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And you know who I'm talking about. Like flames f***ing gulfing, gulfing, gulfing out the roof, out the f***ing door, it was gulfing, there was nothing I could do. No, J-Roc’s not crazy. rebloggy.com, Trailer Park Boys Quote By Jim Lahey I Make 16500 As Supervisor Randy Makes 4600 Youtube Anyway, we had to take the doll away because he, you know, f***ed Bubbles' mind up. Bubbles: That depends, can you go f*** yourself? Ricky: Rush's don't do stuff like that. Julian: Wanna go have a few drinks and smoke a joint Bubbles? She can take half your car, half the trailer park, half your video game, she can even take half your cigarettes Ricky.

Ricky: What in the f*** are you dressed up like a bumble bee for? trailer park boys TPB tpb julian tpb randy Julian's sips. Julian, it must be the fumes, i’m hallucinating, man! But I can give you a... a green eggs and HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMM! I love all creatures like gophers and deerts, and those things that fly and everything else, but f*** seagulls. Teacher: Richard, you're treading on thin ice! J-Roc: Believe it or not ma, some people think I'm gonna make it in this rap game!, know what I'm sayin'. Out smart … Get stoned, it'll be fun. Trevor: Sorry man, but you were shooting at us too. You're not even from this park. We gotta go get Rush tickets! [to Sam Losco] Is it just me, or can someone here go f*** themselves? I don't know! It was, it was f***ed. The show follows the exploits of Sunnyvale's most notorious residents, Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles, as they attempt to make money through various greasy (and mostly illegal) get-rich-quick schemes, hotly pursued by the park's drunken supervisor, Jim Lahey, and his shirtless sidekick, Randy. [arguing with Julian about buying a wedding ring]. me.me, Ricky Trailer Park Boys Swearnet Meta Bubbles [Ricky and Julian are having a gun standoff with Cyrus].

You know, that's what good parenting is all about. (4th page) tpb-bots-fancomic . It's the only reason you got the job as trailer park supervisor, 'cause you got fired from the police force, 'cause you f***ed up big time, but we're not gonna talk about that, are we? Huh? Ricky: [Hallucinating while peeing against the side of a building] Telling me to f*** myself? Ricky: J-Roc, I'm not a pessimist, I'm an optometrist but you gotta keep your eye on randy he's f***ing around, he's doin' stuff. However, in the b…

Atodaso! Use space words, real ones, not talking about space weed.

Ricky: Shut up!

Well, the beaches are pure bliss. www.pinterest.com, Rickyisms Trailer Park Wiki Fandom Bubbles: You're not really marrying Lahey's ex-wife are ya? Let your little buddy with the no f***in' shirt move in with my girlfriend and ruin my whole f***in' life; now there's f***in' shit everywhere in this f***in' trailer park!

[Lahey and Randy show up to shut down the concert] Hey guys, Captain Arsehole and Wonderboy are coming. Temporary Relief Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor, Dear Santa Claus, Go Fuck Yourself (2004), Jim Lahey is a Fuckin' Drunk And He Always Will Be, I Banged Lucy and Knocked Her Up...No Big Deal, https://en.wikiquote.org/w/index.php?title=Trailer_Park_Boys&oldid=2881950, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

www.memesmonkey.com, Https Encrypted Tbn0 Gstatic Com Images Q Tbn 3aand9gcqtckyxwkxhmkcz3d5460dylkl86zjwkmd4ha Usqp Cau, Trailer Park Boys Animated Series Kills Lahey Death Is A Sh T Hawk If it doesn’t, you don’t own it. Conky: I think your plan was f***ed right off the bat Julien.

Continue this thread View entire discussion ( 7 comments) More posts from the trailerparkboys community. Phil Collins: [to Sam Losco] Hey, you owe me you f***in' greasy caveman! Trevor: Ow, Bubbles, those are salt and vinegar! I'm gonna escort him out of here! How's that for a start? Calm down. Huh? www.pinterest.com, New Trailer Park Boys Birthday Meme Memes Happy Memes Funny Birthday Memes He should rap about what he really knows which is living in his mom's trailer eating peanut butter sandwiches.

