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This exam is issued by the Social Studies Department at the Jefferson County Board of Education. 34) The Roman Governor of Palestine who sentenced Jesus to death on cross? What is the name of the founder of the Girl Scouts of America? Coronavirus Facts Quiz: Test Your Pandemic Knowledge. 10. 52) The number of labourers worked for the construction of the greatest pyramid, Khufu: Answer: 3,00,000 men worked for 20 years to complete the work. Who was the second President of the United States? 62) The Egyptian beauty Queen who fell in love with Mark Antony: 63) “The Book of Kings” was written by whom? 36) The wife of Muhammad is known by name: 37) The more prominent of early cultures in south America: 39) Who were the savage type of people who built artificial islands in the lake of Mexico?

He probably, in later life became a Christian himself? Name that river: Trivia Quiz. Learn extra now. Which of the following was one way that kings in the Middle High Ages gained more power? With all the history we have behind us, it can be hard to keep track of everything. Education is the basic and essential part of any human being and teachers are the base of any education system. Required fields are marked *. SitemapCopyright © 2005 - 2020 ProProfs.com. Test your knowledge in this category on topics from pre-history through to today.

to track your quiz stats, save your best scores, and compete with the community. What do you know about their culture and some of their beliefs? The invention of the telephone is credited to which inventor? Do you at all times appear to Babylon and on about historical past? Arawakan speaking people settled MAINLY  in. The Mona Lisa will in all probability stay the best in the world, since exhibiting an image of his artwork that would possibly make the reply too straightforward to determine, like this evergreen easy world history trivia questions and answers.

Already have an account with us? These 50 easy world history trivia questions and answers are a great way to know history in every aspect in short. American Civil War: Who Won Which Battles? Do you believe you understand enough to pass this quiz? Find out whether equity release is for you with this guide written by Paul Lewis for our partner Age Partnership. 78) To whom is attributed the construction of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?

Whom did Cleopatra marry after the end of her relationship with Julius Caesar? Your email address will not be published. World Trivia Questions

Trivia Question: In which year was John F. Kennedy assassinated? Name that monument: 82) On account of the widespread damage caused by annual floods, one of the major rivers in China is often called “China’s sorrow”. 66) Who said the following famous words “I Came, I Saw, I Conquered’? Answer: 1963.

How did the beliefs of the Israelites differ from those of most nearby peoples? Take the quiz to search out out. Wars Throughout History: Fact or Fiction? What resources did these locations provide? What famous 5th century A.D conqueror was known as The Scourge of God? What was the name of the ship that brought news of the Battle of Trafalgar to Britain? 69) He was King of the Huns from Asia who defeated the Roman Emperor Theodosius and entered Gaul – but was defeated in A.D. 451 near Châlons-sur-Marne. The “Repast of the Lion”, is considered to be what art style? How many hours did it last? YOUR QUIZ RANK. Elizabeth the Second was crowned as the queen during what year? You can unsubscribe at any time. Hear ye, hear ye – let the questions begin…, Streaming services we think you might like…. It started as a school project for Bob Heft’s junior-year history class, and it only earned a B- in 1958. This post has 50+ interesting and informative World Trivia Questions and answers related to the geography and history of the world which will help you to boost up your geographical knowledge. 77) What sea was referred to as “Mare Nostrum” by the Romans? 15 Best Presidential Trivia Questions and Answers (US), 96 Best Geography Trivia Questions & Answers, 57 Challenging Music Trivia Questions And Answers, 106 Fascinating Science Trivia Questions and Answers, 68 Fun Art Trivia Questions and Answers (History & Facts), 103 Interesting Space Trivia Questions and Answers, 80 Best Video Game Trivia Questions & Answers, 100 Fun Pop Culture Trivia Questions and Answers, 92 Challenging Travel Trivia Questions and Answers, 102 Cool Math Trivia Questions and Answers. Henry the Eighth had multiple wives. Quiz, World History: Chapter 20 Latin American Indepedence, World History - Chapter 7 [napoleon Bonaparte], You Cannot Pass This Hardest World History Quiz! Who was he?

This question can be answered by true of False. A Trivia Quiz On Egyptian Gods And Goddesses! We think everyone need to know these easy world history trivia questions and answers to show talent. Begin. What was the script used by the ancient Mesopotamians? Who is the first man to do a spacewalk that lasted twelve minutes? 20 history trivia quiz questions and answers to test your knowledge, 300+ General knowledge questions and answers for your virtual quiz (new questions), 30 food and drink questions for your home pub quiz, 30 film anagram questions for your home pub quiz, 35 Geography questions and answers for your home pub quiz. 73) The Romans who invaded what is now called Scotland in A.D. 80 called the people Picts. Why did people choose river valleys locations? Indeed, the world is a community and the decisions of the past shaped the world we have today. 50) Who was known as the father of English Poetry? One of Show business most iconic entertainers, Josephine Baker, served what post for the Allied Forces? Teaching is the best job in the world. This is why if we truly want to have a deeper understanding of history and the way of life back then, we have to study art history. The kind of quiz you would be like, "Wow thats a quiz". Is history your favorite subject? World History General Knowledge: August 17 Interactive Quiz, World History And Civilization! 53) The Persian ruler who occupied the North Western Part of India in the 6th century B.C? General world history is not only necessary for our understanding of the present and future but also allows us not to be ignorant on our past. 80) Mesopotamia was the region where one of the world’s oldest civilizations flourished. 1) The father of History: Answer: Herodotus.

Who was the only one of Henry VIII’s wives to receive a Queen’s funeral?

In the land of the Kiwis, for instance, you'll find the highest concentration of pet owners on the planet . George V (reigned 1910-1936) 3. Van Gogh sold how many paintings during his lifetime? Take these online world history quizzes and step back into the pages of history and learn interesting facts. It is definitely a thing of beauty and worthy of study and appreciation. What is the name of the first female Hispanic astronaut? The Titanic sunk because of engine failure. How many Stripes does the United States of America’ flag have? 86) Unable to bear up the opposition of his enemies, prophet Muhammad fled from Mecca to Medina. In history, the focus is the analysis of events occurring in the times past. What is the name of this brave woman? This Question can be answered by true of false, Dada is considered to be anti-art. Which 13th Century Scottish knight did Mel Gibson portray in Braveheart?

The creation of agricultural surpluses resulted in: The marriage of Ferdinand and Isabellla accomplished all of the following EXCEPT: What was the oldest Mediterranean culture? Answers are underneath – but only when you’ve finished….

Latin America was settled by what two European countries? How many people have already walked on the moon? What was his title or job? 67) The reigning period of Julius Caesar: 68) For what are the caves of Lascaux in France famous? History Trivia and Quizzes History is filled with interesting facts, characters, and events. 22) Who calculated the circumference of the earth? Announcing our NEW encyclopedia for Kids. 3) The Chinese ruler who built the Great Wall of China: Answer: Qin Shi Huang. New research suggests that 15–20 million people were murdered or imprisoned by the Nazis during the Holocaust, much more than previously … World History.

Who is the founder of the First Nations Development Institute? So start thinking old-school next time you’re on House Party, Google Hangouts, Zoom or Messenger – do your friends know their Kings and Queens? How conversant are you with the crimes that shook the world and booked a place in the history books? Nautical Exploration and Aviation: Fact or Fiction? Who was the leader of the people who killed the First circumnavigator, Ferdinand Magellan, when they went to at Mactan Island Philippines? 85) Which country will always be in the front line of Olympic march past? When Pope Gregory IX rose to power, what domestic animal did he order to exterminate across Europe in the belief that they were used in devil’s worship and witch craft?

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