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Chamakam furnishes completely the ideal of human happiness and defines in the highest degree the desires and do not delimit to be asked or to be granted. Maha Rudra! Daily Horoscope May the fruits of Yagna- Homas and other Daivika Karmas like Vratas, Danaas and so on being now performed or hoped to be carried on in future be spared for the welfare of all the Beings! As You wield your sword with a powerful hold and enjoy the dance of bliss, One could never witness such a scene of ecstasy and mesme rise us we feel that you indeed are the Supreme Thief of our hearts and souls! Ancient Indian Science In the second Anuvaka, Rudra is prayed to as one who pervades the earth and as the green foliage and heritage of medicinal herbs. Our heart felt salutations to You the outstanding Robber of Senses! There are eleven hymns; each has its own purpose and meaning. It is also chanted as a shield (kavaca) for virulent fever, to cure diseases, fetal disorders, absolution from evils stars and bad karma, for the fulfilment of ones desires, sumptuous rainfall, family protection, blessings with good children, fulfillment of all material desires and the destruction of enemies. Our intense admiration for you Tandava Murtis!

Beautifully explained.. Om Rudraya Namah!! Information on Hindu Dharma Contained in this work / blog has been revealed by Guruji. It is also known as the Rudradhyaya or the Rudra Prashna. Char Dham Temples Tandava Murti Rudras! You have matted hair and clean shaven; you have thousands of eyes and hundreds of bows; you are stated to reside in mountains but exist in the consciences of every Being; you shower benedictions as though they are rains! Indeed, Bhagavan is of the Swarupa of the playful Chief of bandits, forest hunters and thieves who are observant and ready to srike; such robbers move about night-long and carry swords; they also wear turbans to hide their identity and move about mountains and jungles. Panchabhoota Lingams Our prayers and greetings to you the Sahasraakhsha or the Thousand Visioned Kapardini with matted hairs of head! Rudra Deva! You appear with copper complexion and with red rosy lips; You are the symbol of joy auguring happiness to one and all as also the Pashupati or the Over Lord of all the Live Beings; You are terrifying and formidable to even look or glance capable of punishing unhesitantly of the enemies nearby or away; you are the most ruthless exterminator at the Time of Pralaya. Our prayers to you are to bestow to me and us Status, Seniority, Reactions appropriate to Situations like anger, ruthlessness, kindness, clarity of mind, maturity in handlings, coolness, truthfullness, command, capability, good progeny, respect, richness, determination and glory! Hindu Gods Worldwide Hindu Temples May Bhagavan bless us in performing Yaaga Karyas meant in favour Agni in Samaayana Yagas; Karma as called Pravargya, Arka as per Indra-Arka-Purodamsha; Surya as per Surya Charu; Prana Homa as per Prayaya Swaaha; Angulya Homa as per the invocation of Virat Purusha’s fingers viz.Prithvi, Aditi, Diti, Dyou and Shankari; and Disha Yagas or invocations as per the Eight Directions of Prak-Agneya-Dakshina-Nirruti-Vayavya-Uttara-Ishaanyas; May all these be yagas as invoked by various Devas illustrated be succesful! you too get angry intially but merciful and auspicious eventually when we approach you with veneration. May our sins be destroyed as we do desire to initiate a positive account of our selves here onwards and be worthy of our devotion to you. Paramatma! Panchangam You are fond of encouraging Devas in our heart and bless them in your Virat Swarupa; indeed they are blessed and get entrusted with their responsibilities of administering the affairs of the Universe! It is chanted as a shield (kavaca) for virulent fever, to cure diseases, fetal disorders, absolution from evils stars and bad karma, for the fulfilment of ones desires, sumptuous rainfall, family protection, blessings with good children, fulfillment of all material desires and the destruction of enemies. Sri Rudram - Chamakam With Meaning. For our sake again, You take the Form of War Drum and and club; You would never show your back in battles and is highly calculative of war schemes; some times you assume the role of mediator [ like Lord Krishna mediating between Pandavas and Kauravas] when Wars are ahead; You sport a sword and arrows when wars become inevitable as at the demolition of Tripuraasuras; then you are fully armed with most potent weapons. Vedic Philosophy Neela Greeva! ), Namo Hiranya Baahavey Senaanye Dishaam cha Pataye Namo Namo Vrikshebhyo Harikeshebhyah Pasunaam pataye Namo Namassinchiraaya twishematey Patheenaam pataye Namo Namo Harikeshaayopaveetiney Pushtaanaam Pataye Namo Namo Bhavasya heytai jagataam pataye Namo Namo Rudraayaata taaviney Kshetraanaam Pataye Namo Namah/ Rohitaaya sthapataye Vrikshaanaam Pataye namo nam Mantriney Vaanijaaya Kakshaanaam Pataye Namo Namo Bhuvantaye Vaarivaskrutaayoushadheenaam Pataye Namo Nama Uccharghoshaayaa krandayatey Pateenaam Pataye Namah/. Do not torment us, our elders, babies and our entire generation. NAMAKA PAARAAYANA: Om Namo Bhagavetey Rudraaya/ Namastey Rudramanyava Utota Ishavey namah/ Namastey Astu Dhanvaney baahubhyaamutatey namah, Yaata Ishusshivatamaa Shivam babhoovatey dhanuh Shivaasharavyaaya tatoyaano Rudra Mridaya/ Yaatey Rudra Shivaa … Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates to your inbox. Yata ishhuh shivatama shivam … Tandava Rudras! Lord Shiva Temples May we be blessed with good crops of Paddy, wheat, and minor grains like barley, grams, gingelly, beans, lentils, pepper, corn and varieties of rice and spices as also plants, creepers apart from abundant milk and products, ghee, natural honey enrich our food; May we also be ornamnted with golden articles in great variety studded with gems and precious stones to ensure our lives worth living! TemplePedia Hindu Calendar My Account Ramayana May those Rudra Ganas loosen the strings and their bows be taken off from us by thousands of yojanas!

Information on Hindu Dharma Contained in this work / blog has been revealed by Guruji.

Posted on June 12, 2018 by Temple Purohit. We will indeed truly seek to follow the foot steps of Manu and seek to deserve our prostrations to you. You are Bhava the Originator and Rudra the Demolisher! May the fruits of rendering Rik-Yajur-Saam mantras be attained and so do the diksha or obeservance of discipline, Tapas and Vratas be effective enough as a proof of which there should be appropriate ‘Vrishti’ enabled! You are like the horse that carries the destinies of various Beings.

You don military clothing, helmets and kavachas or body- shields for our sake. Spirituality & Beliefs The hymn is an early example of enumerating the names of a deity. Shiva Mantra Do kindly favour and plead for me, my family, cattle and all the rest so that we all exist in Peace, Prosperity, Excellent Physical and Mental Health and all round auspiciousness. May your bow strings be loosened and bows be kept away thousands of yojanas from us! Bhagavan Rudra! We beseech you Rudra Deva the fierce and ruthless to the Evil; yet, you are Shiva too the embodiment of Shubha and Mangala-auspiciousness and fulfillment.

The text is important in Shaivism where Shiva is viewed as God.

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