Randy: Well that would make Sam, Dorothy. Mr. Lahey: I beg your pardon; I was only a real cop. www.imdb.com, Trailer Park Boys Actress Quits After Mike Smith Is Arrested For Domestic Battery Daily Mail Online Hey Mr. Lahey, Julian’s out here lifting weights with his shirt off and he wants you to come out and have a drink with him. I gotta go talk to Bubbles. Give me the gun. Shit-waves. rebloggy.com, Https Encrypted Tbn0 Gstatic Com Images Q Tbn 3aand9gct6g4mzqsyb Tzfvaquc 59qtooimgsgxzxhhw3ktyoojebcjap Usqp Cau Ricky: Cyrus, you f*** off first and then we'll f*** off! J-Roc's Mom: Jamie, how many 29 year old record company presidents operate out of their mom's trailers?

He was tryin' to be this other person that wasn't Bubbles, but he was still Bubbles.

Julian: Listen, Ricky, you're only at school for one reason, and that's to sell drugs. Oct 30, 2019 - Explore blcducluc's board "Trailer park boys quotes", followed by 630 people on Pinterest. The show focuses on the misadventures of a group of trailer park residents, some of whom are ex-convicts, living in the fictional Sunnyvale Trailer Park in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Mr. Lahey: What the f*** are ya doin', Phil?

Want to keep the entertainment high? I f***in' atodaso! F***in' retards.

Lahey, can you please get the Flying F*** out of our way? I got caught masturbating in jail 7 or 8 times, it really sucks. [Lahey and Randy show up to shut down the concert]. Cory: Shit dude, we sent them to this new bar, The Empty Closet. Sara: Ricky, can you tell me why there's a mountain lion trying to bang one of my boyfriends?

He just fucking loves it.

Holy f***, Ricky, you know who you are? How... how was that buddy?

I don't know. att racti ons, from SeaWorld San Diego to the San Diego Zoo.

In fact, most cats and dogs are smarter than Trevor and Cory. This man's drunk as f***, he's on drugs, he's a male prostitute. Randy: Mr Lahey, is this you talking or the liquor? [knocking on Julian’s trailer door] Let’s go, open the f***ing door, or I’m burning the trailer down!

The liquor works for both sides, buddy.

Trailerparkboys Tpb Trailer Park Boys Daily Quotes Facebook www.facebook.com. me.me, Trailer Park Boys Wallpapers Group 50 Satellite Employee: Look, if these satellites aren't down in ten minutes, I'll have no choice but to call the cops. Jim Lahey: The way the shit clings to the air Randy... Jim Lahey: Its already started my dear good friend. www.youtube.com, Trailer Park Boys Randy And Mr Lahey Are Coming To Backbooth Blogs Randy- "Barb, your ******* are FUCKED!!! Ricky: Don't you have some offs to f*** there, boys? Danny: [In the background] F*** OFF WITH THE F***ING ERECTIONS! AFTER ALL I'VE DONE FOR YOU, HAIRY BITCH! He can smoke a pound in a single bound.

Play. You know, you can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals. I tried to warm you, Bubs, but you picked the wrong side!

Treena Lahey: No, Ricky, you're not stupid, remember you're going to get your grade 10 and you'll be just as smart as everyone else.

I got $100 here for groceries, I got $1400 here for liquor, and I got $6000 for you to go and bail out a couple of shit puppets. The bullet will go through the doll and kill Bubbles.

Ricky: Come on, man, you can't tell me to do that. It wasn't kidnapping, so if he's gonna say I kidnapped him, I'm gonna call him a male prostitute.

I don't want motherf***ers seeing me gettin' changed! Dear Santa Claus: Go F*** Yourself! I don’t trust that f***in’ guy, I don’t. In March 2014, Swearnet began co-producing new seasons of the show, partnering with the streaming service Netflix to produce an eighth and ninth season, as well as three new specials. I don’t give a f***, actually.

