rhodes 19 repair


New ribs were installed yesterday and the floor is being fitted today. The classically styled Rhodes 19, available in fixed keel and fully retractable centerboard models, is the ideal family daysailer and spirited one-design class racer.

But are sure it is worth the time and money. I will be praying you hurry up too, because I came across the exact boat about last fall, it’s a 1965. Huge undertaking! Chat to the experts now!

The model dimension is 24"(L) x 10"(H) x 5"(D). Even though it was sitting for over 14 years and missing the mast and boom I thought it was a worthy restoration project too. To move it – an idea is remove the keel and probably six people can just lift and carry the boat out of the Steve.

Will be watching.

© 2020 Boatworks Today. Looking forward to getting started There aren’t many boats that I would personally want to do this with, but the Rhodes has all the features I was looking for when trying to find a boat to teach and take my Girls out on.. Boat Design Net does not necessarily endorse nor share the view of each individual post. They make many of the parts still so that too was another reason I took it.
So, this particular one I think will be worth it, but its one of the rare ones IMO , I have great confidence as your past work speaks for it’s self, Have you developed a tentative work schedule for the restoration? What ever happened to the Rhodes 19 restoration project? Rhodes 19'''' sloop in fiberglass by Ted Herman I''d like to talk with present and/or past owners of Rhodes 19'' sloops to get more information about the old fiberglass model I recently bought, especially the year(s) they were built by Ted Herman, availability of new and/or used sails, especially with reef points on main and jib, the names and locations of any Rhodes 19 clubs, etc. Fifty years and 3500 hulls have proven her design, construction, and sailing character to beginning and experienced sailors alike. Forum posts represent the experience, opinion, and view of individual users. ! O'day Rhodes 19 Keel 1959-1981 PARTS ORDER FORM, O'day Rhodes 19 C/B 1959-1981 PARTS ORDER FORM, Stuart Rhodes 19 Keel 1982-Pres PARTS ORDER FORM, Stuart Rhodes 19 C/B 1982-Present PARTS ORDER FORM, Stuart Mariner 1982-Present PARTS ORDER FORM. Getting your boat ready for Fall? Restoring a #Classic #Sailboat the Rhodes 19! The moment I saw it I almost immediately knew it was perfect, plus it was free. Please click below to find out more. Because Boatworks Today, its owners or partners cannot control how the information provided through these videos is applied, we will not be held liable for any damages; incidental or consequential. Please ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ above and join the discussion below in our comments section!! No sound? If you have any question about your device and need some information about a repair, chat online with our customer service or a representative of the iRepair technical team. Joined: Jul 2009 Posts: 1 Likes: 0, Points: 0, Legacy Rep: 10 Location: Illinois K-MART New Member. The model weight is 10 LBS. Rhodes 19 Repairs > Segal 1960 Rhodes 19 C/B NY Transport, Storage, Hull Repair, Timber Installation, Floorboard Replacement, Refinish Coamings, C/B & Winch Services, Bottom Painting, Fiberglass Detailing, Interior Painting, Main & Jib Sheeting Upgrades, Mast Services, and Trailer Repair Take a bunch of 2 x 4’s, some lag bolts, a good battery driver so you can make a temp cradle on your trailer to move the boat away. Online customer support. I was fortunate to get a double axle trailer that’s in very good condition also. Jun 11, 2019 - *This is the 24"half hull model of the 1960 Rhodes 19. Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by K-MART, Jul 2, 2009. Jack up the trailer – one side at a time near tire/rim – try to rotate rim. | Developed by Fortiris Group LLC. We are all waiting to follow you, I was ecstatic when I watched your video of the restoration project. Restoring a #Classic #Sailboat the Rhodes 19! Rebuild stringers, transom and deck without wood. Maine builders and repairers of traditional fiberglass boats since 1982, Transport, Storage, Hull Repair, Timber Installation, Floorboard Replacement, Refinish Coamings, C/B & Winch Services, Bottom Painting, Fiberglass Detailing, Interior Painting, Main & Jib Sheeting Upgrades, Mast Services, and Trailer Repair. The model scale is 1/9.5.

I had been looking off and on for a sailboat, something that I felt would be a easy and stable boat for me and my grandkids. 121 likes. I’ll look for your videos, maybe I have mine in the water in month or so. This is the first of many more video’s to come going over the step by step process of restoring this great little #DaySailer to better than new condition! Regards

22410 34175; Monday - Friday: 9:30 - 19:30 Saturday: 10:00 - 16:00 . Also, please remember that there are extended ad-free versions of these video’s available for Patreon supporters! **** Please visit the web at www.halfhull.net or contact Mas at halfhull@gmail.com for more model information. New headphone jack? If rotates – either try to inflate tire and or borrow a couple of tire/rims and mount on trailer temporarily. She's an accomplished heavy-weather performer built upon a fast and forgiving hull. I think someone removed the ballast along the way and I was just wondering what other Rhodes 19 owners have in their boats and where. Hi guys I am in the process of bringing an old Rhodes back from the graveyard.

This is the first of many more video’s to come going over the step by step process of restoring this great little #DaySailer to better than new condition!

Looking forward to the project and seeing all the techniques used to accomplish the restoration. Get a 5% discount on Totalboat products. Complete rebuild starts in earnest, advice needed... Should we re-design or just rebuild my rudder? Rhodes 19 Sailboat Restoration Project. The size of the Mahogany wood backboard is 33"(W) x 13.5"(H).

Before dropping back down place boards under tires to get them out of the ground. … With the floor boards out, one can easily see the inside of the hull as there is no fiberglass liner. Rhodes 19 rebuild. Have your other trailer handy and place what you intend to take on it. Become A Monthly Supporter Of Boatworks Today Through Patreon! Maybe they bolted the ballast to the ribs or to the underside of the floorboards? field. Copyright © 2009-2018, Stuart Marine Corp. (www.StuartMarine.com) All rights reserved. Great project – excellent to view what you do in the coming months. Ammochostou 18, 85100, Rhodes . OPEN TODAY 9:00AM - 9:00PM SEE INDIVIDUAL STORE HOURS. Then I was bumming because I didn’t see anymore until recently. Or, get someone with a back hoe – place strap under all and move it out that way, or just strap under boat and move just that. I’m making ribs and doing the inside very soon now that I just removed the trailer today. Broken screen? Please ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ above and join the discussion below in our comments section!

), P. Evanson Boat Company Rhodes Robin Class 11' Sailing Dinghy, Motor Sailers by Philip Rhodes & John Alden. Another thing I wanted was a trailer because where I live I am going to tow it to the ocean, slip fees are a little pricey.

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by K-MART, Jul 2, 2009. I-Hero is your hero when it comes to mobile phone repairs. Are there some jobs/boats just not worth it? COVID-19 Updates, Everything You Need To Know. There is a Mac 23 beside the Oday – maybe that would be a good one to work on – but it sure is ugly. This page is the ongoing story of my efforts to restore a Rhodes 19 sailboat. LET'S TALK. Get some metal – bend it into 90 degrees – temporarily reattach tongue by drilling and bolting metal and tongue and trailer pieces together. iHero are your specialist repair service on a range of technology products from phones to tablets. (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Shop Our Amazon Store For Fiberglass Materials And Supplies! iRepair Rhodes .

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