recipe using jello and cake mix

I was looking for this recipe in my 50yrs os homemaking huge recipe box. Can your recipe be baked in a Bundt pan? 1. If there is too little moisture in a cake, it can fall in the center. Don’t depend on a visual cue to detect doneness; you should also insert a skewer or cake tester to make sure it comes out mostly clean. Next time I make for a party I’ll do it a day ahead. In the bowl of a mixer, mix the cake mix, eggs, water, oil and jello together. There are so many other reasons our family loves this cake, another one is that it travels very well in a covered container (Tupperware or even better was Mom’s aluminium cake pan that had a hard plastic cover because the cake didn’t arrive overly wet and gooey. ) Can U adjust ingredients to makec it Gluten free? Reminds me of my childhood! She always made him his favorite lemon cake. I like to make up words) of the cake. I’m also never opposed to more lemon flavor from zest! Because this isn’t a poke cake you can freeze jello cake!

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. But today is about lemon jello cake. I love homemade cakes, but simpler family recipes like this one are great to have on hand too! Your oven could be to blame. When cake is done, prick with a fork while still hot. It’s a family favorite. Commented how moist it was.

Such a great recipe and so easy. Pour into a greased 9×13-inch baking dish. If you try it, let us know how it goes! It grabbed my attention because it only had 6 simple ingredients – cake mix, eggs, applesauce, cinnamon, sugar and powdered sugar (dusted on top). Our grandma’s are all the best , My elementary school teacher taught us the difference between desert and dessert was…desert is made of sand and dessert is a strawberry sundae.

Explore Betty’s best recipes using yellow cake mix and get inspired to bake up something truly special! Maybe just not cook it as long and keep a close eye on it? We just love that cake! Get the secrets behind our FIVE most popular cakes!

I guess that’s what happens when you bake after midnight! My grandma always used to make this cake and it is soooo good. I was thinking about putting a different lemon topping on it. So refreshing. You can even use two or three colors for a tye-dye effect.

We have been using the new size of cake mix and they have been working just fine. This cake is best eaten within 3 days. Thank you for the feedback! When the cake comes out of the oven, prick all over with a fork and pour lemon cake icing over top.

Bake the cake as directed, then poke holes in the top of the baked cake. :] It took a little  longer to bake… maybe 7-10 minutes. SPRINKLES CAKE MIX COOKIES  3.

Spoon over cake mix until jell-o liquid is all gone. Jello cake became popular in the 1970’s when everyone was eating all kids of Jello and pudding desserts.

Havenever heard of a german lemon cake.

Oh it’s just wonderful with strawberries! You’ve made my day! hopeless jumble.I found it here on your blog!! I used to make it as a pound cake but this certainly looks as if it is not a compact. Cannot wait to try that! Prepare jell-o as directed. Combine cake mix, eggs, water, oil and almond extract until smooth. Love this cake, haven’t made it in years, now for my question: is this the new smaller size cake mix or will it make any differance? This lemon cake sounds wonderful! Oh I didn’t know it would work as cupcakes. Everything with lemon tastes fresh—lemonade, lemon squares, pasta lemon cream sauce…Sour Heads (those freshen up your senses pretty quickly). I will have to look into finding a German lemon cake mix. I’m never opposed to a yummy frosting! Cade and Carrian, You may need to add more powdered sugar depending on how thick you want the frosting. Never moist enough. It’s an easy lemon cake that uses a few shortcuts to speed things up!

That sounds yummy! Thank you so much for the feedback! Those box cake mixes are good for more than just a plain yellow cake. There are several potential causes for fallen cakes, and happily, there are also several solutions. You can use any lemon cake mix you’d like, but we typically stick to good ol’ Betty Crocker. 1. ®/™©2020 Yummly. I just wanted to mention these tips in case any of you are looking for ways to amp up the lemon jello cake! Mix Jello and pour it over the cake before it sets.

