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Louis BUHOT (Opel. Log in; Forgotten History 20 July 1856 (Opel. Fr. Fr. (Charenton Ch. : v.1, p.157), Eloise - indienne de nation Opelousas [Indian of the Opelousas nation or tribe] (Marginal note has: "sauvagesse Opeloussan" [Opelousan Indian] No parents indicated.

Jean Louis Marie Eugène Durieu (1800–1874) was an early French amateur nude photographer, primarily known for his early nude photographs of men and women.. A number of his male and female models were also painted by Eugène Delacroix, with whom he was friends. IRENEE, of Pointe Coupee. 1 July 1790, bt. Hercule BRASSAC (GC Ch. For this mixed-race girl became the life-long mistress of a married man of French descent called Eloi Rene Rosemond Broussard, who had set up a farm in the thriving sugar plantations of Louisiana where by 1860, four years before abolition in Louisiana, 331,000 slaves toiled under the sun. Fr. Francois CELLININ (GC Ch. Fr.

Spons: Jean Baptiste MAGNIN & Elisa LAMORANDIERE. 15 July 1839 at age 3 yrs. First priests came from New Iberia. : v. 1, p. 56), PAUL - grif libre (mother is a sauvagesse libre) bt. : v.3, p.66)

Louis BUHOT (Opel. ELISA - Beloxy sauvagesse [a Biloxi Indian] (Jean Pierre - "sauvage de la tribu de Beloxy" [an Indian from the tribe of the Biloxi] & Rosalie - sauvagesse [an Indian]) bt. Ch. . Louis BUHOT (Opel.

1 April 1858 (SM Ch. 25% are in their 70s, while the average age is 67. Both Eugene and Odelia are described in U.S. records as ‘mulatto’. 4 July 1833 (SM Ch. Spons: Pierre Bienvenu ARCENNEAU & Marie Euphrasie ARCENNEAU. Our wealth data indicates income average is $61k. The first church was built in 1842. Sale of land to several Whites. : v. 1, p. 33), BAPTISTE, an Indian d. 5 Sept. 1843 at age 35 years (GC Ch. Unavailable. However, their youngest child was to prove a remarkable success story.

The couple lived in Vermilion, Louisiana, where Odelia had 18 children, two of whom died.

: v.8, #631), ADRIEN (Carmelite, Indians) brother of Paul. Between 1854 and 1855, Durieu played a key role in the organisation of the association; and other notables involved included Olympe Aguado, Hippolyte Bayard, Alexandre Edmond Becquerel, Edmond Fierlants [fr], Jean-Baptiste Louis Gros, and Gustave Le Gray. : v.1-A, p.143), JOSEPH, Adelma Indian (Lisa, Indian) bt. Rosalie was born on August 1 1825, in Wexford, Ireland.

Ch. : v.8, #630), MARIE MIRTE sauvagesse (Joseph, sauvage & Arthemise, sauvagesse) b. Hercule BRASSAC (GC Ch.

dated 27 Aug. 1852 (Laf. [1840] (Opel. : v. 1, p. 165), CHASCHEAU, Celeste - sauvagesse [an Indian] (Honore CHASCHEAU - "sauvage" [an Indian] & Marguerite CHIKA) b. end of July 1829, bt. Marcel BORELLA (SM Ch.

As Agnes prospered, she took her family off to Galveston in Texas, where the children were sent to private school.

Fr. Born in 1909 and went on to become a renowned seamstress in Louisiana.

Fr. : v. 1, p. 91), ALFRED (Caroline, sauvagesse) b. : v.3, p.290-A), Charenton Church - Part 3 - There was a critical moment among the Chetimatchas at the time when they were invaded by civilization and for a long time they struggled in order to remain indians - they succeeded for many years but finally they were obliged to give up hope because many among them were for civilization, they were the minority; the others preferred indian life. 12 Dec. 1833 at age 5 yrs. The fact he owned slaves has not been confirmed by historical records. (Charenton Ch. Ch.