One hour with Ricky and the dog’s on drugs. Burgers were good to me and they're good to you!

Cory: J-Roc raps about gangsters & guns, pimps & hos and Compton. screenrant.com, Trailer Park Boys Return For Season 11 On March 31 Bayareacannabis Ricky: Mr. Lahey and Randy to the F***-off department. www.picturequotes.com, Ultimate Trailer Park Boys Memes Ultimate Trailer Park Boys Memes Quotes Facebook Ricky: A f***in' shitty f***in' trailer park supervisor who hangs around with a big-gutted drunk elf who thinks he's gettin' us thrown back in jail but he can't 'cause he's got no evidence and he's dumb as f***, and he's got this other thing goin' on in his head that's tryin' to... twirly around and... f***in' get... different... F***! Follow. Go on with your wallet.

Will it be you Rick? quotesgram.com, My New Favourite Bubbles Line Trailerparkboys ", man. Ricky: Bubbles give me the cat back.

It was grade 6.

Ricky: I don't know, I think so or I don't know!

Bubbles: I'd like to see that Red Blue Green cocksucker put one of those together, duct-tapin' it. It's shitty work. Mr. Lahey: You might be sexy, Julian, but you can't teach me anything about liquor. Ricky: I'm pissed of at you, and especially you two dicks!

Today’s getaway is brought to you by the letter F, for “f***ed in the head”, which you are, Ricky! Julian: No, what Sam's got is some serious problems, Ricky.

We're gay! forum.canucks.com, Trailer Park Boys Characters Tv Tropes

During that time, the Canadian government granted the cast and crew money to help produce the new season and a new spin-off series.

I don't care if the whole world knows that we like to dress up, that we like to have some fun... and that, we're a couple. Julian: Ricky, you're pointing a loaded handgun at a puppet.

Detroit Velvet Smooth: That's DVS, motherf***er. www.youtube.com, Trailer Park Boys Funny Quotes Quotesgram If some kid wants to grow dope, they can come talk to me, instead of growing dope 6 or 7 times through denial and error, they're going to get it right the first time and have some good dope. You just wait.

Go to sleep!

On those rare occasions when he has not been with Jim, as the result of a break up or other extenuating circumstance, he tends to gravitate toward going back to the streets as Smokey the male prostitute ("A Man's Gotta Eat"). Jun 24, 2014 - Explore dan austera's board "Trailer Park Boys Memes", followed by 199 people on Pinterest. www.pinterest.com, Rickyisms Instagram Posts Gramho Com Tell you what, you guess Ricky. Bubbles: Does it really launch? I hear cola fizz, and mustard and relish coagulating together with french fries and onion rings, but you know what? If you love something, let it go.

I need a bag of chicken chips.

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Bubbles: Here's what I know, Rick.

museums and more. [leaves Bubbles panicking]. Later that year, the show received the green light for two more seasons and began production on Season 10. Go talk to Barb, tell her you were too stoned at the time and you need to think about it. Mr. Lahey: I might shoot you, and then I might shoot myself.

www.memesmonkey.com, Meet Mr Lahey Meet John Dunsworth High Plains Reader Fargo Nd

tvtropes.org, Trailer Park Boys Quotes Page 2 White Noise Canucks Community Ricky: You guys are bleeding, you're not getting in my f***in car. Come on! You're acting awful hard Randy. Julian: You're prostituting yourself out for cheeseburgers again, aren't you? Ricky: 'Closed for renovations'? sayingimages.com, Actually I M Off The Cheeseburgers Mr Randy S Cheeseburger Picnic Facebook J-Roc: [Sam is making a speech while stoned on mushrooms] Nobody understands what you're know what I'm sayin'.

Know what I'm sayin'? You guys are really f***in' stupid!

He needs a brain transplant. Ricky: What, do you own space? Mr. Lahey: Randy just doesn't understand. When two shit plates strike and come together under incredible pressure, what happens Bubbs?

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