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Thank you! 21 %, box lemon cake mix or 1 box yellow cake mix, (8 ounce) container frozen whipped topping, thawed. I am always looking for something new for dessert and this looks sooo good! Combine gelatin and boiling water and stir about 2 minutes until dissolved, add cold water.

Love it , That sounds wonderful! Very good! Spray a 9x13-inch baking dish with nonstick spray and sprinkle with flour. Join our family as we cook, bake, and enjoy time together in the kitchen. I’m 58 years old, and my grandmother made the same cake. Your server might also be unable to connect to Instagram at this time. Fold a container of cool whip with a container of Lemon Frosting. Here’s what you’ll need to make this cake mix lemon cake recipe: Want to know why this is the best lemon cake recipe ever? My late sister used to make this cake and it was always a hit. They will be a little thinner so I would say reduce the baking time to 22-25 minutes. Because the jello is baked into the cake and just a glaze is placed over the top you really don’t need to refrigerate it. Thank you for sharing! It’s the same story in our house! If you are pouring Jello on top, it should soak in easily with even just a regular fork. I have been unable to bake this for many years because of my health but a birthday request has been made. Just buy a gluten free cake mix and you should be set! That’s too funny, I learned the difference between desert and dessert the same way you did. Tell us your goals and taste preferences, and we'll scour our database of over 2 million recipes to find recipes just for you. Do you think substituting lemon pudding for jell-o would work ok? Jello Flavored Cake Mix Cookie Recipe | Create a chewy cookie from your kids favorite flavor of Jello! Made this cake over the weekend and expected it to last at least 2-3 days. Since I am preparing several different flavors, how would I do the different flavor icings? Two of the men had 3 pieces each,lol. ), Cake Mix Rhubarb Cobbler wow everyone loved this cake…..a thousand thanks….I used milk instead of water. It is a hit every time I make it! In a mixing bowl, combine all ingredients, starting with ¼ cup powdered sugar and mix with a hand mixer until fluffy. Stir together the cake mix lemon cake ingredients. Many have told us they really like it cold so that might be something to try. Cool completely and frost with whipped topping. Here’s a good example Sounds amazing! One lemon generally makes 2 Tablespoons of juice, so 4 Tbsp for this recipe. Does this cake need to be refrigerated after making? Grampa always made it in a Bundt pan. I love this cake for many reasons, the first being how quick and easy it is to make. Hi Judy, it won’t be the same as jell-o cake but it will still be really good and extra moist! JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. We are pretty loyal to good ol’ Betty Crocker! I did a quick Google search for lemon pound cake with lemon jello and came up with one that sounds delicious: While cake is still hot, poke hole in it with a fork all over the top. I love lemony food. Haha, that is so awesome. I used the included bag of powdered sugar and added lemon juice and some water. Thanks, John! So glad you can enjoy it again! The whole family is raving over it. A few changes to your recipe but turned out amazing! If you are making pudding poke cake, the holes will need to be bigger so the pudding can sink in. I have been making this cake for over 40 years it is still one of my favorites. Sandy, Ok, so time for a stupid question. This lemon cake recipe comes together quickly with the help of a few shortcuts. He asked me to make it for his birthday his weekend. She’s probably smiling at us from heaven. Everybody who likes this cake always references their Grandma.

Please comment! Michelle. Spread on top of cake. It is sooo very lasted only a short while as my family devoured it. Thanks for sharing! I love adding the fresh berries on top.

You probably didn’t bake long enough. I remember eating it in the summer as a picnic dessert. Oh man, I would have to experiment before I would feel comfortable giving you a confident answer. I want to say it would be fine…I don’t see why it wouldn’t be! Cake Mix Applesauce Cake: This Saucy Apple Swirl Cake recipe originated in my Waynesburg Christian Church Cookbook. Mom made this cake for almost every potluck, picnic, family reunion, camping trip, you-name-it for decades. I find I need to open two cake mixes and measure out more cake mix to use with my older cake recipes. My husband has fond memories of his late mother making this cake.

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