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When medical marijuana shops open in South Park in "Medicinal Fried Chicken," Randy immediately tries to get some. reserved.PMC Entertainment. Sorry.

As Detective Harris explains, they force has been defunded “due to events beyond our control” and wants to re-establish itself as a leader of the community. It was supposed to go ‘Hunger Games, yah yah yah, yah yah yah! RELATED: 10 Ways South Park Has Changed Since Season 1. Mom's Allison Janney Opens Up About Anna Faris' Departure, TV Runs for Office: 12 Funny Episodes to Help You Survive Until Election Day. Have you ever tried marijuana? As his character dies in the arms of his son's avatar, Randy signs off with his iconic, yet hilariously melodramatic death cry. So he decides to give himself cancer to become eligible for a medical card. Best Fargo Season 4 Name? But he lives in South Park, and sarcasm is among the many things that this town is incapable of understanding. RELATED STORIES Does SNL's Biden Favor Count Olaf? The issue: progressives can be asshats, too. Needless to say, he succeeds. In a futile attempt to defend himself, he tries to convince everyone that he was “slimed” by a ghost. But Randy remains confident in his latest venture, and it isn’t long before he’s rubbing his success in his family’s face. He not only fails the test but also drops his pants in the process. Then again, Bono (who first held the record for largest crap, then WAS the record for largest crap) is really good at making people feel like they’ve done nothing with their lives. "Go back to simple living when things mattered, like hard work and 'tegridy". To repent we must stop frivolous spending! As Trey Parker and Matt Stone (and their longtime fans) have grown older, Randy has become the voice of their aging, of desperate attempts to return to innocent times and escape the more brutal hardships of reality. Since his official debut in “ Volcano,” his eccentric behavior and tendency to overreact made him into a fan favorite. When the Internet dried up in Season Twelve’s “Overlogging,” Randy took his family out Californee’ way, because he heard that’s where he could get a little bit of wifi. Now the Japanese are normal, like us.”. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The only thing I ever made that was any good!”. Disney Studio Division, Including Searchlight, Also Hit With…, EA Renews NHL and UFC Deals to Expand Sports Video Game Dominance, 'Proxima' Review: Eva Green Shines in Cerebral Alternative to…, Brax, Rapper and Social Media Influencer, Dies at 21, The 21 Best Weekender Bags for the Perfect Getaway in 2020, Copyright © 2020 TVLine Media, LLC. Randy is the master of momentary obsession, but the time he decided to become a practitioner of food porn probably ranks among the strangest of his phases (right up there with cock magic). Randy is quick to overreact as he berates Stan for using the term and says this line. Ironically, several characters become convinced that he is the real Lorde as he sings this quote onstage. Randy has a legitimate problem with boy bands; he was in one, the Ghetto Avenue Boys, and he knows from personal experience that their life spans are short, their managers are criminals, and they’re forever seen as jokes after the fame goes away. Water and bread and margaritas, yea.”. The Japanese were abnormal because of their passion for killing dolphins and whales… which was the result of America framing the marine mammals for the atomic bombing of Hiroshima that ended WWII. It didn’t help that Gerald kept trying to broach the subject at the party. All while insulting the police and yelling this line. NEXT: South Park: The 10 Worst Things Randy Marsh Has Ever Done. He initially tries to convince the officer that he is sober, but he screws up when he replies with this question. And those become the boobs that matter the most.”. The above quote is the theme song to his imagined cooking show in the South Park cafeteria, where he failed to match the prowess of Chef and eventually got himself destroyed by Bobby Flay. Going back as far as the Season 3, Randy Marsh became a driving force on the show. Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski and Kenny McCormick have always been considered the main cultural icons of South Park.

For Randy, and generally for most people who drink too much, this sort of mental gymnastics is second nature. In the episode “Medicinal Fried Chicken,” (which aired before Colorado made weed legal for everyone), Randy decides that getting his pot fix is more important than his good health.
Randy is then forced to perform a simple sobriety test. And instead of helmets, they should wear little tinfoil hats, ‘cause, you know, it’s the future and we shouldn’t be so barbaric!”. Unfortunately, his comments have the opposite effect and only reinforce Stan's suspicions.