: v.1, p.11, #88), Louise - sauvagesse [Indian] (Catiche, sauvagesse) bt.

Fr. ‘I have processed the revelation (of slave ancestry) over time,’ she told the magazine. User account menu. Marcel BORELLA (SM Ch. Jean ROSTI (GC Ch. (Laf. Marcel BORELLA (SM Ch. : v. 2, p. 132), VIRTIN, Norbert Louis an Indian (Emmanuel & Zulmee FALCON) b. IRENEE (SM Ch. Sunday, 6 Nov. 1796 Spons: Hilaire DOUCET & Gavriela [Gabrielle] CHOURN. Tuesday, 8 Dec. 1795 supplied ceremony for baptism which was previously performed at home. 12 Oct. 1821 at age about 5 yrs. 2 March 1832, bt. 2 Dec. 1831, bt. Fr. 5 June 1756 at age 7 yrs. : v. 2, p. 152), JULIEN - sauvage Attakapas [Atakapas Indian] (Francois & Marguerite - sauvages [Indians] - legitimate son "suivant leur loi" [according to the their (tribal) law]) bt.

The first church was built

The comments below have been moderated in advance. : v. 10, # 517), ANDE, Virginie an Indian m. 28 May 1860 Levi BOLLERIS, an Indian (Charenton Ch. This picture of Beyonce and Tina showed the two promoting the business surrounded by racks of glossy outfits - being watched over by a large silver frame with a charming photograph of Agnes in her youth. : v. 1, p. 103), BERNARD, Felicie (Rosemond & Leocadie PELLERIN, an Indian) b. Ct. : v. 1, p. 60), DAVIS, Marie an Indian (Josephine DAVIS) bt. : v.1-B, p.386), MILLON, Louise Estelle (Charles & Constance, an Indian) bt. : v. 1-B, p. 136), CHAMPAGNE, Louise (Celeste, an Indian) m. 18 March 1862 Auguste MORA (Charenton Ch. : Slave Baptisms (1756) v.1, p.81-A), Indian - "un sauvage" [an Indian] died 11 March 1821 at age about 16 years; buried 12 March 1821 in the St. Charles church cemetery. One record implies the two may have married after Eloi's wife's died. 2 Dec. 1831; Philipp b. 15 Oct. 1821 at age about 1 yr. Spons: Michael GORMAN. Marcel BORELLA (SM Ch. Durieu's works are found or have been exhibited in a number of galleries, including: Coke, Van Deren. Durieu resigned in 1856, after a case of forged documents. Ch. Springfield Gardens, NY (Southeastern Queens) Today, these same Indians still have their own reserved sections and though civilized, they have partly kept the customs of their ancestors. 5 Jan. 1839 (GC Ch. Jean ROSTI (GC Ch. : v. 6, p. 27), LAVERGNE, Pierre - native of New Orleans; of this parish (dec. Jean & dec. Marie Jeanne LACLE) m. 9 April 1793 Angelique BARTHELEMI-QUEBEC - native of Arkansas (Barthelemi & an Indian) [Source: "Abstract of Catholic Register of Arkansas, 1764-1858" by Dorothy Jones CORE; published in 1976 in DeWitt, Arkansas; page 19), Louis - "sauvage Tonica" [Tunica Indian] (Jean Baptiste & Chalinette, "indienne Alibaman" [Alabama Indian]) bt. Fr. Fr. : v.1, p.18), ADELAIDE, an Indian d. 22 Aug. 1852, Succ.

. 21 April 1829 at age 10 mths.

1886 (Charenton Ch. Francois CELLINI (GC Ch. : v.3, p.127), CHETIMACHA, Eugenie an Indian died of yellow fever. 13 Nov. 1826; Marie Lucille b. 8 Oct. 1855 (Opel. Fr. : Mar. Fr. Spons: Ducoudre LAMORANDIERE & Noemi TOMASCOURT. (SM Ch.

Talented and self-taught, her fame spread throughout the state where she had a host of private clients. Pedro de ZAMORA (Opel.

