rigging offshore planer boards

I did mangage 1 13 lb brown trout after fighting him and the board to the boat then releasing the board to play the fish they work but have some limitations to playing the fish free of the board. Rigging the line to pop free from the release mounted on the tow arm of the board, while at the same time remaining pinned to the board thanks to a second line clip at the back of the board has proven to be the best of both worlds. Off Shore Side Planer Boards are designed for stability and performance. The market place is full of other knock off planer boards, but no other company is engaged at the process of making their products function flawlessly. Off Shore Tackle OR12L Side Planer - Left Model .

Also, the Sam’s Release is designed to fit the tow arm of the Off Shore Tackle Side-Planer, Mini Board and SST Pro Magnum boards perfectly. Install the planer board system near the front of the boat.

release's are very firm I storngly recommend getting the planner board to the boat then have your buddie grab the board and release it like that as with 2-3 foot waves you can loose site of the board while trolling 3 other rods and end up losing the board in the surf. Feed out the line as far behind the boat as you want. Because the board is no longer planing, it quickly drops back out of the board formation allowing that line to be retrieved without having to clear other inside board lines! Getting the most from this rigging configuration requires a short lesson in board rigging methods anyone can master in a matter of minutes. You will then want to pre-drill the holes for the base plate; you can then screw the base plate into your boat. Rigging Off Shore Tackle Planer Boards for walleye - YouTube Planer board system (board, mast, cable, reel). Usually, the fishing line will be pulled out of the release clip and fall straight back behind the boat, keeping it from tangling with the other lines. Even better, once the line is tripped from the tow arm release, the board spins around in the water and is  now connected to the line via the OR16 Snap Weight Clip. Fishing with planer boards allows fishermen to troll baits out to the sides of the boat. At its very basic, a planer board is a device that allows fisherman to cover more area at one time, have more control over their lines and reach places they would not otherwise be able to reach. Five Ontario Fisheries Everyone Should Visit. This simple, but highly effective rigging method allows anglers to fish two, three, four and even five in-line planer boards per side of the boat without having to clear any lines to fight a hooked fish! When first introduced the OR12 was factory equipped with a pair of black medium tension OR14 line releases, one mounted on the tow arm and the other to a split ring mounted at the back of the board. Rigging in-line boards to release, but remain pinned to the fishing line is the best way to fish multiple boards and avoid the hassles of constantly clearing and resetting lines. To convert this board to a Tattle Flag™ Catching crappie offshore can be extremely rewarding. At Off Shore Tackle fishing isn’t just a business it is a passion. Considering how simple and effective planer boards are, it is surprising that more avid fishermen don’t utilize these systems. For those who troll with braid the same rigging methodology can be applied by simply replacing the factory OR19 release from the front of the board with a Sam’s Release produced by Silver Horde Tackle Company. trophy stalker.

You can run a lure 10 metres behind the planer and send it in close to the bank without running the boat aground. Now place the twisted line into the OR19 release leaving about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch of the loop extending outside the  release. At the time, anglers complained a lot about losing fishing when fishing a mast system. I troll for salmon, trout, and steelhead with them, pulling copper, lead, and mono. Because this board can be rigged a number of ways, it’s ideal for all sorts of trolling chores. This is precisely why Off Shore Tackle Side-Planer boards come factory supplied with an OR19 (orange) line release on the tow arm and an OR16 Snap Weight Clip (red) mounted to the back of the board. OR19 (orange) release, OR16 (red) clip, 6/32 screw, nylon nut, New England Sportsman: Fishing With Planer Boards. Tattle flag expensive but needed for light bite detection. these work well in 2 foot or less waves at lower speeds. DetailsOff Shore Side Planer Boards are designed for stability and performance. When using monofilament line, co-polymer lines and also fluorocarbon lines, the OR16 Snap Weight Clip that comes standard on the OR12 Side-Planer is the perfect release. Lower the planer board into the water, and then release the line until the board is far enough from your boat that fish will not be frightened by the noise. Phone: (815) 469-9686Address: 1803 Holian DriveSpring Grove, Illinois 60081, 5 Things to Look for When Selecting the Perfect Fishing Rod, Pike Fishing Lures: Spoons And What They Can Do For You, A line with tackle (either live bait or a lure). fresh water fish. They allow you to run 4 lures behind the boat without the risk of a tangle. Off Shore Side Planer Boards are properly ballasted to run in rough water and... Off Shore Side Planer Boards are designed for stability and performance. Rigged in this manner the line can be tripped from the tow arm release much easier than if the line is placed linear between the rubber pads.

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