room. Very clear and well written. These clean and smart Rabbits also have a good temperament. Thanks Aya Katz, owning a chimp to me sounds like something only a very special person can undertake with a proper facility. Sable was gentle most of the time, she would protect my grandson from harm and in fact she did once, a person wandered into the yard through a closed fenced in area and went directly for my grandson (3yrs.)

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