: v. 2, p. 288), BOULERIES, Mary (Levi & a Chetimacha Indian) d. 15 March 1890 Succ. : v.1-B, p.528), MARCELITE - sauvagesse [an Indian] died 9 Nov. 1827 at age about 30 years; buried 10 Nov. 1827 in the parish cemetery.

Rosalie Anne Charlier (born Priour) was born on month day 1865, at birth place, Texas, to Jean Louis Marie Priour and Rosalie Bridget Priour (born Hart). He also attended all the civil and church ceremonies for their brood of children, when he formally stated that he was the natural father of the son or daughter in question. Fr. Louis BUHOT (Opel. Spons: Joseph PREVOST & Loyse VERRET - his spouse. Spons: Jean Baptiste MAGNIN & Elisa LAMORANDIERE. Published: 22:18 GMT, 8 August 2018 | Updated: 11:34 GMT, 9 August 2018. (Charenton Ch. Ch. : v. 8, #1083), LA TORTUE, Celestin - Chief of the Attakapas Indians. Hamilton Jacquet 1922 - 2006. First priests came from New Iberia. L.M. p.143), GARY, Pauline (Clophas & Nezia FRUGE) b. 44% of these people are married, and 56% are single. # 579), BOULERISE, Levi an Indian m. 28 May 1860 Virginie ANDE, Indian (Charenton Ch. : v.7, #777), TOME, Marie an Indian d. 18 Oct. 1871 at age 4 yrs. Spons: Antoine BELARD & Esther BELARD.

Ch. Fr. : v. 6, p. 47), CECILE, an Indian; bt. Fr.

The word "creek" so called because of the Bayou Teche which moves its waters in a bending form across the fields; the word "Indian" was added because of the "Techi-Ti-matchas" tribe which resides here, on the shores of the grand lake. Dedicated to Free Genealogy. He [Jean] served as president of the trustees of the Cathedral-Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Mobile: see St. Louis Catholic Historical Review 3 (1918-1923): 24-25. (Charenton Ch. Maternal Grandparents: Sazeme, Indian & Marguerite, a free negro.

19 June 1870 (Charenton Ch. Gabriel ISABEY (SM Ch. : v. 1, p. 44), VALCAIN, Manuel an Indian d. 4 Sept. 1867 at age 45 yrs. (NI Ct.

: v.1-A, Spons: Jean Louis - negre & Mathilde - quarteronne libre. Some white men armed with guns penetrated the indian settlement to make legal arrestations; they found the indians with guns and hatchets and after a fierce battle these indians were found shot to death and a white man near death also. : v. 1, p. 52), PELLERIN, Leocadie Marie (Emilie) an Indian m. 26 June 1852 Remond BERNARD (Charenton Ch.

: v.7, #778), TINLAU, Cyprien - sauvage Atakapas [Atakapas Indian] (Baptiste TINLAU & Marie Josephine - sauvages Atakapas [Atakapas Indians] - legitimate "suivant leurs lois" [according to their laws]) bt. Sadly, no picture of Rosalie or Joseph has survived. Fr. Percy Jacquet 1925 - 1980. 20 Jan. 1818 at age 30 yrs. Show all locations and family . : v.1-A, p.169), MICHEL - sauvage Atacapas [Atacapas Indian] bt. First priests came from New Iberia. # 1602), Marie Mirt, - sauvagesse (Joseph - sauvage & Arthemise - sauvagesse) b. Pedro de ZAMORA (Opel. Spons: Jean Baptiste - negre & Mathilde - quarteronne libre.

She never attended school and was unable to read and write. Fr.

: Succ. Spons: Pierre HEBERT & Justine GUILBEAU. Flavius Henri ROSSI (Opel. : v.7, #746), EMILIE an Indian (Chanaque & Hortanse, Indians) b. : v.3, p.66), Elisabeth - an Attackapas Indian (Cyprien & Celestine - from the Attackapas tribe) bt. 15 Sept. 1821, bt. 26 May 1853 at age 6 mths.

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