raid: shadow legends tier list

@Samantha Mackenroth: Ultimate Galek has been added into the list above! Try to get a little bit of a Crit Rate in his substats. I think this throws people off because it’s meant to be a guide as to whether a Champion is worth investing in. Four books are needed to max out this ability with an additional 25% of damage. He is not that great in the Campaign, some Rare Champions are more useful in the Campaign than he is. Three Legendary books max out this ability increases the damage by 20% and reduces the Cooldown from 4 to 3 turns. He has 102 base Speed which is good especially since it is imperative that he plays first in your team. It attacks all enemies causing moderate damage.

Yor list is versatile and very helpful. His affinity is Spirit meaning that he is strong against Force characters and weak against Magic characters. You get to kill people and fight combats like a hero. Thus, they are all safe to invest significant resources into once you acquire them. His Accuracy is abysmal at 0. DE : Dark Elves Elenaril has average primary Stats. Therefore, Galek is our fourth choice as the best starter champion. Marked has an Aura as well through which she increases the Defense of Allies by 15% in Faction Crypts. High Elves: Fencer This great Hero attacks multiple enemies with all his attacks and can apply some of the most useful debuffs in the process. The second ability “Sinister Allies” is an AoE. Explore …

He is neither here nor there in the Fire Knight and Spider’s Den is probably the dungeon where his performance is the worst, but as you can see even there he is not useless. >= 4.25). She places debuffs on weak hits. Visix is not a good damage dealer so it’s useful to create her the best tank that she can be by going down the Defense tree down to [Bulwark]. It attacks all enemies causing devastating damage and places a 50% Decrease Attack debuff on each target. His affinity is Force meaning that he is strong against Magic and weak against Spirit. Since damage output of all his skills is based on his Health he doesn’t have to have a decent Attack but his Defense is not that great for an HP Champion and he is kinda slow.

Also, the ranking also considers how well they performed in multiple scenarios such as Arena Offense, Defense, Faction Wars, Campaign, Clan Boss and Dungeons (Spider, Fire Knight, Ice Golem, Minotaur). I just got Epic Fang Cleric. If this attack fully depletes the Turn Meter, it will place a [Stun] debuff for 2 turns. Suwai firstborn That basically means that half of the damage received by any of the allies in that period will be transferred to Lugan. =), That’s at least how I see it now. Lilitu’s third ability revives all fallen allies with 70% Health, applies Continuous Heal on all allies for 2 turns and places a Veil on everyone except Lilitu for 1 turn. When building your perfect team, you’ll likely find yourself in the situation of needing a champion of a specific role to balance out your team. Is it possible to show CHAMPION RATING CALCULATION also fo other dungeons? To save it, you will recruit its most legendary warriors from the forces of Light and Darkness. In the Defense, you will need [Deterrence] to place his debuffs. Tayrel is an Epic Defense Champion from the High Elves Faction.

The qualities of Harvest Jack are usually overlooked but when you equip him correctly and start to rely on his virtues you will see that his place in Raid Shadow Legends Best Champions List is well deserved. Elder Skarg should be equipped with Attack%, Critical Rate, Critical Damage, and Speed gear. His in-game ratings for some dungeons are neat: a sweet 4.8 for Ice Golem’s Peak & an above average 4.7 for Minotaur’s Labyrinth.

Dark Elves: Fang Cleric D/E Tier – Very Underpowered F Tier – Typically Useless Heroes. Aothar, Galek, Banshee, Veteran, Dark Athel, High Khatun, Jizoh, Jinglehunter, Seducer, Dark Elhain, Executioner, Golden reaper, soul drinker, Pain Keeper, Fellhound, Knight-errant, Warpreist and Galkut to name a few. When leveled up he is a beast in the Arena, while Clan Boss and Dungeons are a piece of cake for Kael.

As a Void Champion with his amazing skill set, Ithos can be used everywhere but because of his PvP Aura and 2 skills that strike all enemies multiple times, he is best for Arena and for Spider’s Den. Would appreciate your recommendations! She is not really great nor really bad at Spider, Arena Defense, Clan Boss, Magic Keep, Spirit Keep, and Force Keep. If upgraded with Legendary books this skill can have up to 50% chance of placing debuffs and stealing Turn Meter.

HAHAHA sorry, I refreshed and they are already added. This may be discouraging at first but after just a few glances at Rotos’ skill-set, it becomes crystal clear why his Health Pool is made this way – Rotos can permanently steal a large portion of enemy Health. (^u^)/. Upping her accuracy to 250 for the end game and even 300 for the Arena is also quite necessary for her build. He can heal the entire team with his basic ability which is the reason why he should be equipped with Retaliation Set and Speed Set. At the start of each battle, Vizier applies Perfect Veil on self for 2 turns. If we look at the masteries it would be best to invest in Offense and Support trees. Try to get him a Speed gear set (Relentless is also a pretty good set for him but not ideal), and Sustain set would be good as well.

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