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Rem (top right) on the second key visual for the first season of the anime adaptation.

It also makes Rem a lot more ferocious and brutal. Ram and Rem were born with a single horn each, unlike all other Oni, which have two horns.

Sie ist, bis auf die andere Farbe der Augen und Haare und ihren Ponny, den sie im Gegensatz zu Ram über dem rechten Auge trägt, fast identisch zu ihrer älteren Zwillingsschwester.

If a demon over-exerted itself while manifesting its horns, it was likely that the recoil would render them weak. In theory, Rem is also Ram's younger sister, since she was the second that came out of the maternal's womb. Rem was instantly suspicious of Natsuki, as he had the same distinctive scent shared by members of the Witch Cult. Rem and her twin sister Ram share several similarities with.

Minase Inori Female Rem & Subaru being chased by the White Whale. At the end of Arc 3, she had her name and memories eaten by Lye Batenkaitos and was subsequently put in a suspended animation. Rem and Ram cooking with Subaru after he became a servant of the mansion.

Sonst sieht sie fast identisch zu ihrer jüngeren Schwester aus, lediglich ihre Augenpartie ist leicht nach oben gezogen und sie hat eine geringfügig kleinere Brust.

She usually wears a maid uniform, and since her chest is slightly larger than her sister's, she secretly changes the measurements to hide it.

Around a month after the mabeast incident, Rem accompanied Subaru to the capital of Lugunica.

Rem & Subaru having a picnic with their family in the alternate timeline. It was also possible for a demon to lose control of themselves, blindly attacking those in their way whether they were allies or enemies. Rem is a major character in the 2014 Japanese dark fantasy light novel series Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World, as well as its anime television series & manga adaptations of the same name. Do-Gooder

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Rem observing a sparring match between Subaru &.

Normalerweise trägt er den Trainingsanzug, den er trug, als er gerufen wurde, aber andere Outfits enthalten die Kleidung des Butlers, die er trug, als er in der Villa Roswaal diente. After Subaru saves her, she falls deeply in love with him, becoming one of his most loyal followers.

She holds both respect to the point of worship and guilt toward her sister for an incident in the past.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Subaru is usually paired up with Ram to take care of the rest of it.

While in their "White Sister" forms, Ram & Rom have pink and blue hair respectively.

Her blue hair was cut into a short bob and parted to fall over her right eye, as opposed to Ram whose hair fell over her left eye.

Light Blue

Gender Rem, Ram, Subaru, and Mathers fought together to defeat the mabeasts infesting the forests around the village, although Portroute escaped before she could be identified and captured.

The 25-episode series aired from April 4, 2016 to September 19, 2016, with an extended 50-minute first episode. Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World is an anime adaptation of a light novel series written by Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka.

ist eine der Maid-Zwillinge, die für Roswaal L Mathers arbeiten.


Portrayal Fought against Ley Batenkaitos, the Sin Archbishop of Gluttony. Her delicate frame featured narrow shoulders and stood at one-hundred and fifty-hours centimeters tall (or five foot one).

R.E.M. She is able to attack and heal using her magic. Due to its violent nature, she only uses this ability with extreme caution. According to the author, Rem's birthday is February 2, the same as her twin sister Ram. She usually wears a maid uniform, and since her chest is slightly larger than her sister's, she secretly changes the measurements to hide it.

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The light novel Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World and its derivative anime and manga adaptations feature a cast of characters created by Tappei Nagatsuki and designed by Shinichirou Otsuka.

She also has hair clips towards left side of her hair, flower-shaped ribbon on the same side of her hair, and a maid hairband. It allows them to share their feelings with each other through telepathy. Rem (Death Note) Rem (Re:Zero) Rem Ayanokōji Rem Galleu.

The author of Re:Zero has stated in a Q&A that Felix is a boy who cross-dressing as girl behavior comes from his and Crusch's promise they made as children.

With Lye's death, Rem woke up from her deep slumber which lasted for roughly one year and a half but has not regained her memories yet, effectively making her a walking shell of her former self.

If she loses her horn, she won't be able to transform into her Oni form. Göttlicher Schutz (加護 Kago): Ram Hat den göttlichen Schutz der Hellseher (千里眼の加護 Senrigan no Kago).

Ram (ラム) ist eine der Maid-Zwillinge, die für Roswaal L Mathers arbeiten.

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Lord Roswaal mentioned that Rem's skill with water magic was above average but nothing exceptional. Water Magic: In the fantasy world, individuals were capable of manipulating magical energy because of a "gate" that existed within every person's body.


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Brianna Knickerbocker.

",, "MYTH&ROID, Rie Takahashi Perform Re:Zero Anime's New Theme Songs", "Prepare For Some Feels As "Re:Zero" Anime Publishes New Visual", "Re:Zero is creeping up...and I play this fine anime specimen...Betelgeuse Roman-Conti",−_Starting_Life_in_Another_World_characters&oldid=987196215#Rem, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles with Japanese-language sources (ja), Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 5 November 2020, at 14:56.
The sisters with the pink hair are more outgoing than the sisters with blue hair, and are therefore both seen as the dominant twins. Re:Zero Wiki ist eine FANDOM-Anime-Community. Ram hat mittellange rosa Haare, die ihr linkes Auge bedecken, große rote Augen und ein jugendliches Aussehen. Rem, however, was more on the clumsy side, always depending on her sister. English Voice The twin demons were put to work in the Mathers mansion as maids serving Lord Roswaal's every command. Equipment: Rem wields a Morningstar in combat. Briefly survived after having all of her bones twisted and broken. contains mature content that may include coarse language, sexual references, and/or graphic violent images which may be disturbing to some.

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Rem has lived with her parents and twin sister in an Oni village.

Rem tends to speak in a superficially polite manner and sometimes acts without thinking.

During their stay, the Mathers domain came under attack from the forces of the Witch Cult led by the Sin Archbishop of Sloth Petelgeuse Romanée-Conti.

Survived an explosion that destroyed a section of a forest.

As a child, her sister and Rem were taken in by Margrave Roswaal L. Mathers, the lord of the Mathers domain who was considered the greatest wizard in the Kingdom of Lugunica.

After the defeat of the White Whale, the wounded Rem returned to the capital alone for treatment while Subaru led their newly garnered support against the Witch Cult. Heroes Wiki.

Got Subaru to fall in love with her... but later got dumped because of Emilia.

Equipment: Rem wields a Flail (Chain Morning star) in combat.

Rem secretly felt joy at that moment, knowing that from that point onward, she was going to be the superior sister. Ram ist scheinbar egozentrisch und macht Dinge in ihrem eigenen Tempo, aber in Wirklichkeit hält sie eine Distanz von den Menschen in ihrer Nähe. Sie trägt ein weißes und lila Outfit mit einer weißen Blume im Haar. Concept art of Rem, Subaru, and their children in an alternate timeline. Rem was identical to Ram in every aspect, with the exception of her eyes, the color of her hair, and the size of her breasts.

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