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River Wandle - Abbey Mills.. Low Finds, Stung by a Wasp. On a previous visit to this spot, I’d noticed fish of all sizes very attracted by my relatively large size 10 pink Czech Nymph. The whole trail is 12 miles, but if you fancy a shorter version, try cycling the 7 mile section from Earlsfield to Hackbridge. Look out for The Art Trail – it features numbered gateways, viewing platforms and numbered bridges – each individually designed – and unique way-markers. The River Wandle has centuries of history as a favourite place for freshwater fishing, as a chalk stream with fast flowing waters. Water voles usually live along rivers. It’s a brilliant place to spot newts, frogs and herons. The river runs through southwest London. Over the years it became renowned for its fish, appearing in chronicles, such as, William Camden's Britannia (1586) and Izaak Walton's The Compleat Angler (1653). (Well, I did have to drop into the water to do the netting). The river gives its name to the neighbourhood of The Wrythe in Carshalton. I was looking for trout, but this stretch seems to just contain chub. The name Wandle is thought to derive from a back-formation of Wandsworth (Old English "Wendlesworth" meaning "Wendle's Settlement”). [2] A series of ditches and culverts carries the water from Purley to Croydon. Culverhouse Books 2012, 248pp fully illustrated. Cleanups of the Wandle have improved the water quality, leading to a return of the river's once famous brown trout. Plough Lane to Watermeads After the confluence of the river Graveney go under the railway and sharp right into the Wandle Meadow Nature Park. [15][16] The regulator fined the provider £125,000 and legal costs. Paperback and hardback. [12][13], In 2017, a new nature reserve was created in Bell Lane Creek in the Wandle Delta, by removing a half-tide weir that had been installed in the 1980s at the junction of the Wandle and the River Thames. From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, https://simple.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=River_Wandle&oldid=7069497, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. The easiest way to get across the city on two whee, ❤️⁠ About the Wandle Trail The Wandle Trail passes through the boroughs of Croydon, Sutton and Merton, and joins the Thames at Wandsworth. You’ll find the lovely Wandle Trail cycle route in South West London. It has its relatively few underground (culverted) stretches; these are in Croydon. The chemical was being used to clean, but instead of being put back through the treatment works, it was accidentally put into the river. I soon came up against the limitations of my six-foot rod.

The hand-carved wooden benches on route make a perfect place to stop off and admire the view. (However, dace and perch are also able to spawn in colder water, at or below 12°C: see Section 7.2.2). The company failed to tell the Environment Agency of the incident, as the site manager thought it wasn't important. A short headwater – the Caterham Bourne – is in Surrey, the historic county of the river's catchment.
In the end, the Wandle tradition of dry fly fishing became a global technique and sporting code. The Liberty print works and Merton Board Mills before early 20th century demolition dominated the riverscape (replaced by a two-retailer clothes and food megastore in Merton). However, even a small size 16 fly was too big for most to take, until one fish with a mouth big enough, intercepted the fly. Its long, culverted mouth with the Wandle is in Tooting Graveney – it meets the Wandle fronting the Haydons Road part of Wimbledon in the Borough of Merton. I moved position to another more accessible pool. The Discover the Source of the Wandle project worked with volunteers to research the source of the Wandle through time, investigating local archives, historic maps, paintings and books; as well as exploring the local landscape for built and natural features. On a previous visit to this spot, I’d noticed fish of all sizes very attracted by my relatively large size 10 pink  Czech Nymph. Dry fly fishing was first started for catching trout from the river. Or if you’re returning back via Earlsfield, you could finish up at Bean and Hop, a bike-friendly café with plenty of bike racks. I was looking for trout, but this stretch seems to just contain chub. In Victorian times the Wandle was one of hardest working rivers in the world. The grounds of the Old Palace and Scarbrook Hill had springs engineered with ponds, streams and canals where fish swam, especially trout. 5.4: General water chemistry The effluent carrier channel from Beddington STW significantly increases the flow of the main River Wandle below Goat Bridge by c234,000 m3 (2.708 cumecs) of treated sewage effluent per day. The river is first visible at Wandle Park in Croydon. Disappointingly, no such fish were here today. (However, dace and perch are also able to spawn in colder water, at or below 12°C: see Section 7.2.2). Its use is permitted if captured ("re-circulated") for further treatment.

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