rean and towa

Rean also says that he feels more relaxed when he's with Towa than when he's with anyone else! Later, the two of them are waiting for the students (for a lesson about the stars) and they start talking.

Rean's classmate and a potential love interest. Going from Tio's words, there are apparently even rumors about Rean and Alisa's close relationship with another. After Alisa notes how Rean and Laura aren't getting along and notes that Rean also has his share of secrets, Elliot makes mention of the fact that she's rather observant of him which Alisa quickly denies out of embarrassment. Towa then stated that he could re-enroll with his credits retained, suggesting that it would be best if she and Rean were his instructors, much to his horror.

She quickly runs to hug him the moment she can, holding onto him for a good while she apologizes to Rean about what Class VII had put him through by forcing him to retreat from the battle of Trista.

most part of the important scenes are as cutscenes.

Lime Green

When Rean. As they fought, Rean was surprised by Lloyd's fighting capabilities as he hadn't expected much from a detective whereas Lloyd was similarly surprised by Rean's swordsmanship at his age.

Later on during the third game, after the crisis in Crossbell was resolved in Chapter 2, Lloyd is later seen from a distance raising his fist at Rean while smiling as the latter leaves by train.

In a manner reminiscent of their night in Nord, Rean has another talk with Alisa during their field study in Roer.

When the results of the official popularity poll, "tie you down for myself even if I have to use my sword.".

Media Rean, on the other hand, only ever shows discomfort around Giliath at first, and then intense dislike later on.

In the second game, Giliath reveals to Rean that he's his son. The princess of Erebonia and a potential love interest in the second game.

Millium jumps in, and they all get buried under books anyway. It's also shown that during the school festival itself that Rean spent a ticket to visit Class II's Stella Garden with Alisa. Rean says goodbye to various classmates, and the year ends. Her grandfather was a famous astronomer and also the director of the Imperial Museum at Reica District. 'Oh Aidios no.' Her second bonding event acts as a follow up to this where, after matters with Irina and Sharon are settled, Rean seeks to rekindle their relationship once more. One of Rean's best friends since orientation. Once he does, it's revealed that Claire went from wearing her uniform to wearing a cocktail dress for that evening. The next day, Viscount Arseid turned over the captain's hat into Towa, and he along with Prince Olivert, Toval, Captain Claire, and Sharon Kreuger disembarked from the Courageous at Ebel Highway. They responded and sought to eliminate it completely and then the Prince decided to hand over the Courageous to the Thors students.

Jusis' gift stands out in that it's as stuffed rabbit toy. Main GameAppearances Showing that even Emma acknowledges the already close bond that both have with each other.

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