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His anti-tax, anti-labor, and anti-public education views are common fare on the right. It is also important to remember that we … . It's actually a myth about how to make money on Facebook... Rex Andrew Sinquefield (; born September 7, 1944) is an American businessman, investor, and philanthropist who has been called an "index-fund pioneer". The proposal would allow for a 50 percent tax credit for donations to scholarship-granting organizations, and up to $90 million in credits earned annually. Rex Sinquefield - Wikipedia. But after years of legislative failures, Sinquefield and a group he funds, the Children's Education Council of Missouri, are now turning to a statewide ballot initiative. Read Full Summary In Missouri, Sinquefield's strategy has been to focus on a few issues dear to him. Those multiple groups gave more, cumulatively, than Sinquefield would be able to give in his own name, technically complying with the law while actually circumventing it. A study he commissioned also recommends increased taxes on "restaurants, hotels, cigarettes, and beer," while "shift[ing] the major tax burden from companies and affluent individuals," like Sinquefield.

Our legislators need to get a clue and not just follow the money.

These works provided the first seminal data on the performance of the financial market in the United States. Sinquefield asked in 2012. Sinquefield is, in fact, the biggest spender in Missouri politics. Rex Sinquefield was raised in the Saint Vincent Home for Children in St. Louis, Mo.

Our review of filings with the Missouri Ethics Commission shows that Sinquefield and his wife spent more than $28 million in disclosed donations in state elections since 2007, plus nearly $2 million more in disclosed donations in federal elections since 2006, for a total of at least $30 million. This article was originally published in the May 2014 issue of The Progressive magazine. But you may not have heard of Rex Sinquefield. The institute is currently led by Brenda Talent, the wife of former U.S.

And it recommends selling off the public's assets, like the St. Louis airport, trading a short-term infusion of revenue in exchange for giving for-profit corporations access to decades of revenue. Sinquefield suspects that Missouri Gov. He gave nearly $1.8 million to Grow Missouri, $850,000 to the anti-union, and another $750,000 to prop up the Missouri Club for Growth PAC.

Its tag line is a mouthful: "Advancing Liberty with Responsibility by Promoting Market Solutions for Missouri Public Policy.". Are taxpayer money bailouts to big banks. In the last two years, Sinquefield has given at least $925,000 to, which was organized to promote the teacher-tenure initiative petition. Submitted by Brendan Fischer on April 29, 2014 - 9:54am.

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