On His Son Convincing The Japanese That A Chicken And Cow Were Responsible For Nuking Hiroshima, 15. The monologue is simple, it’s crass and it’s a quintessential South Park statement. The police claim they can’t get involved because they’ve been defunded, so the mayor signs an executive order to re-fund them. Maybe if Stan had explained that freemium games are a hallmark of sophisticated progressive culture, he might have gotten away with his addiction. His interests mainly lie in pop culture and entertainment and enjoys writing articles on the latest movies, TV shows, comics and video games. Butters is selling vape pens and all kinds of fruity-flavored vape accessories at school. "Tegridy Farms" is the fourth episode of the twenty-second season of the American animated television series South Park. All Rights Reserved, 13. Don’t you see? Randy is almost overwhelmed by a horde of homeless that beg him for change. Eventually, his testicles become so large that he uses them as a hoppity-hop—we’re cringing at the thought of such pain, but he’s probably so high that he can’t feel much of anything. Maybe it’s time.” Randy has a legitimate problem with boy bands; he was in one, the Ghetto Avenue Boys, and he knows from personal experience that … The noob successfully delivered the Sword of a Thousand Truths to his son before being murdered by the overpowerful griefer they needed to defeat. "Make Love Not Warcraft" is widely regarded as one of the best South Park episodes of all time. Family Guy: 10 Best Season 6 Episodes, According To IMDb, South Park: 10 Absolutely Hilarious Randy Marsh Quotes, 10 Pop Culture References Created On South Park, The 10 Best Episodes of South Park Of All Time, 10 Ways South Park Has Changed Since Season 1, 10 TV Shows To Watch If You Like South Park, South Park: The 10 Worst Things Randy Marsh Has Ever Done, The Office: The Main Characters, Ranked By Wealth, The Office: How It Started Vs. How It's Going Memes For The Characters, The Boys: 5 Things We Want For Homelander In Season 3 (& 5 We Don't), How To Get Away With Murder: The 5 Worst Things Connor Ever Did (& The 5 Best), 10 Shows To Watch If You Miss 'Happy Endings', Friends: 10 Things From Season 2 That Couldn't Happen Today, The West Wing: Every Main Character, Ranked By Likability, Vampire Diaries: 5 Ways Klaus Mikaelson Was the Best Antihero (& 5 Ways Damon Salvatore Was), New Girl Meets The Big Bang Theory: 5 Couples That Would Work (& 5 That Wouldn't), HBO Max's Love Life: Every Romance, Ranked From Worst To Best, What If Rick And Morty Was Live-Action? Margaritas are, of course, exempt from the austerity measures, because this is Randy and he needs a steady supply of alcohol to remain alive. Present-day America Number One!”. “Freemium Isn’t Free” satires the addictiveness of freemium games and links it with other forms of addiction. TV Runs for Office: 12 Funny Episodes to Help You Survive Until Election Day It was during one of his all-night benders with Mickey Mouse, who reminded Randy that a bat is basically just a mouse with wings. Randy’s love affair with alcohol is nothing new, of course. The situation soon spirals out of control as the homeless population explodes and threatens to consume the town. I know you think this set of boobs is important now, but those boobs will be replaced by another set of boobs. That is, until a news report confirms that scientists have pinpointed the origin of the coronavirus to a specific bat in a “seedy part” of Wuhan.
While Randy was hardly the only person to scream “WE DIDN’T LISTEN,” he did it with the most emotion—and, just minutes before, had been composedly giving a scientific lecture. Pretty soon, every stoner in town is rocking his signature ‘stache, forcing Dr. Anthony Fauci to encourage all Americans to start wearing their “face diaper” over their mouth “where the mustache would be.” (Ironically, this is what gets everyone to start wearing their masks correctly.). When Randy starts lecturing them, Marvin calls him out for drinking wine. He then confesses and successfully proves to Stan that he is the real Lorde, causing him to pass out from shock. “People are dying, Randy, and all you can think is to make a special about it?” asks voice-of-reason Sharon. Meanwhile, Randy decides he should move the family to the country and take up farming. No matter how many times he says this quote, it never stops being funny.

Once Stan discovered this, he figured it was probably okay to treat the problem by redirecting the Japanese aggression instead of solving the underlying issue that slaughtering animals needlessly might be a little unethical. Auggghhh. I made a promise to the American people to get rid of all the Mexicans.” When the boys remind POTUS that it isn’t only killing Mexicans, he replies, “Well, it’s killing a lot of them. Unfortunately, he becomes the victim of a griefer that has been killing players online. These are ten of the most absolutely hilarious quotes that he's ever said on the show. In an exaggerated manner, he yells out "I don't have any change!" Naturally, football morphs into sarcastaball nationwide, as Randy becomes the head coach of the Denver Broncos, and the only way he can be shocked out of his constant sarcasm is by drinking Butters’ “creamy goo.” Because there’s totally not a connection between sarcasm and sarcastaball, just like there’s no connection between football and concussions… right, NFL? (As if it hasn’t been through enough already!) Was South Park‘s quarantine special everything you hoped it would be? With Stan obsessed over his classmate Bebe’s “boobs” (to the extent that a 4th grader has boobs) and having devolved to a caveman-like state, Randy stepped in and helped him realize that he was destroying his life.

This may be one of his lowest moments, but it is also his funniest. Here, Randy is describing the massive pile of naked men he’s joined—a desperate (but probably secretly pleasurable) orgy designed to stem the flow of immigrants through a time portal, because the immigrants are taking everyone’s jobs (sorry, “jerbbbbbs”).

Unfortunately, this is not enough time for Randy, who later sneaks in after-hours to indulge his abnormal sexual fetishes. At this point, the townspeople have been whipped into a looting frenzy (doesn’t take much, huh?)

So Randy gets down to business, filling his massive supply of weed with his own personal seed. Ten or even five years ago, Eric Cartman would have been the clear-cut most iconic character on South Park.

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